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Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I took myself on my monthly writing retreat and introduced a friend-of-a-friend to some of the glories of Minneapolis. This weekend, Kenny and the boys are away and I am glooooooorying in having the house to myself!

Links for you

Sometimes I feel like I’m not a ‘good entrepreneur’ because I always have (and always will) prioritize my Actual Life over my business. But Susan gets it.
Yes, absolutely, sit at your computer and write, coach, email clients, do your work, whatever your work may be. Work diligently for, say, 4-6 hours. If you focus intently, you can accomplish a lot in 4-6 hours. And then stop. Enough. Take a walk. Make a smoothie. Watch an episode of Outlander. Watch two. Drive across town to that museum you’ve always wanted to visit. Pack yourself a picnic basket and eat outside on a blanket under a tree. Remember what “outside” feels like? Remember trees? It’s nice out there. 

Have heard of Brandless? Everything is $3 and much of it is organic, non-GMO, or vegan! I’m intrigued!

If you’re in the Twin Cities and you’re affected by DACA, you should know about Navigate MN and the Volunteer Lawyers Network.

Real talk: How to become a grown up.

Does September make you want to hunker down and “get serious” about, well, everything? Did you know that I put together a secret library of ebooks and workbooks that will help you plan better trips, manage your money better, make more friends as an adult, etc etc etc? And it’s $0? Access it here.

A cookbook I’m excited about.

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Fun fact! There was time in American history – not that long ago! – when the rich said no to getting richer.
Romney didn’t try to make every dollar he could, or anywhere close to it. The same was true among many of his corporate peers. In the early 1960s, the typical chief executive at a large American company made only 20 times as much as the average worker, rather than the current 271-to-1 ratio. Today, some C.E.O.s make $2 million in a single month.

What if we could solve our relationship problems by getting more sleep?

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Dream home: found.

An etiquette guide to receiving nudes without being an asshole about it.

I think this is true! We’d all be better communicators if we weren’t so afraid of embarrassing ourselves.

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend!

Web Time Wasters

A gorgeous video with a bit of NSFW language

How was your week, friends? I took Monday – Wednesday off for my birthday; we stayed in a barn silo converted into an Airbnb! Then we came home and I mostly spent the week refreshing the news and buying things off this Houston recovery Amazon wishlist.

Links for you:

For me September feels like another January … which means it feels like decluttering season. I loved Kat’s questions to ask yourself while you’re decluttering:

Does it have familial or personal value?
Does it have historical or collector value?
If it has historical or collector value, do I personally like it? Or should I sell it? Is it even worth anything?
Do I really need 20 pairs of shoes? Do I wear them all?

OHGODYES: Worrying is not an action step.

Flattered to be included in the Jumpstart Your Joy podcast’s big season two finale show!

I’m vegetarian and Kenny isn’t. I loved this roundup of Twin Cities restaurants that meat-free and meat-lovers will both love.

Reminder: Absolutely no one has it all figured out.

What’s it like to get married where the catering is a pretzel vendor?

This is the obituary of my friend’s father. What evidence of a life well-lived!

Ha! The summer bucket list of a 35-year old woman.

4 rituals that neuroscience proves make you happier.

FASCINATING. Apparently, “mistress dispeller” is a job in China.
His clients are women who hope to preserve their marriages by fending off what is known in Chinese as a xiao san, or “Little Third”—a term that encompasses everything from a partner in a casual affair to a long-term “kept woman.”

The real reason women drink.
The longer I am sober, the less patience I have with being a 24-hour woman. The stranger who tells me to smile. The janitor who stares at my legs. The men on TV who want to annex my uterus.

I’m in the process of writing my next New Things list and I’m adding ‘make fire cider‘ to it. Have you every tried it?

Oooooh! Don’t these Korean beauty products look great?

Web Time Wasters

A song apparently 37 million people have heard that I’ve never heard before?

Welp, this week was terrifying, wasn’t it? On Tuesday I returned from a week in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, realizing my lifelong Anne of Green Gables dreams (you can see photos here), but none of that really matters when our president is a bigot and a racist.

So before we dig into links-as-usual, I wanted to share these two posts:

1. White feelings 0-60 for Charlottesville
2. 8 ways to help after Charlottesville

A few things from my lovely sponsors

Oooooh, a good reminder/check-in from Loha: Are you living your life on purpose or by default? And could you do a 21-day forgiveness challenge?

If you ever think unkind thoughts about yourself (re: are alive) you should read this post from Corinne. Also: don’t quit. Rest.