4 Things You Always Find At Thrift Stores + Cool DIYs to Make With ‘Em

I’ve been a voracious thrifter for ages.  I’ve been pawing through racks of second hand clothing since plaid and high-waisted jean shorts were cool – the first time around. (You can read my thrifting tips here and here.)
These days I don’t thrift as much because, well, I don’t need anything.  I’ve got all the cute dresses and vintage t-shirts a girl could want! (Or at least, as many cute dresses as a girl who hates having excess stuff that she doesn’t use could want.) Every time I pop into a thrift store I see shelf after shelf of the same items – there are always piles of vinyl records, dishes, silk scarves, and hardcover books.  These items might not be too exciting in their current state, but with some elbow grease and creativity, they could be amazing!Click on the photos to see how to make these adorable things!


Hardcover books

Silk scarves




Do you have any favorite DIYs for things you find at the thrift store?  Leave links in the comments!

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This is super lame and not really a DIY, but I find really good plastic containers with good lids at the Salvation Army all the time. For some reason those things are really expensive in New Zealand. I have now graduated from storing my bulk lentils in plastic bags, to storing my bulk lentils in containers with lids. Not fancy, but still awesome.


I buy odd tea cups/coffee cups all lthe time. I find them useful both for serving but also for mise en place (I adore mise en place when I'm in a cooking mood)

Crafty Lulu

I am addicted to vintage pyrex and other dishes. I haven't done a whole lot of DIY stuff but they are so pretty and just make me happy. Plus I like to think about the former lives of all the stuff I find.


Lovely ideas. In Estonia it's more common to find clothes in thrift stores rather than dishes, records, books. However, sometimes one gets lucky. 🙂

Creole Wisdom

I love this. You know thrifting is always a fun time 🙂 I never seem to purchase books because I don't know what to do with them exactly. Thanks for the great ideas on those 🙂


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