Happiness Secret: Upgrade Your Bum-Around Clothes

This is such a small happiness hack but it totally works: upgrade your bum around clothes! Get rid of the stained sweats and the stretched out t-shirt. Buy yourself a few things that are comfortable AND cosy!

Not very shocking confession: as someone who works from home, I can frequently be found in stretched out yoga pants and novelty t-shirts, a top knot, and flip flops.

It’s comfortable and nobody is the wiser because anytime I’m in public I wear (slightly) nicer outfits of skinny jeans, boots, flowy tops, and scarves.

Well, nobody was the wiser till I told the internet.

But lately, I’ve felt like all schlumpiness has been taking it’s toll. It’s hard to take yourself seriously in unflattering yoga pants and I’m constantly running into my neighbors in the laundry room/mail area/recycling bin area while wearing an old Mailchimp t-shirt.

As such, I’ve decided to upgrade my bum-around clothes. Because you know what feels just as comfortable as yoga pants and a t-shirt? An over-sized sweater, a pair of silly leggings, and some fancy slippers?*

But the latter feels just slightly more adult-ish! When you’re wearing cute bum-around clothes you feel smug and put together!

*I realize that there are thousands of people who view leggings + big sweater as a viable outfit.  I am not one of those people.  I don’t feel like I’m public-ready when everything I’m wearing is stretchy.

Behold! Outfits that are totally comfy and perfect for Sunday morning lounging and Target-run appropriate!


This is such a small happiness hack but it totally works: upgrade your bum around clothes! Get rid of the stained sweats and the stretched out t-shirt. Buy yourself a few things that are comfortable AND cosy!

This is such a small happiness hack but it totally works: upgrade your bum around clothes! Get rid of the stained sweats and the stretched out t-shirt. Buy yourself a few things that are comfortable AND cosy!
This is such a small happiness hack but it totally works: upgrade your bum around clothes! Get rid of the stained sweats and the stretched out t-shirt. Buy yourself a few things that are comfortable AND cosy!What do you wear when you’re bumming around the house?  Have you ever tried wearing cuter bum around clothes?

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  1. Mel

    Whenever I find myself falling into the "I'm going to the gym later so I'll just wear sweatpants and a t-shirt all day" habit, I yank myself out of it by throwing on a cute sundress (+ cardigan & tights if weather permits) and actually putting on makeup (by which I mean concealer and mascara).

    Shockingly, I tend to be much more productive when I'm wearing "work" clothes instead of "workout" clothes.

  2. Darcie

    pizza rolls is a nice touch, vb!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      You know it's serious bum around time when the pizza rolls come out 😉

  3. LynnieBee

    I, too, default to comfy pants and old t-shirts when I'm bumming about the house. It's also a slippery slope at my day job, because I work in an office that is not open to the public, so I can get away with jeans and (unprinted) t-shirts and sweaters most of the time. I've also found that I tend to dress better when I feel better about myself, I put on some weight this year due to stress and a bunch of other factors, and I really don't like how I look. I am always very clean, of course, and my clothes are in good condition and everything, but I don't put a ton of effort into my clothes, I just wear things that are comfy and clean and easy that I don't have to think about….

  4. Anonymous

    love the leggings in the second pic, where can I get them?

  5. Carrie from Talking In Space

    I also work from home and it is very easy for me to feel like "dressing up" is wasting a good outfit. However, the more I wear the same jeans and t-shirts, the less professional I feel. I'm really trying to make more of an effort to dress as if I were going into an office and it has helped me. Love your ideas for staying comfortable but not looking like I slept in my clothes. : )

  6. Maria

    Great idea! I always feel sloppy and failurey when I bum around in tracksuit bottoms and decade-old t-shirts. Also, I really love the trend of baggy jumpers, but they're not flattering enough on my shape for 'good' wear, so it would be a perfect oppurtunity to wear some baggy jumpers! 🙂

  7. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    I couldn't agree more! My Mom always told me that when I'm sick thats' when I should try to look my best, because it will make me feel better and it's so true. If you dress better you feel better. I love these outfit choices. Old Navy has great, cheap bum around clothes that are stylish.

  8. Jessica Lindgren

    For my day job, I work in a really fancy office, so I have fallen into the habit of wearing dresses seven days a week. One piece of clothing, minimal decision time…dresses are the perfect wardrobe staple in my world!

  9. Rachael @ Pretty in Pink

    Okay… those cheetah print leggings… get in my closet right MEOW. (get it?! HA!)

  10. anniefargo

    yes! I always have aspirations to this end, but never make it happen. The decade-old lounge pants have got to go! Would love to see your sources.

  11. Julia Ingall

    Can you please share your sources for the outfits? They're so cute!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Just added the sources! I'm glad that's something that interests you guys – I'm always a bit hesitant when it comes to affiliate links and monetization stuff 🙂

  12. Mary

    On this principle, I don't keep any clothes around that have holes or stains, or that (aside from slinky nighties etc) I wouldn't want to be seen in in public. I do have a pair of jeans that I could move house or paint a room in, which are comfy enough for stretching and lifting, and there's always a t-shirt on its way out to pair with it. But that's about all.
    I realized several years ago that I hated wearing my ugliest clothes, the ones I had kept around for years under the lingering influence of a thrifty mother and a small bank account. I said, "eff it" and got rid of everything I didn't feel great in, and ever since have felt pretty good in almost everything in my closet.
    Look good, feel good, and the cycle continues.

