Here’s That Permission You Were Looking For

We’re all clever, self-actualized adults here, right?

Or, perhaps more accurately, we’re all fairly intelligent people who are trying to be ever-so-slightly better than we were yesterday, right?
Even if that self-improvement is limited to eating breakfast BEFORE we check email?

I thought so.

And even though we’re all pretty smart, it’s always good to be reminded of certain things.
By, like, people who aren’t our moms or bosses.

It always feels good to receive permission to do the things we know we should/could be doing.

With that in mind, I’m officially giving myself (and you) permission to:

* throw out that shampoo that makes your hair weird, the jeans that don’t fit, the classic book you’re never going to read

* break up with the lovely, kind, wonderful not-quite-right-for-you person

* go to the party and just drink Diet Coke

* really go for it at work, even if it makes your colleagues roll their eyes and call you a “try hard”

* make your new romantic interest work for it

* make things uncomfortable when someone calls something or someone “retarded” or “gay”

* not fund every single Kickstarter campaign your friends put together

* donate or re-gift that body lotion/candle/decorative tray.  Like, immediately.

* not watch Game of Thrones.  Or have a Twitter account.  Or read Harry Potter.

* quit the job or drop out of the program that’s eating you alive

There.  You’ve got it.  Permission from the internet to go for it.

What are you waiting for permission on? 

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  1. 75only75

    It took me five years to give myself the permission to drop out of the job that didn't feel right already from the beginning.
    I sure feels incredibly empowering even though I am yet without the admission letter for grad school so still some anxiuos time waiting ahead for me. But the day I walked into the office to give my three months notice I felt so incredibly alive and that feeling hasn't stopped since as did the big smile plastered across my face 🙂

    XXX Moi

  2. Daina Scarola

    For hubby to just say the word "YES", to buy that super nice, super great deal of $5000 on our almost new truck camper dream-home-for-a-year. Because we don't have a truck to pick it up, and because it is still $5000! And because if I go for it, the trip is that much more REAL. And…super crazy exciting that I might have an even harder time getting my work done 🙂

  3. Rachel

    Yes. And. Yes!

    Donating a huge stack of books last weekend made me feel so much better — no more guilt every time I walk by the shelf! And I've been drinking only soda water with a twist at parties recently, and man is it easy/cheap/so not a big deal and no one cares.

  4. Shelly Cunningham

    Permission to do what's right for my family… not what everyone else thinks is right for us.

  5. SarahE

    I was right there with you- until you mentioned Harry Potter 😛

    But yeah, I realized just a month ago how much I wait around for someone to tell me it's "time" to do something (go workout, meditate, have a lazy weekend instead of an anxious one. . .), as though there's a master schedule somewhere.

  6. shelbyisrad

    In LOVE with the kickstarter one haha. Its hard being a broke college kid and have everyone begging for money. ack!
    Also i'm going to throw out my shampoo right now and buy something new this afternoon. <3

  7. Corin

    The last year or so I've been giving myself permission to stay home rather than go out with friends if I don't feel like it or have to be up early for work the next day. Sometimes it feels like I'm missing out on things, but that feels much better than trying to work an 8-hour day while sleep-deprived.

    Also, this morning I gave myself permission to wear the really BRIGHT red lipstick to work. I had only been wearing it at night, but decided I could totally rock it in the daytime as well!

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      Yes! It took me a few years, but now I have no qualms about saying "I need to go home." I know when I've reached my social quota 😉

  8. Mary

    Permission to have fun adventures on your own! It's great to have buddies to do things with, sure, but is sitting at home waiting for plans EVER a fun time? No. The past couple of years I've given myself permission to have fun by myself and do the things I want to do, when I want to do them.
    Adventures: acquired.
    Fun: had.

    If you can't enjoy your own company, is going to be one long journey.

  9. Whit B Nimble

    I gave myself permission to do things differently a few years ago, but it sure feels good to be reminded that it is OK! Growing pains are hard and scary sometimes, aren't they? I love this quote by E.E. Cummings, "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." I find it fitting for this post. x

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      I, um, just watched it for the first time last weekend found myself totally attracted to Peter Dinklage.

  10. Amanda

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  11. Alisha - the.wineglass.manifesto


    I work in publishing and I've read 4 Harry Potter books and can't say I loved them. For some reason this is considered absolute blasphemy, but I just.don'

    I've read every Murakami…. does that count for ANYTHING?

  12. m  e  l  i  g  r  o  s  a

    * make things uncomfortable when someone calls something or someone "retarded" or "gay"
    after a decade of knowing one of my friends, I highly dislike her rude and oh-so casual way to use of the r word i was ready to firmly and directly call her on it, UNTIL i noticed her mom uses her too. OH EM GEE.
    I was 2Kx as disappointed :/
    i love her to pieces and this needs to stop. i will soon call her on it..

    (she is the kind of friend that cries if you call her on her shit, maybe why none of us have called her on it.. ugh bothers me so much)

  13. Ginny

    Much needed today since yesterday I ended things with a boy. Also realizing that someone can be a great person, but not great at relationships. I'm printing this out and it's going on my wall.

    • Allie

      So sorry for your tough time. I know it's tough even when it's the right thing for you! Hanging it on your wall is a perfect idea–I may copy! 🙂

  14. Allie

    Yes! Perfect. I love this so much. I hate how in the blogosphere sometimes we feel like we all have to be blogging about fashion and diy and whatnot, just to get readers. That's why I love this blog–you do what you want, not what everyone else does. xx

    ALlie @

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