New Things: Sleep In A Treehouse

Each year I make a list of new things I want to try. Some of them are difficult, some are shockingly mundane. You can read about past shenanigans here

Because I am nothing if not an inveterate hipster, I’ve been wanting to sleep in a tiny house in a tree ever since the internet started talking about it (which was, what? three years ago? and now the cool kids are into fur hammocks or something?)

But because I’m also busy stalking Dolly Parton and making pickles, I didn’t get around to sleeping in a treehouse till just now.  (I’m also just catching on to this whole ‘mustache’ thing. And hey! Portlandia!)
And you know what? You will be exactly zero percent surprised to know that staying in a treehouse is pretty effing magical.
I stayed here with my BFF of 20 years while we were roadtripping to Nashville.  Rather hilariously this Airbnb is marketed as ‘A Romantic Garden Treehouse‘ and we laaaaaaughed imaging this scenario.“What if it’s, like, a shed built around a little tree?”
“Yeah, and it’s in someone’s backyard?  In a suburban housing development?  And we’re just sleeping in this oddly elevated shed looking out over the neighbor’s lawn and their netted trampoline?”
And while our treehouse was, in fact, deep in the suburbs of Chicago, we didn’t care.  Hauling a rolling suitcase up a ladder?  Don’t care.  Using a boat toilet. In a little tent. On a deck. Don’t care.
Why? Because we were too busy drinking boxed wine in the hot tub (which, coincidentally, was not in a tree), and then drinking more boxed wine while we warmed ourselves in front of a tiny fake fireplace and HGTV. I didn’t know until now that my Nirvana was cheap wine + International House Hunters + fire + treehouse.Have you ever stayed in a treehouse or other unusual lodgings?  When I was in Peru I slept in a barn on a bed made of sticks

P.S. Check out Airbnb’s selection of treehouses!  There are tons!

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  1. Kaisa

    Haha, now I want a fur hammock! 😀 But seriously, tree houses look cool, maybe I should give it a try one day. Sounds like funfunfun. xx

  2. Pearl

    I once stayed in a houseboat in Amsterdam which was actually pretty cozy. I've always wanted to sleep in a tree house though, that one looks so cute x

  3. Jenny

    ditto houseboat! My partner and I stayed in a houseboat on the Chesapeake Bay. It was incredible-cozy and quaint and surrounded by Maryland beauty!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      A houseboat would be so much fun! What a good idea!

  4. Sydney

    That sounds like so. much. fun. Oh my gosh! And thank you for teaching me the world Inveterate! Such a delightful lexicon addition!

  5. tianna

    this is so awesome! -looking forward to staying in a treehouse one day, now. thanks for the AirBnB tip, too!

    – tianna 🙂

  6. Christy@SweetandSavoring

    This looks so cute and fun! Alternative lodgings always make traveling that much more magical, don't they? I stayed on a boat hostel in Sweden and in Germany stayed in a castle for three weeks. Loved them both!

  7. Corin

    Oh man, I didn't even know drinking boxed wine while watching International House Hunters in a treehouse was a dream of mine until this. Thank you for that!

    Next time I'm in Germany, I want to stay at Hüttenpalast ( – a hotel made up of little cabins and camping trailers set up inside an abandoned factory in East Berlin. It's so adorable, I can barely stand it!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Welp, looks like I have to go back to Germany now! 😉

  8. liz

    I think have to add "sleep in a treehouse" to my list right behind "sleep in a yurt".

    I can't say how unusual it is, but I did spend an entire week in a legit silver 1950's Airstream trailer. Unfortunately, it was not awesome and quaint like I was expecting.

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Yurting and Airstreaming are totally on my list for next year!

  9. Jessica

    I stayed at what was, basically, an open air hotel in Indonesia. Rudimentary beds (with mosquito netting) and with an amazing view of this beach, mountains and looooots and lots of gorgeous water. It was a great stay, the only problem was that I didn't shake my shoes thoroughly enough one morning. The staff had told us to put our shoes upside down, then shake them before putting them on to stave off any critters. A centipede stayed in my shoe, and it will be an unresolved debate as to whether I stepped on him or he stepped on me. But damn, centipede's bite! And in the tropical climate, it became inflamed. Later, the little hotel would be knocked down by a tsunami.

  10. Mackenzie

    YES! i lurk the airbnb tree houses allllll too frequently, never seen one with a hot tub though! consider that goal added to my life's to-do list!

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