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Web Time Wasters

It’s been a lovely week here at The Good Ship Yes and Yes – in the race the cross the boarder into Laos I was beaten by a large black goat with a bell around it’s neck.  I saw some waterfalls, some temples, got a $5 massage, ate lots of baguettes and did not eat any frogs, maggots or crickets.  Tomorrow I take one bus and two planes to Kuala Lampur where I’m interning with the Malaysian edition of CLEO!

Some fun from the internet this week!

Alex Franzen shares all of her incredibly useful websites, apps and tools that she uses to keep things running smoothly. I didn’t know about a lot of these!

Ryan Gosling is one of my top five celebrity boyfriends and apparently everyone in the blogosphere agrees. An interesting (and academic) take on why girls love him so.

I’m obsessed with living in a converted space – so I’m obviously all over this converted plow factory

Did you know that I’m quietly obsessed with Ugg boots?  They’re like slippers!  That you can wear outside into Minnesota’s half-year of never ending winter! Subscribe to this Ugg boots  newsletter for a chance to win a pair.  Or if you’re impatient/unlucky use the code 1439YES for 10% off.

Things every blogger (and blog commentor) should know: Online Etiquette and Ethics

For the voyeur in all of us! Closet Visit peeks into the closets of LA most stylish ladies

If you’re a beer snob, may I point you in the direction of Slow Buzz?  My BFF and her genius chef husband are starting a brewery!  Impressive, eh?

Tour de Fork is an Italian company that makes reusing food waste artful and kind of gorgeous! (I love their orange peel hanger)

Advice from uber-blogger Maggie Mason A 12-Step Program For Successful Content Campaigns.  Thoughts on pitching to your passion and knowing your worth!

Do you know The Minimalist?  The NY Times food writer?  His 25 favorite (fairly simple) recipes
Gorgeous, vintage-y i-phone apps that make every text message look like a Victorian valentine!If you’re a Type A Virgo like me who has trouble relaxing, may I suggest Donothingfor2minutes?  (there’s a timer and wave sounds!)

Oh my.  The male models at fashion week give the ‘best’ pick up lines from their respective countries.

Extremely important.  Can you train a cat like a dog?  I once had a cat that would fetch pen caps!

Incredibly interesting!  The delicate relationship of employer/employee – Indian women who clean up before their maids get there and don’t fire them when they steal things!

If you’re lazy but virtuous, six charities that you can help from the comfort of your couch!

As we’ve established, I think smart girls are sexy girlsTop 10 Tricks and Tools To Train, Exercise And Better Your Brain

I’m totally into these gorgeous, refillable, reusable bamboo notebooks.

All work and no play = regret.  Find Time For Your Personal Life and Get A Handle On Your Out-of-Control Work Schedule.

Hilarious! The Babysitter’s Club – Where Are They Now?  (I always liked Claudia the best!)

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Web Time Wasters

I think that chapter in Grapes of Wrath needs to be re-written.
(Nerdy English-major humor! Anybody? Anybody?!)
Friends! How was your week? I finished up my short stint teaching English to sex workers (which lead to some veeeeery interesting flashcards, ifyouknowwhatimean) and now I’m heading to Laos for five days. I’m fantasizing about riding a bicycle through rice paddies to hidden temples and reading in a hammock.

Though I’m sure the trip will also involve riding in vans with bad suspension on dirt roads and attempting to mime “I’m a vegetarian.”

Fun things from the interwebz!

Super Interesting! How the rest of the world exercises – badmitton, group calisthenics and billiards? Personal sidenote: when I taught English in Taiwan I was expected to lead 15 minutes of choreographed morning aerobics for 3-6 year olds. We obviously had to dance to Beyonce’s ‘Crazy.’

I do love a fashion spread based on a theme. Zodiac-based fashion!

In the event that you wanted to decorate your flat (or dress) in the style of The Big Lebowski...

I’m not sure if it’s true, but the thought is super depressing – well-educated, successful women have a hard time finding equally awesome guys?
The daily routines of famous people! (Simone de Beauvior liked to start the day with tea and would work until 9 pm, Stephen King needs to have everything organized in the same place before he can start writing)

Free download of ice-breaker tags
to encourage mingling at your next dinner party!

