34 New Things: Go To A Monster Truck Rally

Every year I make a list of new things I want to try.  Some of them are easy, some are difficult, some are shockingly boring.  You can read about past adventures here.  Photos by Meredith Westin

You know what you guys should do?  Gather 18 of your friends and attend a monster truck rally.And you know what will make it even better?  If everybody dresses in thematically appropriate outfits.  (Please note my ratted ‘side hair’ and leather + lace number in the above photo.)

I say this based on experience.

Last month I strong-armed (read: kind of suggested) a huge group of friends into attending monster trucks with me.  Despite having zero understanding about how these races were scored, we had The Most Fun.  I think we were all expecting it to be fun in an ‘just this once’ kind of way only to discover that is the just totally, 100% straight up fun.

Three anthropomorphic trucks!
There were two dog trucks (or Monster Mutts as it were) and a bull truck.  Like, with horns.

Two lady drivers
And they were in first and second place for a while!  And they were driving the anthropomorphic trucks!  I loved the back story of Becky McDonough, who’s actually from Minnesota and worked her way up from mechanic to crew chief to driver.  Awesome!
Demolition derby cars pulling trailers with stuff on them
So much more stuff to smash!
Four-wheelers with jet engines
So loud!  So bright!  Why don’t all four-wheelers have jet engines, guys?
Monster trucks running over/through giant rvs
Done.  Into it.$15 slushies
What kind of event is it if you’re not paying too much for a drink and a collectible mug?Have you ever gone to a monster truck rally?  What’d you think? 

Welcome to Yes & Yes!

Want to spend your time, money, and energy on purpose? I'll show you how.

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  1. Lauren

    Your hair is SO GREAT! Also, why are those little cars painted pink?

  2. D

    I am convinced. I must try this!

  3. Sarah

    I want to go! I bet it's great people watching

    • Sarah Von Bargen

      It is! Although, I'm from rural Minnesota, so it's mostly stuff that's totally normal to me 😉

  4. Laura

    I am a huge fan of the monster trucks! My fiance just discovered this about me (cause he must have thought my foam grave digger hat was just ironic??) while I was watching youtube videos sad that it doesn't appear that the trucks are coming here this year. Le sigh. I like making big signs to hold up for my favorites. And my favorite memory is of a time my friend and I went. he wanted the t-shirt shot at us by the cannon tshirt gun. In his quest, he toppled over the seats in front of us causing the girl in front of us to toss her beer onto a a family in the front row. The dad looked so upset, but the little boy ran over and picked up the t-shirt with such glee that I couldn't be serious about the possible anger. All this commotion over a t-shirt. Best night ever! 🙂

    Grave Digger is my favorite, but also a fan of Monster Mutt.

  5. Catrina

    Me and my husband went on a date to a monster truck rally once. It was sooo much fun. And I bought me a sweet grave digger t-shirt.

  6. Creole Wisdom

    Girl! Next time something like this comes up, ask me! I would totally go, no strong arming required. Anything country is my jam, kinda weird for a mixed girl from the suburbs, but we all have our things 😉 I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. While I've never been I know my co-worker's son [age 3] is obsessed and they've gone twice.

  7. Rachael

    I have always ALWAYS wanted to celebrate my birthday or some other event at a Monster Truck rally. I've been to a Monster Truck demonstration ~ but no smashing occurred. Booo! Glad you had fun!

  8. Ally

    I should take my 3 year old nephew next year. He would love to see the cars being smashed. The Dome will probably be torn down by then so I wonder if they are going to move it somewhere else while the new stadium is being built? I'll have to check into that.

  9. Ashli@Motor trade insurance

    Me too like to watch this Monster Truck rally.Seems its a great event to watch

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