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Real Life Style Icon: Mustafa of ‘Astute Atire’

This is one of many Real Life Style Icon interviews in which we talk to smart, funny people who also happen to be terribly stylish. Then we forward this post to the dudes in our lives with a subject line of “HINT HINT.”

Name: Mustafa Kacar
Age: 29
Location: New York, NY
Online haunts: blog // instagram // twitter // facebook
Three reasons that you’re awesome:
1 – I know 8 different stylish ways to knot a scarf!
2 – I am a craft coffee connoisseur
3 – I once wore the same pair of white jeans 5 days in a row without staining them!


What are you wearing right now, as you type this?
As I’m typing this I have grey jeans from Uniqlo, a navy turtleneck sweater, and fleece slippers I like to wear at home.
What is the last item of clothing you bought?
Last item I bought was a grey wool tie from J.Crew.What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?

It’s actually an accessory. I really want the Cavalier chestnut leather duffel bag from Ghurka! Would be perfect as I’ll be traveling to Europe at the end of the month for about 3 weeks.


Tell us about a favorite childhood memory about your clothes.
My favorite childhood memory about my clothing involves my mother teaching me how to iron at the age of 6!
What is your best thrifting score?My best thirfting score came last winter as I thrifted a grey cashmere Armani herringbone blazer. It’s a staple item in my closet as it’s super versatile and looks and fits amazing.

Could you tell us your top three style tricks/DIYs?

1 – Homemade pocket squares out of bandannas
2 – I avoid huge parkas and down jackets by simply layering. People underestimate how much layering can help you stay warm and looking stylish at the same time.
3 – I like to thrift vintage coat buttons and convert them into lapel pins for my blazers and jackets.

Thanks so much for sharing, Mustafa! Which male fashion blogs do you guys follow?  Any suggestions for future dude Real Life Style Icons?

How To Juggle A Day Job + Freelance Work + A Blog + Life

Looking for freelance tips? Or side hustle advice? The truth is: it's hard to do it all and there isn't really a magic solution. But these self-employment tips will help! Click through to learn 9 ways to make working for yourself easier

Dear Sarah,

I am right now working on my own website and trying to cobble together a little freelance writing business. I was just wondering if you could speak to HOW YOU DO ALL THE THINGS? And HOW YOU DID ALL THOSE THINGS WHILE ALSO WORKING FULL-TIME?  I frequently look over my To Do List and there’s like eleventy jillion things on it. I mean, writing that list is exhausting enough. And then DOING it? And THEN trying to get clients to find me, let alone HIRE ME?!
– Lauren

Oh, girl.  I hear you.  For those of you who don’t know, when I first started Yes and Yes, I worked full time as an ESL teacher. Back then I taught, blogged seven days a week, and took freelance clients. Now I ‘just’ blog seven days a week and take freelance clients.  It’s way easier.


How to juggle a day job, freelance work, and everything else.

1. Opt for quality over quantity

You probably knew that already, right? But it bears repeating.

It’s better to have two amazing freelance clients, who are a joy to work with, whose work you can proudly include in your portfolio than 10 clients who hassle you.

It’s better to write one perfectly optimized, SEO-ed, lead-generating post per week than five “I just need to get something up!” posts. It’s better to learn how to navigate one or two social media platforms really, really well – rather than fumbling your way through all of them.

If you're looking for permission to do less and to do it well, this is it, <3 Click To Tweet

2. Write less, promote more

I blog seven days a week because I have So Many Things To Talk About, but you totally don’t need to! Create an editorial calendar (Tuesday and Thursdays at 6 am, for example) and stick to it. Write two great blog posts each week and then promote the sweet bejesus out of them.

Because of how we use social media, it’s possible to tweet about something seven times over the course of a week without anyone really noticing or getting annoyed.  I would suggest writing different tweets each time or using different images for Facebook updates.  This will keep things fresh and attract different people.

3. Stop writing everything on your blog yourself

On Yes and Yes, I have four post series that I don’t write myself – True Story interviews, Real Life Style Icons, Mini Travel Guides, and the occasional guest post.  On this blog, I host bring in experts to write about topics I know nothing about.  These posts cross pollinate my readers with my guest posters’ readers, bring in fresh content, and save me tons and tons of time.

