30 New Things: Beer/Cheese/Bacon Cupcakes


How would you feel if you knew that your favorite foods could be combined into a perfect storm of deliciousness? I mean, I’m still waiting for someone to develop some sort of dark chocolate/pasta/cheese dish. Nigella, I’m looking at you.Needless to say, I was pretty damn excited when I found this recipe for Beer Cheese Cupcakes with Bacon Cheddar Frosting. Ridiculous? Yes. Possibly fantastic? YES! My girls Darcie and Jill were kind enough to drink a lot of beer and eat all the extra cheese with me as we challenged the belief that bacon doesn’t play well with baked goods.

The results? Goodish. It was all a bit sweet for me and I was only able to eat one cupcake, instead of my usual five, so I’d suggest reducing the sugar in both the batter and the frosting if you’re going to give these a go. But totally worth making, particularly if you want to steal the show at the next potluck you attend.

P.S. Do you know any recipes that incorporate cheese in an awesome/weird way that I need to know about?

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  1. Nicole Ioma

    AH you made them!! since you posted that link I've been telling people about them and thinking about making them… I'm so glad you did. I was looking at the recipe and thinking it was weird that there was so much sugar along with everything else.

    haha I am SO excited that you made them =)

  2. Alline

    Have you tried "pão-de-queijo" while you were in Brazil?? It`s way too "cheesy" for my taste (I`m known for asking for LESS cheese on my pizza, as opposed to extra cheese!), but for a cheese lover I reckon "pão-de-queijo" might be just heaven!!

  3. Brooke

    I think I'll take your word for it… bacon and frosting just do not call out to me! I'm pretty excited to see what's up next on the list.

  4. Rachael

    When I was at Pike Place Market in Seattle one of the vendors was selling pasta of every kind and flavor imaginable and one of them was "dark chocolate angel hair"!

  5. Darcie

    two things dude:
    1) i have a pasta maker. seriously. chocolate pasta, we can do it.

    2) these cupcakes would maybe be better if the cupcake itself was a beery,cheesy corn cake? with far less sugar. and the frosting maybe just cream cheese with a touch of sugar and the bacos IN the frosting? all around, TOOO sweet.

    i really enjoyed the pre-cupcaked shredded cheese and beers, but the cupcakes, they were okay, too. 🙂

  6. Aimee Marie

    That's so weird! I'm intrigued though.

  7. Sarah Von Bargen


    I LOVE pão-de-queijo! I used to eat it for breakfast every day with a Nescafe! Soooo goooood.

  8. Jill

    YAY! This was a great night; let's turn my kitchen into an experiment zone. FUN!

  9. LilSis

    Those sound interesting! Way, way too much sugar for me, but I bet you could modify this recipe and come up with something pretty good.

    I'm a beer girl who happens to love cheese and bacon, too, so it might be worth fooling around with the recipe.

    Oh yeah, I'm trying to lose weight. Might not be a good idea to experiment too much! 🙁

    Thanks for visiting our site! Hope ya come back.

  10. superalzy

    Oh man! My boyfriend would live on these if I made them! They should call them mancakes. Haha.

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