32 New Things: Wear False Eyelashes

Every year I make a list of new things I want to try.  Some of them are hard, some are easy, some are shockingly mundane.  You can read about other new things I’ve tried here


I am not always skilled at navigating the world of the Traditionally Feminine.  I only learned how to apply eyeliner last year, I don’t really know how to walk in high heels and 99% of the time my hair is “styled” in a messy bun.  I love to get manis and pedi and I appreciate a cute purse as much as the next girl, but some lady things are beyond me.Things like: false eyelashes.

But I decided that my 31st year on this earth would be the year that I ventured into fake eye hair territory.  And what better time to do that than when you’re working at a women’s magazine and constantly hanging out with beauty editors?

I spent all of February writing for the Malaysian edition of CLEO, so when 3/4 of the editorial team decided to hit up KL’s best hip hop club, I decided that I should probably

a) wear a see-through lace shirt

c) wear false eyelashes

This is probably the part of the blog post where I should tell you how to effectively apply and wear false eyelashes.  But my involvement in the entire process was pretty much limited to sitting on the toilet and blinking while my friend (and beauty editor extraordinaire) Steph glued giant Disney princess-esque eyelashes a top my fine blond nubby ones.


Giant eyelashes intact, we then hit up the clubs where we danced to awesome/ridiculous Top 40 pop and did that thing where you sing along the chorus at the top of your lungs while fervently pointing your finger in the air.  Every time I blinked I felt like I was wearing a (very flattering) plastic Halloween mask.  Any time a guy tried to talk to me, I fought the urge to yell over the music “This is not an accurate representation of who I am!  I’m not actually this cute!”  The lashes were gorgeous but entirely too uncomfortable – and too fancifying – for every day use.I think I’ll save them for next Halloween when I dress up as a Disney princess.

Have you ever worn fake eyelashes?  How did you feel about them?

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  1. Ashe @ Dramatis Personae

    Whatever, your messy buns still look cuter & more hip than my hair does styled!

    And I lurrrveeee faux lashes! I suck at putting them on, and half the time they're off by the end of the night. But I love how they make my lashes look!

  2. Karen

    I tried them for New Year's this year and it was so weird. Like having huge butterflies attached to your eyelids. Also mine were a bit too long at the sides but it's cool. A bit too much hassle to my taste…

  3. j.lowe

    I actually really love fake eyelashes! I feel so glamorous when I wear them. I tried them for the first time this past December when I performed for the first time in a production of The Nutcracker! But I still have no idea how to put them on – the stage moms helped me.

  4. Chelsea

    I love falsies! Eyelashes that is. I would wear them everyday, except I suck at applying them. Even thought about eyelash extensions, but they cost more than I'd be willing to pay.

    My favorite part of halloween are getting to dawn ridiculous lashes. My faves were part of a fairy costume and were extremely sparkly. Ugh want them on NOW.

  5. Bright Smile

    I tend to wear falsies when I go to weddings (so like, once a year!). They make me look like I'm wearing mascara, without any risk of makeup running if I cry/sweat a lot when I'm ripping up the dance floor! Otherwise, I don't find it's worth the effort for every day… but on special occasions, why not!

  6. Muttpuppy

    I am a huge fan of lashes! Anytime I get dressed up for something posh or have a roller derby bout I glue on the falsies! Makes me feel glam!

  7. Morgan

    i've never tried them but always wanted to!
    they look awesome on you!

  8. Sophiegoose

    The worst part about false eyelashes is putting them on, but once they're there…EYES! I wish I could wear them all the time!

  9. Laura

    I adore false eyelashes! I have pretty long eyelashes though, and have mastered the art of mascara application so that my REAL lashes look like falsies! I get asked a lot if I'm wearing them…sometimes yes, sometimes no! I really do love wearing them, though, and put them on maybe once a week, even if I'm just grocery shopping! Actually especially if I'm just grocery shopping, false eyelashes make me feel so glamorous and mysterious. And we all need a little extra glamour & mystery in our lives, no?

  10. Little redhead

    I've never tried them either, but like you I've always wondered 😀 Should try it some day too. They look pretty great though! But I can imagine they can't be too comfortable!