  13. The Divine Miss Em

    I also work in an office and I'm used to having a fairly elevated style (in spite of the dress code being business casual).

    I usually go for maxi skirts and nicer tees for bumming around the house. I'm not a huge fan of leggings or slippers, mostly because I get too hot in both of them. I have one pair of (awesome) leggings from Black Milk that I rarely wear because they're so thick & hold a ton of heat. I like that I can sprawl around in the skirts and not offend anyone. Though given his druthers, my boyfriend would prefer I wear nothing around the house. 😉

  14. Girliest Nerd

    Actually you just need to get over the hump of caring 😉 I've worked from home for 8 years now and have a truly extensive and cultivated collection of Lululemon. I mean I could probably open my own store at this point.

    I'm probably the opposite of most of my friends in that I really deck myself out when I go out – even if it's just to run errands because I don't get to have that experience of dressing up for the office.

    I do live in fear of having to go in to the office or do a business trip as all of my work appropriate clothes have aged out / are super dated.

    FWIW, my husband also works from home and honestly the hardest part of the arrangement is that we figure we've been together for the equivalent of 50 years or something considering how much time we spend together!

  15. mel

    Oooh sounds nice. I don't have any clothing like that but I like the style.

    I work short afternoon/swing shifts and all the clothes I wear to work have to be something that I don't mind ruining because my job is so filthy/smelly. And because my job is so filthy/smelly, I refuse to wear my work clothes at home.

    So.. I guess I just get out of bed and sit around for five hours and then go to work, come home after, jump straight out of smelly clothes back into sleepy wear. Which is usually pajama pants paired with all the old stretched out tank tops I don't dare wear in public anymore!

    But it's true! I feel soooo sloppy at home and I don't even do much gardening on my patio because I'm too embarrassed to even open the curtains! Having a sweet outfit like yours would be nice! But it would add a lot more laundry and I'm already at my limit, hmm.

  16. Raquel Moss

    Personally I go for floor-length flowy skirts (not really fancy ones obviously–these are my schlepping around clothes!), or the several pairs of harem pants I bought in India. Commmmffyyyyy.

    My boyfriend has recently started wearing a suit to work, so has discovered the joy of coming home and getting into your comfy clothes 🙂

  17. rachelannpierce

    My schedule right now leaves me with one day a week to do school-work from home, and to do errands. Lately it's been super hot so I've been holding solid with shorts and tank tops in varying levels of fancy to casual. Practically party attire: Silk shorts and a ruffle front top. Not leaving the house: workout shorts and a tank from Shakespeare in the Park half a dozen years ago.

  18. ShannonMay

    I love how you added in pizza rolls! Those little bites of goodness are delicious 😀

  19. Kate Lindsay

    I LOVE this "I don't feel like I'm public-ready when everything I'm wearing is stretchy."

    I feel exactly the same way and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one (sometimes in the winter I look around and feel I'm the only one actually wearing PANTS!).

  20. Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion

    Those leopard print leggings are ridiculous in the best possible way!

    Sometimes when I need to power-focus while working at home, I put on my red Matilda-inspired headband. It's cute and adds a nice accent, but it's also a little snug…reminding me to use that noggin and work efficiently so I can take it off before it gets uncomfortable.

    Awkward on the internet confessions inspired by SVB. 😉

  21. Patricia

    I came to the same conclusion this summer…my schlumpy clothes WERE making me feel like I have failed at life, and because I am usually home (I am disabled and do need comfy clothes)…I ended up wearing–you guessed it, stretched-out yoga pants and 15 yr old tshirts. So I upgraded to stuff that made me happy. Thought I would point out these leggings, which are so fun to wear! https://www.etsy.com/listing/108480219/victorian-city-leggings-womens-off-white?ref=shop_home_active I'm in no way affiliated with that company, I just bought the leggings and love them!

  22. Mich

    I recently discovered jeggings.. you must look into these. Jeggings, a ribbed tank with one of those longer, open sweaters… so good. It's like pjs comfortable, but totes adorbs. If you add a scarf, hoop earrings and a little headband on the messy updo- extra points.

  23. Tess

    I don't know if it's available in the USA, but I recently went and bought harem pants in all the prints from Cotton On Body in Aus! They're like fancy sweatpants!

  24. makedoandspend

    This is an excellent point – I need to invest in some decent slouchy clothes (I tend to go for my boyfriends PJ bottoms and a comfy t-shirt, which pretty much never matches!)

    I also think I'm at the stage in my life when I need to accept that underwear is worth spending money on… and mismatched socks aren't cute… and skirts BELOW the knee are probably more appropriate for the office… maybe…

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