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Summer in Minnesota Time-Lapse from Chad Halvorson on Vimeo.

How was your week guys? I’m mostly buried under a pile of moving boxes and work, but I found time for pizza and beer with friends and Saturday night bowling.


We’ve got plenty of space in next month’s Network of Nice! If you need a (non-Google-able, non-promotional) hookup, send me 100-ish words! If you could provide a hookup, send me 100ish words! I’m sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

What do 480 days of paternity leave look like? Heartwarming.

Last month, we started a Facebook thread about the cheap, life changing products we’re obsessed with. I continue to be obsessed with Old Navy Rockstar Jeans and Revlon lip butter. We also collectively love:
Target’s seamless underwear ($5)
Ikea milk frother ($2)
Lip Smacker Dr. Pepper (three pack for $9)
E.l.f. liquid eyeliner ($5)
Flowers from Trader Joes ($5)
The entire Color Pop cosmetics line
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strength clear coat ($5)
JC Penney’s padded no-show ballet flat socks ($12 for 2)

I am bizarrely obsessed with never getting junk mail again. Thus, I love the app Paper Karma. You take a photo of your junk mail and they’ll unsubscribe you. For free!

What if you made Rice Krispies bars with POTATO CHIPS??!!


Great suggestions for finding designer deals on Craigslist. (Something this article doesn’t mention that I swear by: the IFTTT Craiglist recipe.)

Good lord. How much would you pay for a HAUNTED DOLL?

People are listing glass-eyed demons that may contain an evil spirit, a vengeful poltergeist, an age-old curse, or just the devil himself within their fragile porcelain shell. The dolls don’t come cheap, though: One possessed troll doll sold for $1,400. So if you’re hoping for a doll that will transfer their evil murderous spirit into your flesh vessel and go on a killing spree, get ready to pay top dollar.
If you’re not sure if you should post something on social media, this flow chart will help.

A round-up of the teenage bedrooms we see on tv and in movies.

Animals licking windows.

Remember, if you’re interested in my ‘Yes! Daily’ app but you have an Android, I’ve got a Pinterest board filled with the daily reminders.

A beautifully written, moving essay about …. Taco Bell?

Black sesame cupcakes! Intriguing!

Fascinating! Is it possible that humans couldn’t see the color blue till recent times?

He studied Icelandic sagas, the Koran, ancient Chinese stories, and an ancient Hebrew version of the Bible. Of Hindu Vedic hymns, he wrote: “These hymns, of more than ten thousand lines, are brimming with descriptions of the heavens. Scarcely any subject is evoked more frequently. The sun and reddening dawn’s play of color, day and night, cloud and lightning, the air and ether, all these are unfolded before us, again and again … but there is one thing no one would ever learn from these ancient songs … and that is that the sky is blue.”

I’m obsessed with Russia and I’m a feminist. Thus, I love Baba Yaga’s guide to feminism.
Suffering from a spring cold? Homemade vapor rub!

Did you know that Keira Knightley put herself on an ‘allowance’ of $50,000 a year

“I think living an expensive lifestyle means you can’t hang out with people who don’t live that lifestyle,” she says. “It alienates you. Some of my best, most hilarious times have been in the least luxurious places.”


about-pagesarah von bargenInternet friend!

Hello!  I’m glad you’re here. I’m so happy that you found your way through the cat videos and Buzzfeed lists and memes to Yes and Yes.  (I really love cat videos and memes so I know what a triumph this is.)

When people ask me about my blog I tell them “It’s a lifestyle blog for smart, funny people.” And then I might point at them and wink and say “So you’re allowed to read it.”

Yes and Yes grew out of my desire to read A Very Specific type of blog that – at the time – didn’t exist. I liked lifestyle blogs (who doesn’t?) but I wanted something with a tiny bit more depth.  

Interesting interviews in addition to the recipes posts.

Thought-provoking personal essays and “what to wear for a weekend away” posts.

Smart career/money/travel/life advice plus funny photos of animals.

I wanted to read something that acknowledged that fact that all of us are multifaceted. You can be a wife and mother and still want to read an interview with a woman who joined Ashley Madison.  You can be a PhD candidate and love fashion.  You can be a grown up … and not quite know how to be a grown up.