The Lives They Lived is the super interesting obituary section of the New York Times. You’d think it would be depressing, but it makes me want to live as life exciting enough to validate a write up like this!

Awesome. Ten charities that deserve ten bucks

Cold weather is no excuse! Plans for an adorable winter picnic

Wow. Ifitweremyhome compares lifestyles (and life quality) of any two countries. If I’d been born in New Zealand instead of the U.S., I’d spend 63% less money on health care, have 4% more free time and experience 19% less of a class divide. But I’d also make 41% less money.

Type A, Over-organizer, Virgo alert! Super awesome plans (with free downloadables) for making your own daily planner.

The Chinese president visited the white house and wanted a “quintessentially American meal” and this is what the White House came up with. Thoughts?

Useful! How To Self-Promote Without Being A Jerk

And in other news: I am totally, totally, totally obsessed with this song. Totally.

Web Time Wasters

It’s been a lovely, quiet-ish week here at the temporary headquarters of Yes and Yes (and by ‘temporary headquarters’ that I mean ‘the couch in my friend’s living room. or the chaise lounge next to the pool’). I visited an all-white temple, got swoopy bangs from a hairdresser who doesn’t speak English, ate a lot of amazing food and remembered how much I love Asian 7-11s.Next week I’m heading to the Laos border to work with Empower to teach English to sex workers. Interesting stuff!

Fun stuff from the interwebz!

I don’t know about you, but my dorm room featured inflatable furniture and a Pez dispenser collection. Maybe I could have taken some cues from this insanely stylish dorm room.

Homemade beauty treatments to treat all your winter woes.

Sooooo important! Teaching college students who are about to enter a shaky job market how to manage their money.

Since I’m in Thailand, it’s probably warm enough to validate purchasing every single one of these awesome stripey tops.

I love this sweet, pastel, Grandma-y room.

Dear America, You Cannot Wear Your Pajamas At All Times.

So interesting! A fashion model turned porn star compares the two industries. (The video itself is safe for work, but you might feel a little bit weird frequenting a website called ‘fleshbot’)

10 Ways To Get Fit On A Tiny Budget

To My Wife
= Cute. To My Husband = keeping it real (and funny and sweet)

If you need a gorgeously laid out website with 52 great ideas to help you keep your “Be Healthy” resolution, here it is!

Hmmm. What’s It Like To Be Mrs. Hugh Hefner?

I wish we were all better (and more comfortable with) talking about money. 20 Personal Money Practices That Got Me To A Place of Grooving Prosperity

Advice for an over-working, under-funning 25 year old.

How did I miss this? An old post on Jezebel about envy-inducing bloggers who seem to live dream lives. Thoughts?

Inspiring! How I Quit My Day Job – from (now) pro-blogger and web designer Kyla Roma.

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Web Time Wasters

It’s been raining most of the week here in Bangalore, which means I’ve been:

1) reading a lot (how good is The God of Small Things?!)

2) getting my palm read (a man with exposed chest hair and a headband asked for my phone number and free English classes and then told me I’d be married twice, have three children, live to be 89 and be successful at business)

3) getting a $14 manicure/pedicure/facial. However, that also included two power outages, soaking my hands in a pink plastic bucket and my Buddhist manicurist saying “Tell me something nice about Jesus Christ”

4) volunteering with a new, younger bunch of kids. They are incredibly sweet and one of them looks just like Arthur.

But let’s talk about awesome stuff from the Interwebz!

Have you heard about The Sabbath Manifesto? Unplugging and reconnecting for a weekly day of rest? I love it.

Downtown from behind features photos of NYC’s mover’s and shakers cycling through the big apple – all shot from behind.

Oh, if it were this easy. How to be fabulous in three easy steps.

I can sing the Full House theme song from memory. Sitcom songs of my childhood

I hate disposable cleaning wipes, generic contact lens solution and press-on nails. Products we hate

It’s way, way, waaaay to early but I still love J. Crew’s Spring 2011 line.

