Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Gifts That Don't Suck

This is a vintage post from deep in the Yes and Yes archives. You'll see a few older posts popping up over the next few weeks - after 3+ years of blogging, I'm attempting to take some time off!

So we've established that we loving giving non-stuff gifts, right? But sometimes, the holidays call for something a bit more stuff-ish than non-stuff. And I don't know about you, but I would rather gouge my eye out with a grapefruit spoon than deal with the mall this time of year.

So DIY it is! But we don't go in for macaroni necklaces and god's eyes here at Yes and Yes. No, sir. Here are some DIY gifts that don't suck.

For the ladies in your life
For kiddos
  • This mobile proves that nurseries don't have to be a mess of teddy bears and ruffles.
  • I have fond memories of making these scribble cookies as a child. And fighting the urge not to eat them.
  • You know how you give a kid a million dollar toy and they spend the next hour playing with the bubble wrap? These simple and cute toys fill that same need.
  • These finger puppets are too cute for words.
  • Stuffed animals made from your old sweaters.
For your lover

    For animal nerds
    For your traveler
    • Help your traveler find their luggage faster with these cute luggage tags
    • Being abroad during the holidays can be hard. Record a cd of you and your friends rehashing funny stories. Your traveler can put it on when they're feeling homesick.
    • Hardcore backpackers swear by stuff sacks, little nylon bags used to divide backpack contents. Lucky for you, they're super easy to make.
    For anybody cool enough to be getting a gift from you
    What are your favorite DIY gifts?  Leave links to awesome projects in the comments!


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    2. What? attempting to take some time off!?
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    3. DIY gifts most definitely don't have to suck!! I've been doing an (ongoing) series of DIY gift guides with lots of ideas for different people in your life. In order to not spam you with links, I'll just leave you the links to a couple, and the rest are linked from there.
      Gifts for the Nester:
      For the Fashonista:
      For the Techie: