5 Ways To Break Out Of A Super Boring Winter Style Rut

Winter style is more than tights and grey wool! Click through for 5 winter style tips that will breathe some fresh air into your winter wardrobe! >> yesandyes.org

This guest post on winter style comes to us via Sally at Already Pretty.

If you live in the northern hemisphere – and especially if you live in the northern reaches of the northern hemisphere– you know that winter has only just begun.

Sure, we’ve been enduring cold temps and oppressive darkness for several months now, but we’re entering the true long haul here at the beginning of January. The holidays are over, spring seems eons away, and there’s not much between here and there but loooooong stretches of grouchy shivering.

And this, my friends, is when most of us tend to start pulling out the same black slacks and gray sweater every single day. We feel sluggish and uninspired, cold and resentful, and we don’t want to invest any energy into … well, anything.

But CERTAINLY not anything as frivolous as style. Eating heavy casseroles and watching “Pride and Prejudice” marathons, OK, but anything that taps our dressing creativity can seem overwhelming.

But now may be the most important time of the year to keep your style spirits up! SAD is a very real thing, and what better way to fend it off than by dressing yourself in items that inspire energy and joy for wearer and observer alike?

5 ways to get yourself out of a winter style rut

Add color

You knew that one was coming, didn’t ya? I am a devotee of black, and have a habit of snapping up any and everything funky and midnight-hued that comes across my radar. But while I’ll happily don chiaroscuro ensembles through the beginning of January, it’s around this time that I start enforcing color laws.

No more than one colorless outfit per week. Every outfit should have at LEAST two bright, non-neutral colors and colorful shoes should be worn as often as possible. These boots are warm and comfy and they have red laces and soles! Also: 570 4.5 star reviews.

Add some shine

Rhinestones, hammered silver, sequins, bright chains, faceted gems, and all things sparkly are ideal for this time of year. Anything that catches and reflects light will help its wearer feel lighter and more energetic. Let’s talk about this patterned gold scarf!

Add some sound

Jangling bangles will prevent their wearer from falling into a wintry stupor. Musical corduroy pants give you a cheerful little soundtrack when you walk.

Rustling petticoats or stiff silk skirts make you aware of your outfit, your posture, your ladylike self. Choose something that talks back when you choose your daily wear. These bracelets jingle evvvver so delicately when you wear them!

Add texture

Layering is an art form, and incorporating texture into a heavily layered winter ensemble can seem daunting. But just a splash of floral or geometric pattern here and there – on a scarf or blouse or pair of tights – adds the illusion of movement to an outfit.

A tweedy blazer or vest gives flat cottons dimension, and a ruffled shirt lends depth to any outfit.

Add smell

Say what? Oh yes, smell can play a part in perking you up when you dress for the doldrums of winter. A scented lip gloss, spritz of your favorite perfume, fragranced hand lotion, or deliciously pungent hair product will keep you alert and engaged. I love all the scents from this company.

And that covers all of the senses minus taste, because munching on your wool sweaters might cause them to shrink and felt. But seriously, folks, do your utmost to dress energetically during this dark, cold time of the year and you’ll be amazed at the difference in how you feel.

Are you in a winter style rut? How do you break out of one?

P.S. Putting together + wearing cute outfits you love is a habit – just like meditating or taking your vitamins. Here’s how to make it stick!

Photos by Martin Reisch and Ashim D’Silva // cc

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  1. Everydayjuju

    Here's the tricky bit for me: finding boots that keep your feet warm AND upright AND look smashing too. Currently I am sitting funny thanks to a dramatic spill on the steps in said "smashing" (but not warm or sturdy) boots. However, I did pick myself up, throw my sequined scarf back over my shoulder, re-grabbed the leash (the right dog is also essential for great winter style…mine are foxhounds) and went about the blustery, beautiful, day. So great boots, the right dogs, and a sense of humor are important to great winter style J

  2. kathrynoh

    I think thick woollen tights are a must for winter – you can wear skirts and dresses and still stay warm. And it's always good to wear red, it keeps you warm!

  3. Catherine

    Wearing a gray sweater and dark pants right now – I feel like you called me out! Haha. This is such a great post. I've never felt brave enough to wear brightly colored/shiny/noisy (in a good way) things, even in summer, and this post is a good "How-To."
    Thank you!

  4. Cora

    I LOVE this post! I was in Minnetonka, MN for NYE two years ago, and I could NOT believe how cold it was. I'm from Cincinnati, where we definitely have winter, but the cold here is nothing compared to the cold you all experience!

    But yes, love this. It's hard to keep a winter wardrobe bright. I think my favorite way to liven dark clothes is a bright, fun scarf.

  5. Eternal*Voyageur

    Is it just me or is anyone else having problems in opening the alreadpretty site ? Funny thing is that the RSS feed titles arrive just fine in my reader, but the blog won´t open.

  6. Louise

    Oh, dear. It's been really cold here and I'm eying my trusty grey wool sweater. I do need more bright colors for winter wear.

    This, coupled with Sal's post on her own blog today about avoiding shapeless clothes, is inspiring me to get some bright, form-fitting turtlenecks to perk up my warmer duds.

  7. Alyssa

    I'm also guilty of gravitating toward dark colors in the winter, and I don't even realize I'm doing it til I end up washing three loads of darks! New Years Resolution #1: wear more color!

  8. Luinae

    Oh, this is so me! I suffer from SAD too (it's one of the reasons my room is yellow) so I'm looking forward to trying out these tips!

  9. Holly

    I've found myself geting into this rut lately. But forcibly made myself take off the big baggy jumper and put on something nicer before I leave.
    I love hats during the colder seasons, they can really spice up an oufit, also, lots of jingly and interesting accessories really make me smile on a grey day. 🙂

    Holly ♥

  10. Kendall

    Sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles! That's what you really need to shine and stand out in the dreary winter weather. And you can't be afraid to throw a little sparkle on during the day and have fun with it!


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