32 New Things: Go To A Water Aerobics Class

Sorry, internet.  This is as close to a photo of me in my bathing suit as you’re gonna get.

Though I don’t particularly like “working out” in the traditional sense, I very much enjoy being active.  I’ll probably never go to the gym and “wail on my gluts” but I’ll very happily walk two miles to buy a gallon of milk or try to beat you at Dance Central.So I obviously needed to try a water aerobics class at my local YMCA.  Let’s watch and learn from my mistakes, shall we?

Noteworthy discoveries from my time spent in the pool?

Discovery 1:Yes, the stereotypes are true.  Everyone in class is over 60.
Though they were (fairly) sweet, the ladies in my class seemed rather mystified as to why I was there.  Even the instructor said “Sooooo, do you have an injury?  Orrrrr?”  I chirped that I just wanted to try a new workout and the teacher nodded suspiciously.

Discovery 2: You don’t actually need that cute vintage swim cap

Discovery 3: Frank Sinatra’s songs don’t sound half bad as dance remixes
Those songs are about as awesome as you’d expect them to be when backed with techno beats.

Discovery 4: Perhaps your bikini wasn’t the best choice, Sarah
Water aerobics involves a surprising amount of jumping, yo.

Discovery 5: Sitting on a kickboard and paddling across the pool using only your arms is shockingly exhausting
Or at least it is if you’ve got the upper body strength of a ill kitten.

Discovery 6: Bodies are for doing stuff
Exercising in the company of women whose bodies have lived through and accomplished so much more than mine made me really, really appreciate all the things I can do without a struggle.  Someday, we’ll all have arthritis and bad backs.  Maybe I should just appreciate what my legs can do for me, instead of obsessing over my Upper Thigh Situation.

Really, I had a grand ol’ time paddling around the pool to Frankie S.  It was certainly not the world’s most exhaustive work out, but it’s something to add to my strenuous mix of Dance Central challenging and neighborhood walks.

Have you ever taken a water aerobics class?  Do you do any non-workout-y stuff to stay active?

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  1. Beth (i run like a girl)

    This made me giggle. I did take a water aerobics class when I was a freshman in college… even in the class on campus there were lots of older ladies! But it was a surprisingly good workout! 🙂

  2. Tami (Teacher Goes Back to School)

    i have done one and it included water weights. which actually were just big awkward pieces of foam that are surprisingly difficult to keep under water. also which pack quite a punch when they come out of the water!

  3. Samantha

    I've done one once when I was 12 while on vacation in Mexico. The hotel I was staying at had a class and my mom and grandma dragged me along. It wasn't so bad if we weren't in the deep end of the pool and I was about 4 feet tall and kept trying not to drown while hopping around. It did end well when we got a huge towel and threw each other in the air.

  4. Rosie

    I love aquarobics – I get incredibly purple in the face doing exercise on land, but in the pool I love being able to duck my head in the water and cool off immediately.

    I think you get out what you put in – it's possible to take it easy and be cushioned by the water, but trying to heave those foam hand weights against the water resistance can be incredibly hard work if you do it fast!

    I also noticed that I only really felt the exhaustion at the end, when trying to drag my sorry self up out of the water…

    Oh, and my favourite track for this is a pumped-up trance version of Barry White's My First, My Last, My Everything.

  5. tessica

    I did deep water aerobics for a five month span after I stopped dancing in high school…I had gained weight from the sudden change in activity but once I began doing water aerobics I was back down to a healthy weight and probably more healthy too. You are getting both aerobic and anaerobic exercise in the pool and when I added in doing it in the deep water (without the exercise belt) I was really getting the WHOLE body workout!

  6. party of four.

    My friend {the above Katie} and I have just discovered your blog and have found oh so many things to relate to. Your posts are simply hilarious and so appropriate. Looking forward to your next one.


  7. Miss Wirth

    this is so funny! my grandma taught water aerobics and i went with her so many times… as a kid, teenager, and young adult. i was also so embarrassed when she picked on me in class 🙂 i think of our time together so fondly and miss her so very much. your sweet and humorous blog post brought back so many wonderful memories for me. thank you! xo

  8. Karli

    I LOVE water aerobics! I actually used to do it alot when I was on holidays and my dad loved to come with me – odd father/daughter activity but lots of fun!

  9. Michelle

    This actually looks fun! I wouldn't mind trying it out. 🙂

  10. Karen

    Frank Sinatra in dance remixes? Yes please! Hehe
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Jessica

    I wish I could do all the aqua aerobics but chlorinated water kicks my skin to a near death experience. I walk everywhere though.

  12. Anonymous

    Before my skin had such problems with chlorine, I loved water aerobics in the summer first thing in the morning before work. It kept me cool the whole day in a non-air conditioned office.
    Glad you had so much fun.

  13. Flight Attendant Extraordinaire

    My mom used to go to water aerobics, so she invited me along one time. I feel pretty bummed that we didn't have any Frank Sinatra remixes. If my memory serves, we didn't have ANY music. And there were all these little cliques of old ladies all gossiping & whatnot and they ALL got totes naked in the locker room afterward. It was fun, but I'd rather go for a run.

  14. Ashley


    I love what you say about appreciating our bodies. I know I obsess too much about my Upper Thigh Situation!

  15. laco

    i've never taken a water aerobics class, but i have..ahem…taken a stretching class. it seemed like such a cool mellow, early-morning thing. i was schooled by a room full of geriatrics. the teacher even taunted a bit about the fact that i couldn't pull my leg up as far as the 80 year old bluehair next to me. i tried a second time, but in all honesty i was so embarrassed by the snickers coming from the folks around me, i clocked out early. maybe tai chi is more my kind of mellow, early-morning thing.


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