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2008 me, a few months after starting Yes & Yes. Yes, that’s cop in riot gear. We were trying to sneak into the Republican Convention hence my ‘disguise.’ (??)

I never thought I’d be writing this blog post.

When I started Yes & Yes, I was 28 and living in a ‘garden apartment’ (read: basement apartment with pipes hanging from the ceiling). I’d just moved back to America after five years of living abroad and, to be honest, I was completely miserable.

The job I took in St. Paul? $16,000 pay cut from my last job. My commute? Tripled. My health insurance was somehow both expensive and inadequate and my vacation time was nearly non-existent.

One time, my coworkers and I found cockroach eggs laid in the inner workings of our water cooler. Another time, someone walked off the street into our offices and stole my coworker’s purse out of her desk. In a moment of adrenaline and bad decision-making I chased him (???) and spent the rest of the morning describing the entire thing to police.

Clearly, what I needed was a blog.


9 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Do you ever have buyer's remorse? We all do! One of the best budgeting tips is "buy fewer things you don't need" Here's how! >> yesandyes.org

Pre-P.S. We cover topics like this in my upcoming free workshop Stop Buying Sh*t You Don’t Need. Join us! And if you can’t make it, sign up anyway and I’ll send you the re-play and the workbook 😉

Stop buying sh*t you don't need


Join me at 7 pm on Wednesday for a free workshop on 5 steps to end regrettable spending!

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For many years, my closet was stuffed to over flowing with cute vintage dresses, novelty ballet flats, and slightly stretched out, faded pieces of regret.

Where does one purchase regret? you ask. Well, it's for sale pretty much everywhere. Click To Tweet

It’s particularly easy to find on sales racks and in thrift stores where things are allllllmost what you’re looking for if you’re just willing to hem it, belt it, or wear a blazer over it.

(Do you ever actually hem anything? I don’t.)

If you go shopping when you’re feeling sad, tired, hungry, or celebratory it’s even easier to find. Why, I’ve purchased bags upon bags of regret when I’m in right mood!

Heavy-handed metaphors aside, we’ve all experienced buyer’s remorse. We’ve all bought things that seemed cuter in the store. We’ve all shopped in hopes that it would cure what ails us ($17 sundresses from Target rarely cure deep-seated emotional issues)

We’ve all purchased things that seemed ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in the moment but two weeks later are gathering dust, tags still on.

While my life isn’t 100% buyer’s remorse-proof, I’ve dramatically cut down on my returns and guilt-filled Goodwill donations by asking myself these questions before I make a big purchase (or a little one I’m not sure of!)


True Story: I started college when I was 13

Can you imagine starting college at 13 years old? How would your teachers treat you? Would the other kids want to be friends? One woman shares her story of starting college - full time! - at ate 13 >> yesandyes.org
I don’t know about you, but college was a bit of a shock to my system. Classes that don’t start till 11 am! Co-ed dorms! LOFTED BEDS. Imagine encountering all that at 13, instead of the usual 18 or 19. Today, Kamina shares the story of how she found herself 13 and attending university full-time. 


Web Time Wasters

Oh, friends. This week has been a DOOZY.

1. After 4+ months of prep and beta testing, I released my first ecourse in four years: Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is.

I am so, SO proud of it and I’ve seen it totally change the happiness habits + spending habits of my students. In fact, for many of them – the COURSE PAYS FOR ITSELF IN 2-3 WEEKS.

When financial experts talk about money, they almost never talk about feelings, motivations, or happiness. They don’t acknowledge that we all have different reasons for over-spending and we’re all made happy by different purchases and experiences.

When you figure out what truly makes you happy, you can create the financial habits to support that happiness – no matter how much you’re earning. Early bird pricing on Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is ends at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, so you might want to jump on it quick-like 🙂

2. If you’d like a little taste before you dive in, sign up for one of my Stop Buying Sh*t You Don’t Need workshops later this week! Or just enter your info below.

Stop buying sh*t you don't need


Join me at 7 pm on Wednesday for a free workshop on 5 steps to end regrettable spending!

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Links from some of my amazing sponsors!

Jessica is a creative powerhouse – she makes graphic novels, hosts a podcast, and has even written two textbooks! She shares all her insights here. And this post about regaining creative momentum when you’ve gotten derailed is a must read for pretty much everyone.

Riding bikes in the city stresses me out so I loved Meg’s post about bike riding for the bold soul. Also: a positive reframing of social media.


Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is – because most personal finance courses are boring and don’t work

Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is is a totally new way to look at money and happiness and where the two meet. You can probably have the life you want for less than you think - and without giving up lattes or cutting the cable
“So, uh, today my coworker asked me if you had a trust fund.”

We were sitting at our favorite booth, in our favorite diner, when my now-husband tucked this hilarious bit of information into the middle of our conversation.

After I finished laaaaaaughing and wiping up the soup I’d spilled, I found the wherewithal to ask Kenny why, in the name of all that is holy, would someone think I had a trust fund?

“She reads your blog and apparently she doesn’t think anyone without a trust fund could afford all the stuff stuff you do.”

Reader, when this happened I was earning $16 an hour.

The Cheapskate Guide To: Leeds, England

Want to travel Leeds, England on a budget? Click through for cozy rental cottages for $42 per night, $1.50 pizza slices, free pub quiz nights, and cheap beer >> yesandyes.org
Traveling on the British pound can get a bit pricey for Americans and Canadians, but today Leeds local Amy is telling us where we can find cozy rental cottages for $42 per night, $1.50 pizza slices, free pub quiz nights, and cheap beer!