15 Things Every Woman Should Own

This is a bit of vintage Yes and Yes from deep in the archives. You’ll see these older posts popping up a bit this holiday season – for the first time in 3+ years of blogging, I’m attempting to take some time off! 

Now that I’m officially in my Early Thirties, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about what it means to be an woman. I mean, like, a real grown up lady. I don’t mean woman in the support-top pantyhose, minivan, white wine spritzer sense of the word. I’m talking about being a female who is in possession of all the knowledge, skills and paraphernalia that she needs to make her way in the world. Here’s what I want in my proverbial toolkit:


  1. The perfect little black dress

    Cliche?  Yes.  Still useful?  Also yes.  Perfect for weddings, cocktail parties, graduations, walking on the beach after any of the above with the cutie you just met.

  2. Shoes that cost more than a hundred bucksPreferably, they will work with the perfect little black dress, your favorite jeans and that vintage pencil skirt.

  3. A passport
    For globetrotting and impromptu tequila runs. Or maple syrup runs.
  4. A tool kit

    Because you can only hammer nails with the soles of your shoes for so long before it’s embarrassing.

  5. Electric drill

    For book shelf hanging, hanging lamps, drilling a hole into your neighbor’s apartment for better snooping. Wait. What?
  6. A vibrator

    Samantha Jones would be disappointed in any modern girl without one.
  7. A gorgeous piece of jewelry you bought for yourself
    it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to thrill you.
  8. A set of professional photos in which you look amazing
    Because we don’t usually get cuter as we age. Capture the hotness now!
  9. A hardcover set of your favorite books
    I’m working on an Anne of Green Gables collection
    and all the Kurt Vonnegut books.
  10. Engraved flask
    Mine will read Ms. Von and be filled with Suntory whiskey. What about you?
  11. A fantastic matching bra and underwear set

    you can wear it under your U of M sweats and feel smug and secretly sexy.
  12. A really good set of luggage

    I’m counting my REI backpack. But LV roll-y suitcases work, too.
  13. A bank account with enough money for a cushion
    In this economy, it just makes sense, eh? (P.S. how to save up for big ticket items)
  14. Skincare products you love

    Because you can’t hide your affinity for sun bathing sans sunscreen.
  15. A good planner

    For lists. Duh.


But surely there must be lots of other things that a grown-up girl should have in her arsenal. What do you think? What things should every woman own?image source



#13, yes! I once read an article where the woman called her emergency fund "F you money". It was independent from the savings she had with her partner and her mom had taught her to keep one. When she was in a crisis (job or brerakup), she had this cushion with which she could still be independent… of job and man! Yay! (She happened to lose her job and moved to NYC to live on her F you money for a few months. NYC had always been her dream.)


Oh my gosh, I was scared to open the "vibrator" link to Amazon, haha!! You're so funny, Sarah!

Thanks for giving me an excuse to buy a new set of luscious underwear and shoes that cost more than a hundred dollars!


Getting a passport has been on my to-do list all year. Time to put on my big girl pants and check that one off. Early to Bed (feminist Chicago-based sex shop) is AWESOME for vibrators and toys. Lots of reviews and how-tos for newbies.


#8: We don't look cuter as we get older? Are you kidding me?

There's nothing more sexy than an older, confident woman who has learned to feel comfortable in her skin. That's something young women usually have yet to master.

A mature (not necessarily *older*) woman will know how to feel good, comfortable, and real–no matter her situation and age. Insecurity is a real turn-off.

We really need to stop the myth that only men get more attractive with age. This is a key point that we feminists should embrace.


Yes to all of this! Although I would say #8 is not really age related – I think it's important to have photos of yourself that make you feel great throughout your life!

Oh and I would definitely add the perfect shade of red lipstick to this list!


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