The Cheapskate Guide To: Cape Town

Cape Town is gorgeous and so, so affordable if you're on the dollar or pound! South African Sarah tells us about boutique hotels for $15 a night, $7 three course meals, and $2 per winery wine-tastings! Not to mention the beaches and penguins! Click through for all sorts of helpful, interesting travel suggestions! –

Sure, it costs a bit to fly to Cape Town, South Africa but once you get there? The exchange rate is ever in your favor. Today, South African Sarah tells us about boutique hostels for $15 a night, breakfast for $1.25 (!!!) and wine tasting for $2 per winery. I have never been so tempted!

True Story: I met my husband on Twitter

Where do you meet nice guys? If you're Ali Garland, you meet your husband on Twitter ... and then move to Germany to be with him! Click through for Ali's romantic story!

Where can you meet a nice guy these days? If you’re Ali Garland, you meet your husband on Twitter! Today, Ali talks about Skype before webcams, saying ‘I love you’ before you meet in person, how to meet ‘strangers from the internet’ for a romantic week in Prague.


Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I popped up to Calgary for three days of fun, intense work with two of my favorite people. I snuck in a visit the the Calgary Tower and stood on those terrifying glass floors 626 feet above the street. Gross/awesome.

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Many of us what to shop ethically but it can be weirdly hard. Stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx mix the ethical brands in with the sweatshop stuff … and then what? Do we stand in the middle of the aisle, feverishly googling? MadeFAIR makes it easy. Everything they carry is both gorgeous and ethical! Look at this vegan candle! And this pretty skirt!

I’ve been freelancing for 5+ years and I wish I could travel back in time and buy this freelance-specific planner for my 2012 self.

Carolyn’s art is affordable, accessible, and looks gorgeous pretttty much anywhere. Carolyn, if you sent me a copy of this print, I wouldn’t be mad about it. Okay, this one, too.


11 things that are great for your blog, brain, or business

Blogging tips, social media advice, and business tips - all in one place! Click through for a great roundup of resources!

For the first time since November, I’m taking Secret Weapon clients! Would you like to book a session?

Maria says:
“I’m an expert marketer. I thought my online space was working pretty well for me, but wow – Sarah’s recommendations  helped me set-up a well-oiled machine to attract more traffic, revenue and fans. I love that she packages everything up in lists of Quick Fixes vs. Longer Term Efforts. She makes it super easy to knock out her suggestions and I’ve already made more progress in the last three weeks than I did in two years of trying to figure this out in my own head. If you want to stop the overwhelm and angst of growing your audience, just do everything Sarah says. Seriously!”

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Mini Travel Guide: The Bahamas

Traveling to The Bahamas, tips, things to do, places to go.

Ahhh, who doesn’t daydream of laying on a tropical beach? You’ve got a cocktail in hand, hot guy in tow, a cool ocean breeze, and cerulean ocean waters as far as the eye can see? Of course, when we picture this we dream of far off places in the south Pacific. Less often imagined, however, is the stunning island nation of the Bahamas just 100 miles off the coast of Florida.


True Story: My Husband Used To Be A Woman

What if your wife told you she needed to be a man? This is the sweet, important, amazing story of Anna and Nick, her trans husband. Click through to read the whole thing

What would you do if you fell in love with a woman who told you she needed to transition into being a man? Would you stay? Leave? Remain best friends but split up?

My friends Anna and Nick are a testament to true love. This is their story