True Story: My house burned down + I lost 90% of my belongings

How would your life change if your house burned down? What if you lost almost everything you owned in one afternoon? Click through for one woman's store of how she dealt and what she learned >>
How would your life change if your house burned down? What if you lost almost everything you owned in one afternoon? That’s what happened to Allison and her son last January. This is her story.


Whaaaaat? Travel can be simple?!

This post is brought to you by cleverly-packed suitcases, those tiny bags of pretzels, the letter T, and Travel Made Simple.

Travel made simple! Travel doesn't have to be complicated. Promise. >> yesandyes.orgtravel-made-simple

Did you know ‘travel more’ is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions? Who among us wouldn’t like a little adventure and exploration in their life? Travel expands our horizons, teaches us new skills, strengthens relationships, and gives us opportunities to eat cacio e peppe in the shadow of The Duomo.

But we all know that, right? We know travel is awesome and life-expanding but it is also OH GOD SUCH A HASSLE.

Friends, please meet Ali. She’s gonna teach us how to make travel simple.


She’s going to teach us how to bring a carry-on onto any flight (did you know carry-on sizes vary from airline to airline and country to country?!) She’s going to help us figure out if our layover is long enough. She’s going to help us plan a fun, easy week in Italy.

And she has a jillion great resources on her Pinterest boards! Go have a peek, fellow travelers. Travel is about feel soooo much more doable!

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2 Email Tips That Make my Business Happier + More Successful

Can email tips make your business more successful? Or improve your work/life balance? I think so! These two email tricks have helped me bring in thousands more dollars and like my job better while doing it! >>

“How could email tips possibly make my business more successful, Von Bargen? Are you drinking nail polish remover? Again?”
“Riiiiight. The way I organize my email affects my happiness. LOL NO.”

Is this what you’re thinking, friends? I get it.

There are about a million ways to make your business more successful (like creating content that does the networking for you).

And there are about a million ways to be happier in your business (like tracking your efforts, not your accomplishments).

But two of my favorite, most effective ‘business tricks’ come in the form of 2 email folders.

Yes, seriously.


Mini Travel Guide: Haida Gwaii

This written-by-a-local travel guide for Haida Gwaii is filled with tons of great travel tips: where to eat, the best hikes, the best camping sites and B&Bs. Perfect for people who love off-the-beaten track travel and the Canadian exchange rate! >>
When Allison emailed me, offering to write a travel guide for Haida Gwaii I was like “[fevered Googling] Yeah! Totally!”

You haven’t heard of Haida Gwaii, either? NBD it’s just the Galapogos of Canada, recently featured on Lonely Planet and National Geographic as one of the top places to travel. And if you live in the states, that American to Canadian exchange rate is currently working in our favor!

Read on for the best places to hike, where you can see whales, and the best restaurants for eating roe on kelp!


True Story: I’m a mermaid!

A sweet, interesting interview with a mermaid! One woman shares her story and where she gets her tails and how she really swims with them! >>
Last summer I planned part of my 9,000-mile roadtrip around a visit to a mermaid bar. I’ve seen the Weeki Wachee mermaids and the Denver Aquarium mermaids. So when Carla emailed me I couldn’t interview her fast enough! If you, too, are a fan of mermaids, this post is for you.