4. Schedule everything

Devote a few hours at the beginning of the month to scheduling. Take yourself on a DIY writing retreat and write all your content for the coming month. Schedule client invoices. Use Hootsuite to schedule Twitter and Facebook updates.  Use Boomerang to schedule emails.  I love being able to schedule things months into the future and then forget about them!Life changing.

5. Lovingly and diplomatically establish boundaries

If you live with roommates or have a partner, make sure they understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your freelance career.  Don’t let them guilt trip you into a night out when you’ve got a deadline.  Don’t tolerate any “You’re no fuuuuuunnn!” BS.

Before you sign a client, share your ‘collaboration guidelines.’  If you’re months into a professional relationship that’s not working, take a look at these great scripts that will help get things back on track. 

6. Get seriously productive

Make lists, use the Pomodoro technique, download Leechblock.  Turn off your phone and gchat.  If you remember an important task and it’ll take less than five minutes, just do it now.  It’s worth freeing up that brain space so you can stop thinking “Oh, right!  I have to remember to send a follow-up email to that editor!”

7. Realize you’ll have to make sacrifices

Know that in order to make this happen, you’ll have to miss some parties.  You might have to pull some all-nighters.  Maybe you’ll have to give up your $5 coffees.

For the first two years of Yes and Yes, I spent every lunch hour, every weekday, networking with other bloggers.  That’s 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 2 years.   If my math is right, that’s 375 hours that I did NOT spend picnicing in the park or trying the good Thai place down the street. But now I get to picnic all I want!

8. Cut a few corners now and then

You’re going to be really busy getting your career going.  That doesn’t mean you should drop out of the rest of your life, but it does mean you might have to cut some corners.  Buy something at the deli to bring to the potluck, buy gift cards in bulk for Christmas, buy a case of wine so you won’t have to stop at the liquor store every time you’re invited to a dinner party.  Resist the urge to drink all the wine yourself.

9. Remember that you have a life outside of work – and your work will probably suffer if you drop out of your life

As busy as you are, make time for your friends, family, and partner. Get outside. Unplug. Go to art galleries and concerts and costume parties and stupid movies.  If you don’t give yourself a chance to recharge, you won’t have any energy to take over the world.

How do you guys juggle it all?  Any apps/platforms/techniques I’m missing?

P.S. How to enjoy work (even when you’re busy and kind of overwhelmed) 

photo by Oliver Thomas Klein // cc

Real Life Style Icon: LuAnne of ‘Weesha’s World’

This is one of many Real Life Style Icon interviews in which we talk to smart, funny, stylish ladies.  And then befriend them so they’ll lend us clothing.

LuAnne D’Souza
Age: 26
Location: Dubai, U.A.E
Online haunts: blog // twitter // facebook


Three reasons that you’re awesome:
I am proof that contrary to popular opinion, fat does not equal to ugly.
I have my own sense of style and tend to do my own thing no matter what other people think.
I know that above all else, it’s heart that matters the most so I try to be the best human being I can be.

What are you wearing right now, as you type this?
An elephant print kaftan from Sri Lanka, it’s perfect for crazy Dubai summers!

What is the last item of clothing you bought?
My most recent purchase was my first pair of Jeffrey Campbells, they were on sale at Solestruck and I’ve wanted a pair for ages but they were always out of my budget. They’re the Perfect Spikes, I’ve been daydreaming about the outfits I can wear with them!

What is the item of clothing you love most at the moment?
I’m very emotionally attached to this frilled wrap skirt my mom got me from Dorothy Perkins when I was 16. It’s bright red and somehow manages to fit me through all my weight fluctuations. It is still a stylish piece 10 years later. I’ve worn it for a lot of memorable occasions and I always feel amazing every time I wear it.

Tell us about a favorite childhood memory about your clothes.
I cringe at all the clothes from my childhood! I only found my sense of
style when I started high school, everything before that was my mom’s
taste. I do have some fun memories of prancing around the house in my
mom’s high heels when I was a kid, I also used to secretly try all her
costume jewelry like those big clip on earrings from the 90s.

