5 Cheap, Doable, Homemade Beauty Tips

 If you love DIY beauty advice and homemade beauty tips, this post is for you! Click through for DIY mask recipes and my trick for razor burn and dry cuticles!

I’m not sure that I would consider myself a beauty expert. I don’t know how to pluck my eyebrows, my morning routine takes all of 15 minutes and I frequently forget to wear deodorant (don’t worry – I’m freakishly non-smelly. Probably because I’m part robot.)

But! I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, tricks that keep my beauty budget low and keep getting me carded even though I’m quite a few years away from 21.

5 homemade beauty tricks I swear by

If you’re acne-prone, make yourself an aspirin mask

Did you know that aspirin contains heaps of salicylic acid – the main ingredient in most acne fighting products? To make this mask, all you need is a big ol’ bottle of dollar store aspirin (seriously? cheap, uncoated aspirin is better) a dollop of yogurt and a bit of honey.

In a little bowl, crush 4 – 8 aspirin – the oilier your skin, the more aspirin you’ll want to use. Add about a tablespoon of yogurt and a tiny squirt of honey.

You’ll want to use more honey if your skin is dry. Mix it all together till it’s grainy and spread it onto the oily parts of your face. I usually leave mine on for about five minutes, but you might want to start with a shorter amount of time. Wash it off and feel smug about your glowing skin, all to the tune of three cents.

Use olive oil instead of shaving cream

Instead of using Skintimate or your conditioner, use your bottle of Bertolli. Just spread it on your legs the way you would any other shaving product and have at it.

It can get a bit messy. You’ll have to clean your razor a bit better than usual and make sure you clean your tub afterwards so you don’t slip in any left over oil, but I promise you that your legs will be smoother and stay moisturized longer than with anything else you’ve ever tried!

Stop razor rash with triple antibiotic ointment

Whenever I shave or wax any of those tender bits so prone to red bumplies, I do it before I go to bed and then top off the area with a generous slather of triple antibiotic ointment. I let them spend the night au naturale (so stop wearing high cut tank tops after you shave your armpits!) and in the morning everything’s hair and razor rash free!

Make your own exfoliator with baking powder

If I’m running low on my beloved St. Ives Apricot Scrub, or winter has made my skin too tender for all that, I exfoliate my face with tablespoon of baking powder. It’s super cheap, works wonders, is gentle enough to use in the depths of December. Clever!

Use your lip balm as cuticle cream

You know when you’re applying lip balm? And you find yourself stuck with a lone Sticky Finger? And then where do you wipe it? A while ago, I decided to stop wiping it on a) the inside of my pant’s hem (?!) b) my desk chair and start massaging that extra bit of balm into my cuticles. To birds! One stone!

What are you beauty secrets? Do share!

P.S. My 3-product, minimalist makeup kit!

Photo by Sarah Gray on Unsplash

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  1. Amelia M

    Olive oil as shaving cream really is a lifesaver! I find especially handy when I'm doing a quick shave and don't want to turn the shower off – since the oil doesn't mix with water it sits on your skin, whereas shaving cream washes off. So much easier!

  2. Sara

    wowee I should try that mask!! sounds brilliant! Thank you for sharing! I sometimes use crushed lupine seeds mixed with yoghurt as a scrub!

  3. Jessika

    a little thing about the aspirin. It is one thing to take it but when you put it on your skin you might find that you are sensitive to it. And if you are allergic to salisylic acid, well don't. I bought a "face firming cream", how about reading the label since I have a known allergy to aspirin? Yoghurt facials are neat though.

  4. mm

    I use plain rose water as cleanser. I don't know about the rest, but where I come from (Bulgaria) is the country of rose oil, and it is dirt cheap.
    Another thing is to go only for natural products (essential oils, vaseline, etc)
    I use jojoba oil as primer before moisturiser / foundation, because it absorbs in the skin instantly and doesn't make it greasier
    I also use plain vaseline with propolis as lip balm and cuticle cream.
    Another thing that works wonders is baby powder on your legs after epilation – it makes it baby soft, moisturises and smells nice.
    Baby powder can also do as a dry shampoo if you are in a hurry

  5. AnalieseMarie

    Great tips! I will have to try that aspirin mask.

    I use Neosporin (an anti-biotic ointment) on spots and it works brilliantly. Better than any acne fighting cream I've found!

  6. Amy Lauren

    genius! can't wait to try these!

  7. Danielle

    I use olive oil as a makeup remover and moisturizer.

