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Web Time Wasters

I CANNOT GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD. Like, I wake up and there it is.

How was your week, guys? I did lots of ‘been putting it off forever’ work, got a haircut, took part in the March For Science and housewarmed a friend’s home. Lovely!

Awesome stuff from a few of my sponsors

Did you know you can have your tarot cards read over the internet? WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE. Danai has great readings on Instagram and Facebook for the woo-woo among us.

If you’re a lady who travels, you’ll love Tracy’s stuff: Her book (60 Ways To Die In South America), her advice on making friends while traveling alone, and her envy-inducing story about riding horses in Mongolia.


Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I did my monthly DIY writing retreat at an amaaaaazing goat and alpaca farm/Airbnb in rural Wisconsin. I also coffee-d and dinnered with friends I hadn’t seen in ages, hosted Passover for 15, and then Easter brunched. As my friend Kathleen says “Wildly productive + living the dream.”

Awesome things from a few sponsors:

Krista writes good, important, accessible things about love, intimacy, and sex. 10 keys for living shamelessly and How to heal with pleasure are two of my favorite pieces.

YSTR curates beautiful capsule wardrobes – all ethically made – AND SENDS THEM TO YOUR DOORSTEP. Cheap? No. Gorgeous? Yesssss!


Web Time Wasters

What’d you get up to this week, friends? I helped a friend celebrate her birthday, took Loretta on a few dog play dates, took part in Dine Out For Somolia and attended a brunch + clothing swap. Busy! Lovely!

Also! Since Earth Day is April 22nd, every single sponsor in my sidebar produces or sells ethical fashion or beauty products. I’m so excited to get to know these brands better and introduce you guys to them!

Awesome things from a few of this month’s sponsors

Did you know that 100% Pure products are 100% natural and 100% cruelty-free, all products are completely, 100% free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other toxins? Also: I love this lip color and doesn’t this blood orange body butter look amazing?

Nisolo leather goods are a) gorgeous b) support fair wages, benefits, safe working conditions, and local artisans. These sandals would be perfect for summer and this bag is on my ‘if I’m ever rich’ shopping list.


Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I popped into the Healers podcast (episode forthcoming!), hosted my mom for a night on her way down to Florida, and as you read this I’m in Kansas City on a week-long road trip to visit a friend and cross a few things off my New Things List.

On my way back to Minnesota, I’m spending the night in Maharishi Vedic City, IOWA (!!!) a planned community based on “a system of building called Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design architecture. This ancient Indian system of architecture and city planning is said to promote happiness, peace and prosperity for its occupants.” You can follow along on Instagram to see how that goes 😉

Awesome things from a few of my sponsors

Christy Tending‘s work is always great, particularly during our current political climate. I particularly love Joy Is An Act of Insurrection and Lovingkindness: an antidote in times of hate.

I could just link to Xandra’s blog and say READ IT ALLLLLL, but I particularly love How to write an ‘at the very least’ list and The top 5 minimalist things I do.