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True Story: I work for NASA

What’s it like to have a job at NASA? To work AT MOTHER LOVING MISSION CONTROL?!!! How do you not get one million ulcers? How often do people make ‘rocket scientist’ jokes at you? Today, Sarah Ruiz is telling us all about her 14-year career at NASA and the truth about weightlessness. Obviously, Sarah’s interview answers are her own and not some official statement from the National Aeronautics And Space Administration.


True Story: I write erotic novels

Interview with an erotica author

What’s it like to spend your workday coming up with euphemisms for sex acts? How does that affect your own sex life? And do you tell your parents? Today, erotica author Linda Mercury is telling us all about it!


True Story: I’m a professional voiceover artist

voice over artist
You might not recognize Sarah’s gorgeous face, but you might have heard her in a McDonald’s commercial, in movie promos, or yelling at you in your favorite video game. Today, she’s telling us how she fell into this career, the weirdest sounds she has to make as part of her job, and how she takes care of her voice! (more…)

Why You Should DIY A Creative Mastermind Retreat + A FREE step-by-step plan for how to do it!

Have you ever wanted to go on a professional retreat? Or take part in a mastermind group - but they're really expensive? You can DIY it! I DIYed my own creative mastermind retreat with 4 friends with February and is was CAREER CHANGING. Click through for a full step-by-step plan on how to coordinate your own retreat >> yesandyes.orgHere’s a fun fact about me: I hate networking events and I (almost) never go to professional conferences.

I love meeting new people and devoting big chunks of time to deep-n-meaningful conversations about life/work/money/creativity.  But I don’t want to have those conversations in hotel conference rooms and I don’t want to drop $1,200 on a ‘Mastermind Group’ full of people I don’t know.

In February, I coordinated my very own retreat with Kathleen, Sarah, Kyla, and Katie. If you’d like a step-by-step plan for how to do that yourself, I wrote you this free guide.

If you need a bit more convincing, here are 6 reasons why you should DIY a creative mastermind retreat:


True Story: I dropped out of my PhD program to sell lingerie

dropped out of PhDHow far is it from academia to lacy underthings? Maybe not as far as you’d think! Four years into her PhD in English Literature, Jeanna walked away from the academic world to sell pretty underwear (though, of course, it’s not quite that simple or straightforward).