So every day I try (with varying degrees of success) to create a space like that.  I interview interesting people, share travel tips to cool places, connect nice people, try new things, find recipes from awesome books and far-flung countries, and write about a million how-tos.

sarah von bargenI started Yes and Yes in 2008 and since then I’ve slowly (very slowly) found an audience of 11,000+ daily readers and been featured in places like Lifehacker, Problogger, Glamour, and among others. I’ve created two ebooks, an ecourse, an app, and an awesome/ridiculous calendar that features my cat dressed in literary-themed costumes. Yes, really.

For the last three years, I’ve been self-employed, harnessing all that hard-won know-how for hundreds of clients. I work with creatives, bloggers, and small businesses to create super doable, totally effective, non-overwhelming plans for internet domination.  Ideas for blog posts + social media plans + pitch templates + promotion ideas – I can help with those.

When I’m not blogging or working with clients, I’m probably somewhere else (I travel 3 months out of the year), throwing or attending a party, eating cheese, or asking my meteorologist boyfriend if he can do something about this weather.


Are you a yeasayer, a world-traveler or someone who needs helps making their online space amazing?

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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I had some friends over for dinner (I made this and it was amaaaazing), experienced The Blue Door‘s make-your-own grilled cheese menu, and attended a friend’s Wrestlemania party which obviously had themed food.

Links for you!

I’ve got space for a few more hookup offers and hookup requests in April’s Network of Nice! Send 100ish words about your non-Google-able, non-promotional hookup and I’ll include you. I’m sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

I see people called out on social media and blogs constantly. I’ve been called out myself (for justifiable reasons) on several occasions. Some thoughts on that.

What makes call-out culture so toxic is not necessarily its frequency so much as the nature and performance of the call-out itself. Especially in online venues like Twitter and Facebook, calling someone out isn’t just a private interaction between two individuals: it’s a public performance where people can demonstrate their wit or how pure their politics are. Indeed, sometimes it can feel like the performance itself is more significant than the content of the call-out. This is why “calling in” has been proposed as an alternative to calling out: calling in means speaking privately with an individual who has done some wrong, in order to address the behaviour without making a spectacle of the address itself.

My favorite Instagram of late.

Have you ever wondered why photographers charge so much? Here’s why.

Faux taxidermy. Cute!

A food magazine for gluttons.

What advice would your 80-year-old self give you?

Celebrating my friend Ellen’s new workbook series- The Unlocked Academy— lessons in grit, nerve, courage and creating a career that you love. The first Workbook is free!
Cute t-shirts that benefit charities. Into it!

Now that it’s nearly Memorial Day we can wear these, right?

Let’s make fermented berries.

A great interview with our collective girlfriends, Abbi and Ilana of Broad City fame. (And in case you were wondering, no. They don’t want to get stoned with you.)

I CANNOT EVEN STAND HOW SEXY THESE SHOES ARE. (I don’t know how to walk in them but that’s beside the point.)

Yes. On the importance of Leslie Knope, friendship, and feminism.
Leslie Knope is the traditionally “difficult” woman, where “difficult” means that misogynist jerks don’t want to deal with women like her. She is outspoken and passionate and she doesn’t want to take no for an answer when a “yes” can mean that people’s lives get better. Ben doesn’t just accept those things about Leslie — he loves her for them. Ben is a nerdy male feminist, one of the few I’ve ever seen portrayed in popular media, and he loves his wife and supports her no matter what. It’s not just that they have a love of politics in common — they are a team and he’s just as willing to give up something for her as she is for him.

Fascinating! 1 person, 2 sets of DNA!

My 19-year-old self is totally into these. Are they cute? Or weird? Or both?

I love the idea of outfit formulas (mine’s sundress + boots or bright skinnies + loose top + ballet flats)

Oscar outfits as illustrated with … Q-tips?

For those of us who care about cat scratching posts that match our decor.

If you’ve got a kiddo’s birthday coming up: Science Party Favors: Expanding Soap Experiment.

