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Friends! I just spent the last two weeks on a “blogging vacation” which was really more of a “concerted effort to learn new professional skills and platforms and watch one hundred million tutorial videos.” So. Here’s hoping all that hard work paid off – we’ll see soon!

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What are the hallmarks of your best self?

What does your Best Self look like? How do they treat other people? How do they treat YOU? Click through for 5 questions that will help you identify your best self!

It’s an overcast spring day and my friend and I are walking our dogs around Lake Nokomis. We’re drinking takeaway coffees and engaging in one of those it’s-been-too-long-tell-me-evvvvverything conversations. To be totally honest, I was busy fiddling with Loretta’s poop bags when I tuned back into the conversation and heard my friend say:

“… and those are the hallmarks of my Best Self. That’s how I knew I’d made the right decision.”

I (rudely) put my hand up and said, “Wait. Just a second. The hallmarks of your best self? Tell me more about this.”

Friends, I spend a lot of time thinking about this stuff. About what makes us happy. About how to communicate our needs. About how to chase our dreams without hating our lives.

And I’ve spent exactly zero minutes thinking about what my Best Self looks like.  These ‘hallmarks of your best self’ – how did my friend know what they were? How did she know which people, places, and experiences brought them out?

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Of course, we can’t be our Best Selves all the time. Sometime I just really want to eat rubbish and read snarky celebrity gossip. If I’m virtuous and intentional and productive for too many days in a row I get sick of myself.

5 questions to help you identify your Best Self (so you can be your Best Self more often)


True Story: I have 4 mental illnesses

What's it like to live with multiple mental illnesses? Can you thrive and success when you struggle with mental health, anxiety, depression? Yes. Click through for one young woman's story and tools she's used to treat her mental health issues.

18% of Americans experience mental illness in a given year, but what would life be like if you had multiple mental illnesses? Today Topaz is sharing her story of navigating life (and thriving!) with four mental illnesses.


Yes & Yes is taking a Summer Vacation!


It’s already August and – as per the usual – I’m haunted by the belief that I haven’t “Summered correctly.” I haven’t gone swimming enough, taken enough roadtrips, and I’ve eaten nary a snow cone. FAIL.

So I’m taking the next two weeks off to:
a) live out a life time dream of visiting Prince Edward Island
b) get a bunch of business-y stuff set up behind the scenes

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite vintage Summer-y posts over the next 15 days so if you stop by there will still be fresh(ish) content here on the Yes & Yes homepage.

I’ll still be on Instagram and Facebook during this break, probably overwhelming you with photos of beaches and Tim Hortons, so follow at your own risk 😉

See you on the 16th and thanks for making Yes & Yes part of your online life!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Your New Healthy, Natural, DIY-y Internet BFF Who Knows How To Do Everything

This post is brought to you by homemade face masks, coconut oil, the letter R, and Root & Revel

Friends, let me be honest. One of my goals in life is to be That Friend who drinks smoothies for breakfast, owns a nutmilk bag (!!!), and knows how to make, like, herb poultices.

I think my affection for coffee and pizza rolls will prevent me from ever reaching those heights so if I can’t be that friend, at least I can introduce you to Kate.

Kate is going to be the internet friend who teaches you how to DIY a charcoal and clay face mask. She’s going to serve you some amazing, delicious meal, inform you it’s actually quite healthy and you’ll be like “WHAT IS THIS WITCHERY.”

She’s going to tell you earnestly about healing her ‘leaky gut’ and you’ll think “I need to look into this! Do *I* have a leaky gut?!” She’s also going to give you a million amazing smoothie recipes that are more interesting than frozen fruit + kale.

Seriously, I think you guys will love Kate. She has amazing recipes + natural beauty and home cleaning DIYs. She’s that capable, hippie-ish friend we all need!