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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I popped up to Calgary for three days of fun, intense work with two of my favorite people. I snuck in a visit the the Calgary Tower and stood on those terrifying glass floors 626 feet above the street. Gross/awesome.

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Many of us what to shop ethically but it can be weirdly hard. Stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx mix the ethical brands in with the sweatshop stuff … and then what? Do we stand in the middle of the aisle, feverishly googling? MadeFAIR makes it easy. Everything they carry is both gorgeous and ethical! Look at this vegan candle! And this pretty skirt!

I’ve been freelancing for 5+ years and I wish I could travel back in time and buy this freelance-specific planner for my 2012 self.

Carolyn’s art is affordable, accessible, and looks gorgeous pretttty much anywhere. Carolyn, if you sent me a copy of this print, I wouldn’t be mad about it. Okay, this one, too.


Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I took my first of six ‘Intro To Ballet’ classes, attended an amazing themed birthday party, and sent thank you notes to the political heroes of this week.

P.S. The doors for Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is close at 10 pm CST tomorrow night! Here’s what Alanna says:
“I don’t know if you realize the magnitude of what this course does, Sarah. It literally retrained 36 years of thinking. I’ve taken every financial and budgeting course imaginable, but none of those courses get to the root of the issue like this course. It has more than paid for itself!” BLUSHHHHH

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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? I spent most of the week with friends in Florida, hanging at the beach, taking selfies in front of hedges, and attempting to read the news slightly less than normal. This was …. somewhat successful? I mean the not obsessing over the news part?

Also! I’m running two free, live classes this week! The class is called 5 Ways To Add More Money & Happiness To Your Life and, uh, NOT TO BRAG, but last time I ran this, one attendee quite literally used the hashtags #iclapmyhands #impeccabletiming and #mylifeischanged to describe it. See?! Register here

Links for you, dear reader.


Web Time Wasters

How are you doing, friends? I’ve spent most of the week refreshing the news, eating my feelings, going to protests, and leaving messages on my senators’ voice mail yelping “NBD, Al, the future of democracy hangs in the balance!!”

So. There’s that. How are you guys holding up? What are you doing to resist this terror? The Daily Action texts are a good place to start.

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Web Time Wasters

How are you doing, friends? How are you feeling about this whole man-who-talks-about-grabbing-pussies-who-lost-the-popular-vote-by-3-million-and-mocks-a-disabled-reporter-as-president thing?

I spent yesterday at the Minnesota women’s march. I’ve followed my own advice and set up on-going donations to organizations that support causes that are important to me. I use Countable to let me legislators know how I feel. Here’s what we do next.

If you’re not sure where to start, I love Rachel’s sage advice: “You don’t need to do everything. You just need to do something.”


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Wise words from Meg on femininity: “We can cuss like sailors and hug like angels.” And a great reminder for our current political times.

Sara is one of those rare humans who’s managed to combine art + spirituality + business. Simple tips to grow your email list + making a crystal creativity grid. <- did not know that was a thing till now!

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Web Time Wasters

It’s been A Week, hasn’t it? I’ve been so distraught by our government, Kenny’s been forcing me to think of one positive geopolitical thing every day.

So far my answers have been “Cory Booker,” “Al Franken,” and “The fact that Obama was a two-term president.” “…(silent screaming followed by whispered expletives) …”

So now I’m self-medicating by visiting my parents and seeing my BFF of 20+ years.  She’s home for a week and it’s a pretty rare that we’re both in Aitkin at the same time. We’re celebrating by doing all our favorite things: eating at the diner, sitting in her mom’s hot tub, shopping at the local thrift store.

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If you resolved to shop more ethically in 2017, MadeFAIR is for you. It’s beauuuutifully curated and right now everything is 30% (!!!) I particularly love this top, this necklace, and this tote.

And if you (like most people) resolved to be healthier this year, you need to know Valerie. She can help us undo the damage of an over-indulgent holiday season. She can  also help us treat ourselves and de-stress (without eating a giant bowl of carbs)!