And if you appreciate my taste in links I’m always sharing new things on Twitter; each day I share at least two ‘Fave Reads Of The Day.’ Let’s be friends!

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I somehow managed juuuuust the right balance of work and play (something that very rarely happens). Lots of writing and blogging, mixed with dinner parties, bad movie nights, and brunches. Lovely!

Links for you!

I’ve got space for two more hookup requests and a few more hookup offers in March’s Network of Nice. Send me 100-ish words about your non-Googleable, non-promotional idea at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

A book idea I wish I had: Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals. Like, Heidi’s cheesy toast and The Bell Jar’s crab meat-stuffed avocados!

Also: grownup Poptarts!

It’s so rare that I add a blog to my RSS feed, but I’ve been loooooving Into-Mind. She recently wrote a great post about how to make learning and personal development a regular part of your life.

Unless you want to become a world famous pianist or compete at the Olympics, you don’t have to achieve mastery to get to a level you can be proud of or to enjoy playing the piano or running or anything else that you want to do. And while true mastery might require a huge time investment, you can get good at most skills pretty quickly. 

It’s totally gimmicky and I 100% don’t care. I love thisfancy water bottle with its charcoal stick filter.

Have you heard of the GTFO app? It lists all the flights with available seats leaving your city that night – listed from cheapest to most expensive. Wouldn’t that be fun for a last minute getaway?

What if you set Charity USA as your homepage? You can benefit leading non-profit organizations by clicking on the free contribution button daily, making a micro-donation, and shopping for gifts, apparel, jewelry, and home décor.

OF COURSE Rifle Paper’s redesign of Anne of Green Gables is gorgeous.

Discuss: “Sponsored” by my husband: Why it’s a problem that writers never talk about where their money comes from
Here’s my life. My husband and I get up each morning at 7 o’clock and he showers while I make coffee. By the time he’s dressed I’m already sitting at my desk writing. He kisses me goodbye then leaves for the job where he makes good money, draws excellent benefits and gets many perks, such as travel, catered lunches and full reimbursement for the gym where I attend yoga midday. His career has allowed me to work only sporadically, as a consultant, in a field I enjoy.

Related: How I (Sarah Von Bargen) make money as a full time blogger

An Airbnb treehouse!

A pretty take on food blogging – watercolor-ed recipes.

Have you heard of Feasted? It’s like ‘Blue Apron’ … but for families living on a tight food budget. So important and helpful!

As a former linguist I loooove the Twitter feed @darewords – it’s a round up of regional American English.

cheechako: a newcomer, tenderfoot. [Chinook Jargon; Alaska, Pacific Northwest]
stomp: a male rustic or someone who dresses like one. [New Mexico]
Hannah Cook: in various phrases signifying insignificance, often of persons, e.g., “He don’t amount to a Hannah Cook.” [chiefly NEng]

An app that silences your phone when it knows you’re in a meeting, driving, sleeping? Into it.

A sweet message on a receipt for a pizza.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: Settle the eff down (or how to stop psyching yourself out), How to get over a breakup, 11 ways to make your home feel happier and more like you.

Hope you had a great weekend, friends!

Web Time Wasters

Are you guys digging yourself out of the holiday gluttony and crumpled wrapping paper? I didn’t quite make it through my self-imposed break without working, but a lot of my ‘work’ consisted of pinning outfits that pair stripes with patterns and freaking out about my app launch
Also! Before we dive into this week’s links, I’ve got space for five more Network of Nice hook up requests and innumerable hook up offers. The Network of Nice is a great way to make new friends, get travel or career advice, chat with people who’ve experienced something you’re currently going through, or beta test your services. If you’re interested, send me 100 words about your non-Googleable, non-promotional hook up and I’ll tuck you into January’s post!

Anyhoo. Links for you!

As though you needed a reason to adopt a cat! (If you do, here are 50)

If you live in a cold, dark place the Danish concept of Hygge can help you manage.
Hygge describes an intentional chilling out of the spirit as a way to harmonize with – not combat or stave off – the darkness of winter, and an intentional meditative time created out of the much-maligned but potentially fruitful malady we desperately call cabin fever. Hygge, then, is about man caves. Woman caves. Ice houses. Saunas. Igloos. Blankets. Hunkering down. Staying in. Cuddling up. Lighting candles. Making love, not work or war.

