Wanderlust Workbook

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How would it feel to finally take that trip that you’ve been talking about for years

To spend weeks poking around hot, interesting foreign cities.

To wake up when you’re ready (not when the alarm goes off).

To learn Thai well enough to negotiate the price of your motorcycle rental + order your curry how you like it.

Many of us fantasize about long-term travel but we don’t know where to start.

Managing all those visas, booking flights, saving money, dealing with your worldly belongings – it’s incredibly intimidating and totally overwhelming. So a lot of us don’t do it. We make excuses or make do with two week trips.

We can do better than that. Let’s make your travel dream happen.

I know how to travel long term because I’ve done it. Multiple times. On five separate occasions (!!!) I’ve sold everything I own and moved to a new country. If I can do it, so can you.

In fact, I really want you to do it which is why I wrote this book.

For $15 you get 12,000 words, 16 worksheets, an audio version of the book, and  1-year plan to make your trip happen.

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Blush-inducing Praise

  • I’m an experienced traveler and I can tell you that this book is comprehensive. I really appreciated that Sarah addressed the culture shock that can accompany coming home! Reading this book will help me plan a long trip while I keep freelancing and running my business. – Rachel Kurzyp
  • This book is so useful! I am in LOVE with the year out checklist. There is so much information in this ebook that it’s nice to see everything condensed down into a quick reference guide so you can keep tabs with where you need to be by a certain time. There were so many a-ha moments and tips – think I’d never have thought of on my own! – Brandi

  • So comprehensive and the worksheets are a treat! You give some very valuable advice on planning for the blues, settling back in and even having your finances in order when you get back. I wish I would have read this before I took my big trips! – Carmia

  • This book is essential ready for anyone planning a big trip. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed just trying to get started, this book helps make it more of a possibility. I loved the one year travel plan; as a big planner myself, this book has helped me organize everything and feel as prepared as possible. – Tiff

  • This is a great resource for anyone dreaming about taking their first big trip. All the information is set out in a logical and reassuring manner so instead of being all over the place in a panic, you can get your shit together. I also really liked that your advice isn’t US-specific but applies to people from most Western countries! – Kathryn

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In 12,000 words we cover it all.
Even better? There are 16 print-’em-out, fill-em-in worksheets that will help make this trip a reality and a 1-year breakdown of what you need to do and when.

We’ll cover:

  • Where you should go
  • What you should do when you get there
  • How to get a leave of absence from your job (Failing that, how to increase the possibility of getting a job when you return)
  • How to save money for your trip
  • What to do with all your stuff
  • How to deal with nervous parents or negative nay-sayers
  • How to deal with financial issues while you’re traveling
  • How to deal with medical issues while you’re traveling
  • Getting visas
  • How travel through non-English speaking countries
  • Having an awesome time while you’re traveling
  • Dealing with ‘real life’ once you get back

 Just think! For less than the price of a Target sweater or an entree + drink you could start planning a life-changing, memory-making adventure. What are you waiting for?

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