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How was your week, friends? My car rather unexpectedly shuffled off this mortal coil, forcing me to cancel the 2.5 week roadtrip I’ve been planning for months. Weep! Since I was planning to travel over the July 4th holiday, car rental prices are prohibitively expensive. Like, two-months-of-rent expensive.

I like to buy cars with cash (yes! really!) so I’ll be tweaking my saving/earning over the next few months while getting a looooot more familiar with my bike, Minneapolis’s public transport system, and my husband’s car. If any of you are a one-car family (with kids) or car-free, I’d love to hear your tips!

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Whip Up a Service-Based Business in a Weekend (in 4 steps!)

Looking for service based business ideas? Start here! You don't need fancy branding or an expensive website. This basic, incredibly helpful small business advice is great from bloggers and entrepreneurs!

What’s a service-based business? And how do you come up with ideas for one?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! A service-based business is a business where you work directly with clients (usually one-on-one) exchanging your talent/expertise/time for their $$$. If you’re a coach, a consultant, a designer or a photographer, you have a service-based business!

No matter your skill set, it’s hiiiiighly likely you could use those skills to create a service-based business. Today my friend Courtney (of The Rule Breaker’s Club fame) is helping you figure out how what type of business you could launch. Pop over and learn more about package up and sell your talents in a signature service!


We pay for our choices with the lives we lead

Do you pay for your choices? How do you habits show up in your daily life? What we do every day become our daily lives ... so let's choose accordingly.

It’s 2004 and Chung Li, Taiwan is hot and muggy. As per the usual. I’m choosing to celebrate the weather by living in flip flops and sundresses. I’m swapping out my full-faced scooter helmet for something lighter and breezier and significantly, uh, less protective.

Meanwhile, the brakes on my scooter have been squeaking and requiring more squeezing than usual but I’m choosing to put off the repairs till my monthly paycheck comes through. My commute is short! I rarely drive faster than 15 mph! IT’S FINE.

I imagine, dear reader, you can see where this is going. Can you see me tootling along the street on my way to work, thinking about my lesson plans for the day? Can you see the black Mercedes cutting me off and me tumbling into the street in my cotton dress? Can you see the hospital and the stitches and the scar tissue?

Perhaps I should have chosen a different outfit. A different helmet. To get my brakes fixed.


True Story: Breathwork Changed My Life

What's breathwork? Can it change your life? If you're looking for meditation tips or help focusing, this interview is for you!
Soooo, what’s the deal with breathwork? If you run in hippie or self-development circles you might have heard of it. And if you – like me – are less inclined towards woo-woo stuff, you might be a bit skeptical. Which is why I brought in Michelle to talk about it!

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? It was a heart breaking week to be from Minnesota. As I’m sure you heard, the officer who shot Philando Castile was found not guilty on all counts. We like to think we’re pretty liberal and evolved here in Minnesota but clearly we have a long, long way to go. If you’d like to help and you’re not sure how, you can start by setting up a monthly donation to one of these organizations that works for racial equality.

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Talking About Money Is A Gift To Everyone Around You

Not sure why you should talk about money - especially if you HATE talking about money? Financial conversations are super important! Click through for 4 reasons why you should have them + how to talk about money!

We’re at that point in the dinner party when we’ve moved from the dining room into the living room. Everyone’s on their third glass of wine. Shoes are off. I’ve given up trying to make my hair look decent. It’s the messy top knot part of the evening, ya know?

I’m admiring my friends’ new house and expressing envy over the woodwork. “It’s crazy to think we own a house now!” the husband laughs.

“Well, actually, your parents own 20% of this house,” the wife says good-naturedly. “And the bank owns the other 80%.”

We all laugh a little awkwardly and the conversation moves on because OH GOD WE ALMOST TALKED ABOUT MONEY. But I want to stand up and cheer.

I want to hug my friends and high five them and thank them. In the space of two sentences that wife did more for her dinner party guests than she could ever realize.

In two sentences, my friend essentially said: “It’s okay if you haven’t saved up the $50,000 necessary to put a down payment on a house in Minneapolis. You’re not doing anything wrong if – between school loans, 401ks, and health insurance premiums – you haven’t been able to sock away that much money. You’re not failures. You’re not doing it wrong.”
Honestly, talking about money is a gift to everyone around you. Click To Tweet

Why you should talk about money (even if it makes you uncomfortable)