Or you could download my free ebook, 29 Ways To Actually Enjoy Winter.

Holy cow, am I sucker for these ice cubes.

I’m enjoying pretty much everything on the gorgeous site The Midwestival, particularly profiles about sweet little towns like New Ulm.

Aren’t these half-painted rooms pretty?

I read Lolita for the first time last year (and loved it) so I was fascinated by this story about the girl the book was based on.

Sally and La Salle—he used the alias “Frank Warner” at that time—moved into a rooming house at 203 Pacific Street in Atlantic City. She called her mother on several occasions, always from a pay station, to say she was having a swell time. For six weeks, Ella Horner thought nothing was amiss—she believed her daughter was on summer vacation with friends.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a magazine editor? A day in the life.

I love tiny houses so I’m obviously all over the new HGTV show Tiny House Hunters.

Annnnnd I love non-house buildings that people turn into houses. Like this 1880’s barn!

A super sweet obituary for a family dog.

In the event that ‘lose weight’ was one of your 2015 resolutions, here are 55 tips to keep it off for good.

Rape doesn’t just happen to women and the victim doesn’t have to be likable to be telling the truth.
A victim doesn’t have to be relatable or reliable or likable or “normal” – or even a good person – for you to believe them. You can be utterly baffled by someone’s every move and still take their victimisation seriously. LaBeouf’s bizarre behaviour and his sexual violation are in no way mutually exclusive, nor are the latter and his gender. “He was asking for it.” “Why didn’t he fight back?” “Why didn’t he say ‘no’?” “He must have wanted it.” “He seems crazy.” These are flat-out unacceptable things to say to a person of any gender. In a culture where male victimhood is stigmatised as feminine and weak (toxic masculinity is, above all, an extension of misogyny), believing male victims isn’t oppositional to feminism, it is a feminist imperative.

And a few Yes & Yes posts you might have missed: 5 things to do when you fail, Quotes from our imaginary BFF Zora Neale Hurston, True Story: A nudist resort helped me love my body.

Hope 2015 is treating you well!

Web Time Wasters

How was your Thanksgiving, guys? I celebrated with my guy and his family and tried to impress all of them by bringing this. Friday I wandered around Redwing with my family eating roasted chestnuts and trying to pat reindeer.

Also! I’m looking for interviewees for the ‘Mornings In….‘ series. I’m interested in interviewing natives (rather than expats) living in:
* Latvia
* Japan
* South Korea
* The Philippines
* Fiji
* Chile
* Denmark
* Egypt
* Uruguay
* Iraq

Email me at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org if you’d like to be interviewed!

Some links for you!
I saw Amanda Palmer live a few weeks ago and she was wonderful. If you’re in the market for a good cry, this will get you started.
I’m reading this book and dog-earring like crazy. One of my favorite excerpts:
I took the one action I could think of, besides calling Bonnie and praying. I wrote Amy’s name down on a bit of paper and put it in my god box, an old Sunshine Biscuits tin that I use as a mail drop to God. “Here,” I said to Jesus, with enormous hostility, “have a go at it,” and closed the lid. 
Are you following Tweets of Old? It’s a twitter stream that gleans tiny, funny updates from real, old newspapers. Each tweet is capped off with the state abbreviation and the year it was originally published.
Two tramps with unkempt hair and rough faces were seen loitering around town Friday lunching off cheese and crackers. MO1893
If you’re looking to engender some good karma this holiday season, what if you helped buy presents for kids whose moms are incarcerated?

My friend Hayley interviewed me about my makeup and hair routine!

My friend Justine (veterinarian extraordinaire) recommended this as a cat Christmas gift and I’m getting it for everyone on my list!

Also, the cat lovers in your life need this t-shirt

This house tour is adorable and obviously it’s in Scandinavia. Of course.

I love these earrings!