  11. Georgina

    Oh, they look FANTASTIC on you! How wonderful that you had someone to apply them for you – they seem so fiddly! I haven't tried false lashes yet either – but they're on my list, too!

  12. Kat

    They look so pretty! I got them done for my formal, and the two things I remember were: 1. How tricky it was to get them on (blink-us maximus here) and 2. How much they hurt trying to get them off. I think your supposed to soak them off, but I got irritated and ripped them (and probably some of my own eyelashes) out. Ouch!

    The things we do for beauty…

    xx Kat

  13. Michelle

    I haven't worn technical false eyelashes but I'm assuming they'd be a bad idea from another experience I had, which was painful yet hilarious, so I'll share it.

    I used to go to cosmetology school and one day we did temporary eyelash extensions. I KNOW I have wacky-sensitive eyes so I asked the instructor if *anyone* had ever had an allergic reaction to them, and she said no, not in five years of doing it. So I said, what the hell, they look awesome on everyone else, let's eyelash-extension me up!

    You can probably see where this is going. I had an allergic reaction, but the real kicker is that it didn't start until about 5 or so hours after I'd put the eyelashes on. I was home alone, with no idea how to get them off (tried calling the school but the instructor had left for the day), and my eyes were swelling and wouldn't stop tearing up. I managed to google it through my tears and saw that baby oil helps to remove them, so I called my then-boyfriend (now husband) frantically as he was leaving work and asked him to go get baby oil.

    And then I think I called him twice more in the 30 minutes it took for him to get home. He walked in the door to me staring at the ceiling with tears streaming down my face and said "Holy shit! I thought you were just being dramatic."

    With much baby oil, I managed to remove the eyelashes, but I still looked like I'd been punched in the face or something.

    And that, my friends, is why I'm a mascara-only kinda gal.

  14. Hannah

    I wore them for my senior prom and I felt extremely glamorous 🙂

  15. Flight Attendant Extraordinaire

    I wore falsies for my best friend's wedding last September and I LOVED them! At first I was totally aware of them and felt like I was causing a breeze every time I blinked. But as the night wore on, I got more used to them. I'd wear them all the time if they weren't such a hassle to apply!

  16. Beauty Bets

    You look GORG! Falsies are like an instant face lift, and once you get the hang of them it's so fun to throw a few in for a night out. I love the individual lash clumps too, which are sometimes easier to apply. Plus so inexpensive – the Ardell brand at most drugstores is my go-to.

  17. 99

    I am on the verge of developing an unhealthy obsession with false lashes; I am a huge Ardell fan! Despite the minor hassle in getting them on, it means that I get to wear feck all else makeup and whilst I'm not quite at the Lily-Melrose-wear-them-every-day stage, I probably wear them every -other- time I go to a party or to town or what have you. Dangerous…

  18. Skorbs

    I used to have to wear falsies all the time for dance and whatnot, and despite the heavy-lids feeling that eventually wore off, I absolutely loved them. I'd wear them forever if they weren't so entirely…obvious. Every fashion mag suggests applying the individuals for a little extra glam on the daily, but I remember the panic of, "Oh god, will today be the day the real ones jump ship?!" every time I peeled the strip of fakes off so I know I'd have just as much anxiety tweezering the loners away. Regardless of my personal fretfulness, you look BANGIN!

  19. Insomniac Lab Rat

    I used to wear false eyelashes for dance too, but I've never worn them just for fun/going out. I didn't mind them, but I guess I usually keep my makeup pretty natural, and I feel like they'd be a bit much for daily wear, or even a special event. Maybe I'll consider it for a friend's upcoming wedding 🙂

  20. hadelicious

    OMG I can't believe you were in Malaysia and worked for CLEO! I'm doing college here and I'm a big fan of the magazine!

  21. Anonymous

    I am kind of girly, and I wear fake eyelashes everyday. Thin ones just because I have very short thin eyelashes and (put on correctly) I look like I naturally have longer eyelashes. I wear strip ones. And they last for about 2 weeks and they my go to beauty product.


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