What is your best thrifting score?
We don’t have thrift stores in Dubai! How sad is that?

Could you tell us your top three style tricks/DIYs?
I stick to a colour palette consisting of a maximum of three colours or it’s too much. That is just my personal opinion.
Confidence is everything! I’m always being told I wear outfits that a lot of plus size girls would not wear, I know I can rock almost anything because it all depends on your style, not your size.
Style is self expression so have fun with it! I love wearing clothes that make me feel awesome, even if other people don’t always get it.

Thanks so much for sharing, LuAnne!

Real Life Style Icon: Lisa of ‘Respect The Shoes’

This is one of many Real Life Style Icon interviews in which we talk to clever, funny, fashionable women.  And then we distract them with something shiny (or some cheese) and raid their closets.


Name: Lisa
Age: I am almost twenty-FAUX!
Location: Georgia
Online haunts:  blog // facebook // pinterest

Three reasons that you’re awesome:
Oh gosh, so many things to list (haha!)  Here’s some random awesomeness:
1) I’ve got the personality of Gumby – I’m pretty easy-going and ready for anything!
2) I actually enjoy cooking, especially prep work. You want someone to chop the veggies or stir the sauce, I got it.

3) I have a black belt in Google kung fu; I can look up pretty much everything.


What are you wearing right now, as you type this?
Denim shirt, madras shorts, flip flops – I am all about comfort in my off-hours.

What is the last item of clothing you bought?
first pair of Jack Rogers thong sandals found on sale and in bright
pink! I admit, they are not that comfy, but I’ll make them work.

What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?
The Alexander Wang rocco satchel with the studded bottom – in tan or black with the gold studs. It’s been out for a few years now and I’m too cheap to bite – but I still lust for it!

Tell us about a favorite childhood memory about your clothes.
parents totally created my childhood tomboy persona!  I remember a
family portrait when I was about four with a mop of short curly hair,
wearing denim overalls, a rainbow-striped long-sleeve polo and white
tennies. For some reason, that outfit made me feel awesome!

What is your best thrifting score?
Does Ebay count? Because that’s as close to successful thrifting that I’ve ever gotten. I’ve scored tons of previous season Anthropologie and J.Crew items for cheap on there, loads with the tags still on them.

Could you tell us your top three style tricks/DIYs?
I don’t know if these are “tricks” per se, but when I put together ensembles, I consider gingham and stripes to be neutrals, so it lends to a lot of interesting combinations. I am also all about pattern-mixing as long as the pieces are in the same color family and there’s only one dominant pattern. And when in doubt, belt it – sounds simple, and it is, but belting has helped me create the waistline I don’t have. As for DIY – I wish!

Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa!

Real Life Style Icon: Catherine of ‘Not Dressed As Lamb’

This is one of many Real Life Style Icon interviews in which we ferret through the closets, minds, lives of super stylish bloggers. And then we trick them into being our friends. In other news, I want to dress like Catherine once I stop living out of a suitcase. Or learn how to walk in heels.

Catherine Summers
Age: 39¾ – my blog was started on my 39th birthday as a one year countdown to my fortieth birthday.
Location: Devon, England (I’m originally from London though).
Online haunts: blog // pinterest // asos fashion finder

Three reasons that you’re awesome:
If it’s not too big-headed to say…!

1. My lovely followers make me feel awesome. I love the fact that I’m inspiring them in the same way I’m inspired by all the amazingly stylish bloggers out there, who are ultimately the people responsible for improving my style no end. I love to get to know other bloggers and build friendships.

2. I would describe my style as eclectic, but erring towards Preppy with an Edge. Hopefully I’ll always be wearing something a little surprising!

3. The most awesome comment I’ve had on my blog recently was a Sex and the City reference: she said my style looked like Charlotte had raided Carrie’s wardrobe – she summed up my ideal style perfectly! Any comparison with SATC is so flattering.