  8. Brooke

    Oh my, I think I'll have to try that exfoliator! My favorite beauty tip is aquaphor. I found the stuff when I was on accutane, as it was the ONLY balm that stayed on my cracked lips for more than 10 minutes. When the weather is cold and dry, I use it on those cracked areas between my fingers and sometimes around my nose if I have a cold.

  9. Midge

    I'm going to have to try the olive oil shaves, sounds great for locking in moisture during the winter. I have a friend who swears by Preperation H as a face cream. If you can get past the part that you are supposed to use it somewhere else it creates a great matte finish for applying make up.

  10. Bridget

    I've heard of the olive oil trick before, but always been scared…maybe this is a sign to go for it! I've also been told that hair condition has a similar (if not quite as magical/messy) effect.

  11. Sal

    LOVE these! I'm gonna have to try the aspiring mask.

  12. Hammy

    I'm definitely going to try that aspirin mask! Sarah Von you are a genious!
    Having a bath with epsom salts in it clears up a spotty back I've been told, though I've never tried it.
    Oh and almond oil for dry hair! My friend swears by it, and she has gorgeous hair.

  13. ML

    ahhh i love that someone else openly admits to pant hem lip balm wiping. i pretty much just love you on account of that fact. 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    i love all of your tips…i will definitely try the mask! i do love coconut oil as a body moisturizer. it may be expensive, but it is one of the only things that saves my legs in the winter!

  15. Luinae

    That is some awesome advice- I really want to try the aspirin mask!

  16. limespark

    Oh, I'm such a fan of those aspirin masks! At first I was loathe to try it, it just seemed like honey would really clog the pores, but it does work wonders.

  17. MP

    I'm glad you admit that you forget your deodorant sometimes too…I combat it by stashing deodorants all over the place (my purse, drawers, the car). Heh.

    I've cheap conditioner as a shaving lotion for years now. Cheap, easy and doesn't make the tub overly slippery. Win!

    Thanks for the ideas Sarah!

  18. molly

    brilliant! i want to try that aspirin mask now

  19. A

    Definitely must try some of these. Thank you!

  20. Tink in My Closet

    Such a handy post.. Thanks for the tips. I really want to try the mask!

  21. Heidi Rose

    Most excellent and helpful. I will store these tips away in my mind for future reference.

  22. Jessika

    the cheap conditioner as a shaving gel is a good tip that I'll borrow.

  23. Rebekah

    I'm voting for baby oil over olive oil, it's WORLDS cheaper. Also makes a nice bath oil— IF you're willing to clean the tub afterward.

    The "lip balm as cuticle cream" approach is also good for any lip balm purchases that proved disappointing— I shelled out about $7 for Lush's vegan lip balm, and I find it too gritty to for lips. Cuticle cream ahoy!

    I use one of those foam-pump bottles to dilute my shampoo. Shampoo lasts longer, fewer mysterious ingredients wash down my drain, and it seems easier on my hair.

  24. Anonymous

    For mm, vaseline is not a natural product but good if you found a good use for it 🙂

    For dry curly hair virgin coconut oil nourishes hair and defines the curls beautifully. Just make sure you use it just a little.

    Sugar is a good exfoliator as well!

  25. Anonymous

    I love these tips!
    I've used sugar as an exfoliant and that works well. And oatmeal.
    I love the thought of using more natural products instead of chemicals all the time.
    Thanks for this!

  26. The Curious Cat

    These tips are all new to me and sound ace! Thanks! xxx

  27. shalimar-98

    My favorite shaving trick, cheap conditioner (I prefer Suave) used as shaving lotion. Does double duty if you also use it on your hair. Cheap, effective, I'm sold.

  28. Artemis Stiga

    Thanks for the tips Sarah! Here's the best facial and body mask for acne, blemisses and extra moistrure:

    1 table spoon of Greek yoghurt
    1 table spoon of yeast
    1 tea spoon of lemon juice
    1 tea spoon of olive oil

    It's my favo ritre and it really does miracles, BUT make sure the direct light of the sun won't see you for the next 3 hours. If you have no choice but go out use it without the lemon juice. Enjoy!

  29. Terrie Dawson

    Love it! I'm switched up with dermology products and never had beauty remedies yet. I found these tips really different and want to give a try at least once. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Anonymous

    Good god don't put baking soda on your face!

    It disrupts the pH of your skin barrier and makes you much more likely to utterly dry out your skin and give yourself loads of spots. The barrier is slightly acidic, and if you put something strongly basic on your face you damage the barrier.

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