How to cope when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. And you know it’s serious business when it’s written by a Virgo!

Have you heard about Marvel’s new Spider Girl? She’s 16, not over sexualized (!) her motto is

I know this has been making mad rounds on the internet, but have you seen Anthropologie’s November catalog? Llama’s modeling necklaces, dudes.

More animal cuterie: bomb-sniffing mice. Wearing tiny harnesses!

I always kind of felt like I was a traitor to my gender because I didn’t vote for Hillary, nor did I particularly like her (her voice always seemed so damn condescending!) but in this awesome tv interview she’s funny, charming and totally sassy. Added bonus: totally adorable Aussie interviewers.

Hanging, secret-fort, tree-house-y things!

Oh you guys. Sex advice from the Double Rainbow guy. And it’s not bad!

Share any links you’re loving these days!

Web Time Wasters

In the event that you find yourself eating lunch out of the vending machine at work, why not attempt some Office Snack Gourmet? I particularly like the Tom Khaa Ramen, created from a Mounds candy bar, some ketchup packets and a box of Ramen!

These rhinestone rings in the shapes of animals are awesomely over the top. I’ll take the octopus is both black and silver, please.

I’m oddly obsessed with hanging things from the ceiling, so I’m obviously all over these Boskke Sky Planters. Herbs! In Pots! Hanging upside down from your ceiling!

Wow. This is so interesting and a little heart breaking. A photographer followed one soldier for 27 months, documenting his entire time in the U.S. Army – enlisting right after graduation, boot camp, leave, and his time on the front.

Can you name these movies, based only on six drawings and no movie stars?

What are you loving on the interwebz these days?

Web Time Wasters: Easter Edition

What are your plans for Easter weekend, you guys? I’m getting a fancy, non-$13 haircut on Friday, going to a zoo-and-curry date on Saturday and meeting up with my aunt and grandma for a lovely Sunday in a little historic town on the Mississippi. I have high hopes that I will get some sort of basket and that everybody will give me the black jelly beans that they don’t want.
If you’re lucky enough to have a long weekend or are feeling overwhelmed by all the family and candy that accompanies Easter, why not sneak away and peruse these links?

* Easter DIYS! Make your own marshmallow peeps! or marbleized Easter eggs!

* So pretty! So useful! If you are engaging in any publishing endeavors and are struggling to sift through all the flickr creative commons photos, this color selector tool with

* I love MightyGoods round up of Easter Baskets for Grown Ups. I’ll take the egg cups and the bird warblers, please.

* If I didn’t work next to an Asian grocery store and spend my lunch money on pockey sticks and Vietnamese sandwiches, I’d be alllll over this Office Snack Gourmet: How To Turn Junk Food Into Something More

* Have you read about David Sedaris’s experience attempting explain Easter to his classmates in French? Hiiii-larious, of course.

* Remember cassette tapes? Yeah, they were awesome. I still play them in my car. Here’s a great collection of belts/toys/dresses/bags made out of old tapes.

* When scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson classified Pluto as a non-planet, he didn’t expect he’d get hate mail from third graders. “Some people like Pluto. If it doesn’t exist, they won’t have a favorite planet anymore. Please write back, but not in cursive. I can’t read cursive.”

* Fantastic! Start your day in 33 different ways

* A fascinating read on hair extensions made from human hair – from Indian temples to Lady Gaga’s head.

* I know you’re already reading the hipster puppies tumblr, right? Riiiggght?

* 10 Tips and Tricks for Making Your Stuff Last Longer – clothes, food, batteries, etc!

* Let’s talk about gardening. I’m thinking herbs, flowers, peppers, tomatoes. Here’s a great article on which vegetables grow best in window boxes and balconies.

* I’m alllmost finished with Operation Fancy Lady Closet (glass drawer pulls! mirrored trays! artfully displayed stuff!) and now I really want to try this DIY jewelry holder bust.

* I’m in love with the fashion blog My Edit. Nearly everything she wears is thrifted and she puts it all together in a way that is somehow stylish/sexy/grown up/bo-ho-y … which is a market I’d like to corner.

What links are you loving these days?