And I really like this ‘double finger’ ring

A reminder that anyone we admire – writer, performer, politician – is still an actual, fallible human being.
Here’s the truth: Nicki isn’t some goddess who gets it all right, nor is any other celebrity. Onika Maraj is a human like the rest of us— including Beyoncé. (Never forget her elevator fight, the baby bangs debut or that epic tumble down all those stage stairs.)
We have to relinquish the idea that just because someone is famous, they are better than the rest of us, or have some cosmic understanding of how to navigate the world more efficiently. It’s not true.

Presented without comment: It’s not your kids that are holding your career back. It’s your husband.

I spent years as an ESL teacher and nearly everyone in my family works in education. I loved this piece about teachers and ‘that’ kid.
Your child, this year, in this classroom, at this age, is not THAT child. Your child is not perfect, but she generally follows rules. He is able to share toys peaceably. She does not throw furniture. He raises his hand to speak. She works when it is time to work, and plays when it is time to play. He can be trusted to go straight to the bathroom and straight back again with no shenanigans. She thinks that the S-word is “stupid” and the C-word is “crap.” I know.

Joan Didion, why are you so good?

Did you have an awkward conversation over Thanksgiving about being self-employed? This will help you when that happens again at Christmas.

Hope you had a lovely long weekend, guys!

P.S. I’ve got space for a few more people in December’s Network of Nice! Send me 100 words about the hookup you need or can provide and I’ll tuck you into it – sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I swooned at my dude’s movie premier and then we celebrated with a Sunday of brunch and then supper club. #gluttony.

Links for you!

I have lots of spots open in November’s Network of Nice. Do you need a hookup? Career advice, friends in a new city, want to talk to someone who’s gone through something you’re struggling with now? Or you could offer up a hookup! Share travel tips about your city, advice about your career field, or beta test your new offering or fine tune some skills! Send me 50ish words as sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

I loved this collection of posters for ladies.

I’m totally into this ‘wedding dress’ that’s really a sweater, a long skirt, and a pair of shorts.

Push pop confetti = awesome.

If you live in the Midwest and get your energy from Excel, you can enroll in their Windsource program. For less than $1 a month, you can switch your energy from non-renewable to renewable. It took me 30 seconds to switch!

Clever ways ways to scarf your hair next summer.

A sweet video of Lupita Nyong’o telling us how she maid money in college (or tried).

I loved Mariah’s tour of her little trailer!

Do you get a cold or flu after you fly? All the canned air and trapped germs aren’t good for us. Here’s how to stay healthy.

Are you sick of flashing everyone when you bike in a skirt? A nearly-free solution with two things you probably have in your purse right now.

As per the usual, Mallory Orthberg is hilarious about history.
When the time came to design their coat of arms, no one could accuse the Hohenzollerns of not knowing their own minds.
“Two Tom Bombadils, a weird-ass bird, and a bell that turns into a dress.”
The heraldist protested. “My Lords, I–”
“Two Tom Bombadils. A weird-ass bird. A bell that turns into a dress.”
So it remains to this very day.

Oh, Thailand. You’re awesome.

Organic, small batch soap that smells like coffee and has a cat on the paper. Into it.

I love the idea of buying a big box of postcards and sending them out over the course of the year. This box of cute cards would get us started.

Your daily weep: A feral cat helped a man who was homeless turn his life around.

In 2010, Bowen published his first book, “A Street Cat Named Bob — and How He Saved My Life.” It quickly became a best-seller. “My life is completely like a sort of ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ [story],” Bowen says from his flat in London. “Flipped upside down.” Bowen has gone on to write four more books — three children’s titles and a new book, “The World According to Bob.”

And a few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Picking your luxuries: a guide to living well with less, How to rock at blogging. Or life. Or both., How to cure homesickness.

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? Mine was buuuuusy! I worked some magic for Elizabeth and Maggie, took a little day trip to enjoy the fall colors and helped two good friends wedding it up. Fun!

Links! For you!

I’ve got space for two more hookup requests and heaps more hookup offers in October’s Network of Nice. Send me 50ish words (sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org) about your un-Googleable, non-promotional hookup and I’ll tell the internet all about it. If you’re launching a new product and need beta testers or want to hone some skills (in exchange for feedback and testimonials) before you launch a freelance business, The Network of Nice is a great place to start!