What are you wearing right now, as you type this?
A lot of bright colours and pattern: floral jeans layered with an embroidered navy dress, bright pink t-shirt and a pistachio green cardigan.

What is the last item of clothing you bought?
I had a mini splurge in the clothing section at my local supermarket: two sweaters – one with peach and salmon stripes, one ombre blue – and a printed scarf-style top in mint and peach. All super cheap but very on-trend.

What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?
I’m desperately trying to get hold of another pair of mint chinos I’d already bought about a month ago which were the perfect fit and colour. The first time I wore them, I dropped a bottle of orange nail polish which smashed and emptied the contents all up one leg. I was so upset I cried, as they were totally ruined! I’m having problems getting another pair in my size 🙁

Tell us about a favorite childhood memory about your clothes.
When I was 10, my then 19 year-old sister bought one of those piecrust collar Princess Diana blouses and I thought it was beautiful. Following this sudden desire for something fashionable, I had a fit at my poor mother because I thought I wasn’t allowed to wear trendy clothes. This wasn’t true of course – I just hadn’t shown any interest in fashion (as opposed to dressing up) before. My dear sister went out and bought me an almost identical blouse… and it absolutely made my year. And cemented my love of fashion 😉

What is your best thrifting score?
I got three vintage dresses from one eBay seller recently – two 60s/70s maxis and a 80s fruit patterned day dress. I’m a demon on eBay – good luck anyone who chooses to bid against me! I’m still waiting for the weather to warm up to wear them.

Could you tell us your top three style tricks/DIYs?
1. Don’t be afraid to experiment: mix every colour and pattern under the sun (and break all the rules in the process).

2. Think of hair, make up and nails as accessories. I’ll always consider what hairstyle suits an outfit, and I try to co-ordinate my manicures with what I’m wearing.

3. Finally, to know for sure whether an outfit is working, always take a quick photo and study the photo, not your reflection in the mirror… you can’t be objective in the mirror for some reason. Before doing this, on several occasions I’d walked around all day wearing a particular outfit that I’ve then photographed for the blog, and only realized then that they looked dreadful. A quick photo first thing in the morning would have avoided that!

Thanks so much for sharing, Catherine! 

Real Life Style Icon: Kate of Scathingly Brilliant

This is one of our (semi-regular) interviews with real life style icons – pretty, smart, awesome ladies whose closets we want to raid. 

Say hi to Kate of Scathingly Brilliant!

Name: Kate Gabrielle
Age: 25
Location: Earth
Online haunts: blog // shop / twitter

Three reasons that you’re awesome:
1. I can wiggle my eyebrows and make them dance to music
2. I am unbeatable at Clue
3. I can recite the children’s book “The Fish Who Could Wish” from memory

What are you wearing right now, as you type this?
A cream colored lace dress with a gray v-neck sweater and black tights.

What’s the last item of clothing you bought?
This dress. The colors and pattern make me so happy! I can’t wait for it to get here!

What’s the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?

is absurdly specific, but I really, really, really want a dress with a
classic 50’s fit and flare shape in an all-over photographic print
fabric. It’s eluding me, though, so I might end up making one myself!

Tell us about a favorite childhood memory about your clothes.
lived for mismatch day at school! Once a year in elementary school, you
wore the craziest combination of prints you could possibly concoct. It
was so much fun! I think grown-ups should have a mismatch day, too!

What is your best thrifting score?
The thrift stores in
my area carry mostly 90’s polyester power suits and mom jeans, and
charge twice what they were worth 20 years ago… so my thrifting scores
are usually etsy or ebay scores! My all time favorite find is this mint green vintage 50’s dress with a matching bow belt that was only $20 on ebay!

Could you tell us your top three style tricks/DIYs?
1. Wearing things backwards! Once you remove the tag, almost anything is reversible!
2. Tucking dresses into skirts! It’s especially perfect for dresses that are too-short or too-tight on the bottom.
3. Bright lipstick. Whenever I’m feeling blah, bright lipstick never fails to pick me up! I like hot pink now, but I had quite an affinity for blue when I was a pre-teen. I hope desperately that no pictures exist to prove this, though!Thanks so much for sharing, Kate!