Read/Eat: Caraway Seed Cake from ‘Jane Eyre’

recipe Jane Eyre

I always believed it was a foregone conclusion that everybody loved Jane Eyre and wants to power through it in three days. But maybe not? Today our resident reader/cook Ben tells us his feelings about our favorite governess and the cakes she ate!


Your New Summer Jam + August Ad Space

Dudes, roll your windows down, put on your jean shorts, and prepare to sing loudly at the stoplight while pointing vigorously. I found our new Summer jam.

Also, let’s talk about ad space. I have some and you might want it. Why? It’s suuuuper effective. Look!


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For $90, you + your stuff are featured in a blog post, in my sidebar, and on social media! Read more about it here or drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org and we’ll get you started!

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For $350 you get:

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Going in, I was having a “I totally need a VA if I’m going to keep pulling this off” moment and now I feel completely grounded and un-overwhelmed. From May to June, my subscribers have taken a huge leap, which is super exciting, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

– Christy Tending, Christy Tending Healing Arts

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True Story: I have Vaginismus, the ‘sex is always painful’ condition

I have Vaginismus
What if sex was always, always painful for you? What if you couldn’t even use a tampon? How would you navigate dating or deal with your period? Today, O shares the story of how she’s navigated life with Vaginismus.


15 Super Helpful Articles About Blogging, Business, and Online Life

A roundup of helpful, useful blogging links! How to harness envy, get more Instagram engagement, growing your list and much more! Click through to read 'em >>

Friends! How’s business this month? I took on an exciting new project that’s very different than what I usually do and headed out to Portland for a three-day creative retreat with some of my favorite people.

I sorted through the internet and found the best, most helpful articles about blogging and business for you!