I love the idea of the Good and Cheap cookbook – recipes to help you eat well on $4 a day. You can download the whooooole book in pdf form here (for free!). Let’s all thank Leanne for her lovely, important work by tipping for said pdf, yeah?

Some good tips for getting through your period.

Fair-trade, ethically made, beautiful tops. Sold!


Soooo helpful: what to do you say when someone tells you about their mental health diagnosis?

Thank us for telling you.
Part of my anxiety about disclosure is that I fear having intruded upon you in some way — as if you’re going to go home and rue the day you met me, because now you have to deal with knowing this thing that I know all the damn time.
If it’s a recent diagnosis, tell us that our choice to seek the professional help that resulted in that diagnosis was a mature, brave one.
Because it is, and because we often feel that we should have done a better job of “toughing it out,” or “dealing with it on our own.”

Some thoughts about what happens when police wear cameras.

Good for Halloween (or just, you know, life)

This, too!

Did you know I’m on Instagram? Posting photos of myself in no makeup and camping? Let’s be friends!

Idea for every photographer I know: barter your photography skills for room and board as you travel around the world. Shantanu has been doing just that for 27 months!

Love this! 3 ways to start making your life feel like an adventure.

Real talk: your problems aren’t as complicated as you think.

Because, for real, it (whatever your “it” is) can be simple. Which, hold up, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be EASY, but easy is overrated and comfort is often the opposite of greatness, so let’s just all agree that being who we want to be takes work and that sometimes that work feels impossible and frustrating and sometimes we lay on the floor and cry for no reason. Yes? Okay. But the fact that things might be hard doesn’t mean that they need to be complicated. 
And that’s our problem: we overcomplicate things.

Two books I’ve been loving: Americanah and The Happiness of Pursuit. So good!

A guitar-playing cat at 0:30

I’m totally into this pendant made from …. concrete?

Have you ever been swayed by a pushy salesperson? Here’s how to stand your ground.

Considering going freelance? 5 things to do before you go it on your own.

Yes! 10 foreign words we need in English! (“komorebi (n)The sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees.”)

WWEWD? (What would Elle Woods Do?)

Impressssive! DIY concrete countertops!

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: 10 things blogging has taught me6 Pulse-Quickening Places To Find Inspiration, How to stop being a pessimist.

Web Time Wasters!

How was your week, guys? I had The Most Fun catching up with friends from New Zealand and introducing them to the wonders of Minnesota. This weekend, I’m in Wisconsin meeting up with a friend who moved to Chicago. When I found out that Wisconsin has a desert (!!!) I decided we obviously needed to see this place that also happened to be half way between our cities.

Enough about me. What about you, internet? 

I’ve got space for three month hook-up requests in August’s Network of Nice. What do you need help with that’s not Google-able?

I am so insanely jealous of Kyla’s new pet.

A little story about maintaining a friendship across time zones and international borders.

Yes! 5 epics ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Cute! A DIY glitter mason jar.

Jordan relocated for the summer, away from her home and all her ‘stuff’ and is finding it surprisingly easy. I loved this post:

It feels good, and I didn’t expect it to. Kendrick turned to me in bed last night and said, “It’s weird; you seem so relaxed out here and I was expecting you to be so panicked.” I am. And it’s not because we’re “settled in”; I feel more relaxed than I did even before I found out we were moving. At home, it seems like my days so often get tangled up in a haze of plans and rushing and things I have to do and people I have to see and stuff.

Here, all we have to do is be with each other, eat when we’re hungry and swim when we’re hot, work when it’s daytime and sleep when it’s night. There are no throw pillows on the bed, so it takes only moments to make in the morning. There are no plants that need watering, or pipes that need fixing, or rooms that need decorating. I don’t have different-sized bowls or specialty knives or a cheese grater, and so I make whatever food I can, and it’s easy and tastes pretty good and that’s all that any of us cares about. 

Aren’t these time machine care packages a great idea? Such a good gift for a friend celebrating a big birthday.

Isn’t this clock adorable?

Carly’s been teaching at a school for special needs kids for five years and now she’s helping them raise money to buy a bus. By doing silly things on camera!

