People Want To Help You

People are constantly trying to help you. And if they’re not, they’d probably be happy to … if you just ask.
This guest post comes to us from one my very first Internet Friend: Alexandra Franzen
It’s easy to get jaded. It’s difficult to trust. But a lot of people — people you know very well, people you barely know at all — want to help you.

Why? People like being helpful. It makes them feel happy and useful. Click To Tweet

Your boss wants to help you develop your professional skills.

Your mom wants to help you find true love.

Your BFF wants to help you remember that one time in San Bernadino when you had the Best Burger Of All Time and then saw The Dukes of Hazzard before the Nocturnal Wonderland rave.

Your utility representative wants to help you manage your monthly bills.

Your local S.C.O.R.E. branch wants to help you start a successful small business.

Your pharmacist wants to help you understand your dosage instructions.

Your favorite DJ wants to help you discover new music.

People are constantly trying to help you. And if they’re not, they’d probably be happy to … if you just ask.

Kinda awesome, huh?

Who can help you? Who are you going to help?

P.S. Life has big plans for you.

photo by suhyeon choi // cc

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  1. Piper Larson

    Great post Alexandra! Helping others just feels good. I think we all realize it for ourselves, but sometimes forget…it makes others feel good too. When we all give and take – it's a beautiful thing! I'm currently working on a project I think will be helpful for many. Can't wait to share!
    XO Piper

  2. Miki's scrapbook

    Nice post. It's true, most people are willing to help others. I've been thinking about seriously getting involved in helping people in need. So far, the only thing I've done is getting into "A Christmas for everybody" program, which consists of providing a poor family with a good Christmas meal(you also get a list of things the family you're assigned needs). I did last year and will do it this one, too. Being able to do a little something for someone felt great, which kind of made me feel bad, I mean, do most of us help others because we want to feel good? It is selfish. I often think I should commit myself into doing something on a regualr basis, but then I go, "Mmm … I don't want to engage myself for X number of hours every week", so I never join any association. Which actually proves that I am indeed selfish.

    I know this post was about doing little things for others, but I don't know, I felt like saying this.

  3. besswess

    Happy thoughts

  4. somewhere else

    This is so true, but sometimes it's hard to remember. Weird how I'm so willing to help other people but always assume anyone's offer is such a hassell for them and feel bad about accepting. Gotta shake that one..

  5. Inky-o

    Ive never found this so true as now that I am traveling. Im constantly amazed by how far people are willing to go to help out someone who barely speaks their language, will be gone ina couple of days and basically has nothing to offer other than a lot of gratitude.

    Now I am wondering if people at home are just as kind but because Im less likely to need to rely on the kindness of strangers at home I havent had a chance to find out.

  6. Greeknblonde

    Yes, we keep forgetting that some people want to actually help us. It is So true and even more we keep forgeting that some people want our help too.

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