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How was your week, guys? We looooved every second of the nearly perfect weather, eating every meal outside and walking/biking everywhere. I also helped two friends celebrate their birthdays and watched my 13-year-old stepson shred his way through Sharp Dressed Man at his School Of Rock-esque summer band camp.

3 things of note!

1. For a loooong time the ‘pin it’ button on my posts hasn’t worked particularly well. You might have tried to click on it only to have it disappear beneath your cursor. No more! All my stuff is easy to pin now! Thanks be to Kim!

2. I still have plenty of space in June’s Network of Nice! If you need a un-Googleable, non-promotional hookup (friends in a new city, education or career insight, etc) drop me a line!  sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

3. July 1st is the official midpoint of the year! If you want a bit of help getting back on your goal-chasing wagon, you might enjoy my free workbook Get What You Want. Over on Facebook Live, we’re working through it together.
Day 1: Figure out what you want
Day 2: Nail down WHY you want what you want
Day 3: Own what you want (and tell people about it)
Day 4: Getting past excuses and self-defeating B.S. 

Now! The best stuff on the internet! For you!


If you love health + wellness but haaaaate marketing, this is for you.

This post is brought to you by soul-centered, totally doable business advice, a healthier bank account/business, the letter M, and Soulful MBA

Soulful_MBA_branding2soulful mba
Have you ever wondered if god missed you when he was handing out ‘business savvy’?

You got plenty of creativity, lots of drive and passion, but that whole marketing thing? The self-promotion bit? That missed you.

I hear this all the time from creative clients and people who work in health, wellness, and the most soul-centered arts. They don’t want to worry about social media! They don’t want to think about growing their list! They just want to teach yoga classes and show people EXACTLY how transformative kale is.

If that sounds like you, you should check out the Soulful MBA program. It’s a monthly membership community for small business owners like yoga teachers, studio owners, health coaches, nutritionists, fitness and pilates instructors, and anyone who dreams of growing his or her wellness business online.

It combines tactical trainings that teach you the HOW of online business within a warm and engaged community of your peers. If you do healing work in the world and have dreamed of scaling your business online, it’s for you.
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They cover topics like 9 Reasons Why You Should Create a Facebook Group for Your BusinessHow to use Social Media to Promote Your Online Yoga Classes, and Building Authenticity Into Your Social Media Strategy. And let’s say it again: It’s a monthly membership. You don’t have to spend $500 dollars all at once! You can just try it for one month and see if it’s a good fit for you!

And they’re even giving Yes & Yes readers 20% off! Try it for a month – what do you have to lose?

I offer two sponsored blog posts each month. If you’d like to get your stuff in front of 12,000 daily readers, check out my rates and info here or drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (d0t) org and we’ll get you started!

15 Awesome Articles For Your Blog + Business

Looking for blogging tips or small business advice? I rounded up 15 of the best articles and posts I read this month. Tips on social media management, working with blog sponsors, and low-tech ways to get more business! Click through to read 'em! >> yesandyes.org
Before we get to those links: 4 things!

1. I only offer 12 Secret Weapon consults each month. I’ve got space for 2 more in July if you’re interested! I’ve helped clients triple their newsletter signups, reduce their bounce rate, and increase social media followers by up to 60%! You can read more about it here.

2. In case you missed it, I’m currently running my once-a-year free mini site reviews! Just fill in this tiny form and when you get my email, reply with your url. I’ll take a peek at your site and send you three, specific-to-you suggestions!

3. Next week I’m running the June Network of Nice. It’s a space to request and offer ‘hookups’  and it’s a great place to beta test offerings or give out a bit of free work to get testimonials and fill out your portfolio! If that sounds interesting, email me at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org with your hookup offer and I’ll tuck you in!

4. I’m over on Facebook Live today talking about how to get what you want + figuring out the why behind what you want. (If you know the why, it’s a lot easier to maintain motivation and enthusiasm for your goals!)

Business + blogging links for you!


2016 is half over. Is it turning out how you’d hoped?

On July 1st, 2016 is officially half over. If you'd like help recommitting to your 2016 resolutions, or just some productivity tips and goal-setting tricks, this will help! >> yesandyes.org

It terrifies me to tell you that 2016 is officially half over.

Well, ALMOST half. According to the robots at Google, July 1st marks the official halfway point of 2016. And I don’t know about you, but I’m NOT EVEN CLOSE to where I thought I’d be at this point.


The Truth About Work Life Balance and How To Get It

Are you searching for work life balance? Who's not?! It's not necessarily easy - and it's not for everyone! - but here are 4 epiphanies that have helped me work less and enjoy my life more. Click through to see if they'll work for you >> yesandyes.org
When you hear the phrase work life balance, do you:

a. want to reach through the computer and strangle me for referencing lifestyle blog/self development cliches
b. imagine an Instagram photo of a thin blond woman doing yoga on the beach
d. circle all of the above

Me, too.

Very few of us have lives that are perfectly divided into work and play. Maybe you work 60 hours a week and never see your partner. Maybe you’ve got an amazing social life but you’re working a dead-end job. Maybe you’re in perfect shape … but you spend so much time training for marathons you never see your non-running friends.

Work life balance isn’t necessarily easy and – honestly – it’s not for everyone! But if you’d like a bit more play than work (or a bit more work than play) read on for 4 epiphanies that have helped me find more balance in my life.