I can’t believe someone thought of this cookbook before I did.

Are these pants worth $168?

Is something more important because it can be measured?

YES. What I Instagrammed vs. What Is Really Happening.

Related: are we friends on Instagram?

Things to eat/bake/cook: frozen desserts, frozen raspberry champagne, braised radishes, fire shots.

I loved this story about people actually talking to strangers and how if affected their day.

Dr. Epley and Ms. Schroeder found that when one person took the initiative to speak to another in a waiting room, both people reported having a more positive experience. Far from annoying people by violating their personal bubbles, reaching out to strangers may improve their day, too.

I’ve heard such good things about this app – pity it’s Iphone only!
What do you think of these temporary tattoos
I need this print for this winter. And a cheeky photo for any of your friends who are moving away.

Such a cute phone case!

Nobody says, “Everybody has a pleasant laugh.” Nobody says, “Everyone is athletic to somebody.” Nobody says, “You are an amazing writer, whether you know it or not.”
Beauty is the only trait that everyone gets free access to. Why?
Because we have created a culture that values beauty above all other innate traits… for women, at least. Men are more often valued by their success, which is seen as a result of talent and hard work, despite how much it depends on luck and knowing the right people.

Web Time Wasters

What’d you get up to this week, guys? I ate and drank in lots of backyards and found time to fit in two matinees – Maleficent (so good!) and Obvious Child (also so good!) It finally feels like summer is here For Real and I’m looking forward to eating my weight in cherries and corn on the cob and wearing sundresses every day for the next three months. 

Links for youuuuu!
I’ve got space for three hook up requests and innumerable hook up offers in July’s Network of Nice. Get at me!

I always hoped that if I got on Buzzfeed it would be because I wrote or created something amazing (like, you know, a cat calendar) but a sponsor post devoted to my genetically-inherited hair color? WHATEVER I’LL TAKE IT.

I loooooove reading about people’s morning routine! Why is it so fascinating?!

My morning routine is currently eighteen tasks. It didn’t start this way.
It started with flossing my teeth after showering and marking on the wall calendar that I did. One thing. If I forgot, I’d run up to the bathroom and floss as soon as I remembered.
Once the flossing habit was established I added an additional task: clean my glasses. Same process; cross it off on the calendar once completed, do it immediately if I realized I hadn’t yet.

Looking for a pretty app that will help you share your photos and stories?

Perfect t-shirts, made in America (that aren’t American Apparel. Yuck.)

An outfit I could never pull off but love nonetheless.

Aren’t charcoal beauty products awesome/weird? The fact that they’re black somehow makes me think they’re more effective. Here’s a roundup of eight.

Oh, good question. Should you splurge on vacations or a nicer home?

Daaaaang! Life coaches, don’t quit your day job. What they don’t tell you in life coaching school.

Love this! How to strike up a conversation with anyone.

So often, we end up having a one-sided conversation with some of our favorite shop clerks, baristas and receptionists. They say something along the lines of, “Hi, how are you doing today?” and we reply, “Great, thanks.” Then: crickets. We’re completely guilty of this when we’re in a hurry or our minds are elsewhere. However, for the sake of being present and slowing down our busy lives, we’re all trying to respond with “Great, thanks. How are you?” instead.

I loved these photos of prom couples. So sweet and awkward!

Did you know that the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art just made hundreds of images Creative Commons?!

Animals photo bombing. Of course.

We can all agree the price on these jean shorts in THE STUPIDEST, right?

Reminder: you can ask for what you want.

Related: what happens when a high school student asked a famously reclusive, interview-averse star for an interview in the school newspaper? This.

I don’t care what the fashion police say. I love these and I will wear them forever and ever, ahem.

Before you say you’re “so OCD” when what you really mean is “I’m organized and prompt” I’d encourage you to read this.

Hooooooly helpful. A million ways to repurpose content.

This skirt isn’t right for my body type, but I’d like you to buy it, wear it, and report back. The color is to die for!

Wisdom, as always, from my friend Alex: How to diffuse conflict (almost) instantly — and get angry people to calm down + be cool.

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