Your Daily Dose Of Happy In Internet Form

This post is brought to you by less negativity, more happiness, the letter R, and the Resilient website

As much as I write about happiness – how to find it, how to get people to share theirs, how to stop crowding it out – I am not the only expert on the subject. Nay! I am but one of many!

Katie at Resilient wants to help you find more happiness, too.  She wants to show you how to make a ‘happy box’ for bad days and teach you self-care. She wants to guide you through a 30-day negativity detox and share an inspirational quote or two.

Katie’s writing is helpful, honest, and bite-sized. Perfect for a lunch-hour pick me up or sitting-on-the-bus inspiration. Pop over and check her out!

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How to take a summer vacation from your blog without losing all your traffic

Want to take a blogging break? Put your blog on vacation? You can do it - without losing all your traffic! Click through to find out how!
It’s one of the robin’s egg blue summer days. I’m kicked back on a swap-shaped floaty, taking sips from a water bottle that does not, in fact, contain water. I turn my face to the sky and thank the internet gods for blessing me with a job that allows me to take Beach Days.

Juuuuuuust kidding! I’m actually typing this in dirty jean shorts while I drink room temperature coffee and turn up the air conditioning by two notches.

When you own a business, it expands to fill the space you give it. It can creep into your evenings and weekends. It can creep into Date Night. It can creep into perfect July afternoons that would be better spent someplace sandy.

If you, too, are suffering from Too Much Blog Not Enough Beach, never fear! I have a solution for us! Let’s put our blogs on vacation!

How to take a vacation from your blog without losing all your traffic


True Story: I Took A Vacation To Chernobyl

Would you ever want to travel to Chernobyl - the site of a nuclear disaster? As crazy as it sounds, Chernobyl tourism exists! Click through if you're interested in visiting!

Would you want to spend your limited vacation days at the site of a nuclear disaster? Would you ever travel to Chernobyl, like, on purpose? I might! And it turns out, I’m not alone!

Today, Jenni tells us all about her trip Chernobyl, Ukraine.