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Is your love language ‘someone else planning the trip’? MINE TOO.

This post is brought to you by your bucket list, your unused vacation time, the letter W, and Whisked Away

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love researching flight prices? Do you love wading through hotel reviews? Do you enjoy spending hours trying to decide if that snarky Trip Adviser review is legitimate or if the reviewer is just a whiny so-and-so?

No? You don’t love those things? You love the part of travel where you’re actually doing stuff? You love the “cool museum, hole-in-the-wall cafe, boutique hotel” part of travel?

Hello! Welcome to the club!

For most of us, the Being There part of travel is great, the Exhaustive Planning Part less so. And even if we do like planning, it leaves little to chance or surprise – which is often the best part of traveling!

What if someone else planned your trip for you and kept the best bits a surprise? I’d like to introduce you to Whisked Away Surprise Travel. You choose the region, the number of days, and your budget and then Charlotte plans an amazing surprise trip for you. You can choose a European itinerary, a South American trip, or a North American trip!

If you’re intrigued but on the fence, remember: “Someday” is not a day.

If you love travel and you’d love for someone else to plan it for once, I think you’ll love Charlotte’s stuff!

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Make your marketing plan easier, simpler, and actually doable

This post is brought to you by a productive autumn, a marketing plan that actually works, the letter R, and Red Slice

It’s September! Are you feeling that “Let’s get down to business” energy? That “I want to get this figured out once and for all” vibe? Yeah, me too. Autumn always makes me want to hunker down, look carefully at my business, tighten all the loose nuts and bolts.

If you’re nodding along, you might want to sign up for Red Slice’s free, 5-day Marketing MOMENTUM Challenge. It’s a great chance to strip your marketing down to its barest, most do-able essentials, end social media overwhelm, and create a marketing plan you actually enjoy using. Um, YES PLEASE.

As a side note, I can personally vouch for Maria and her awesomeness. We’ve worked together on heaps of projects, helping everyone from soloprenuers who don’t understand branding to giant tech companies who need help with company culture. Maria was one of my very first freelance clients and she absolutely knows her stuff.

Go sign up for her five day challenge! It’s free! You won’t regret it!

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What Nobody Tells You About Happy Relationships

This post is brought to you by fewer fights, more laughter, the letter m, and Modern Married. 

Have you ever tried to find resources for making your relationship Really Great? As in not just “fine” or “good” but THRIVING? There are piles of books about how to deal with cheating or divorce. But not nearly enough on how to strengthen and find bliss in your marriage.

If you have a partner and you’re done with it being “ok” and you’re ready to go from so-so to so good, then my friend Maggie is your girl. She shares such good, actionable advice on long-term relationships. She teaches her people how to argue in a way that actually results in closeness and connection. She reminds us to make deposits in our emotional bank account every single day.

No matter if you’re married, living together, or living apart and super committed – Maggie can help. I think you’ll love what she has to say!

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How To Use Pinterest To Increase Your Traffic Without Giving Up All Your Free Time

This post is brought to you by beautifully curated Pinterest boards, more traffic, the letter S, and She Can Coterie

Are you sick of me talking about Pinterest yet? About how I finally got serious about it last year? And how it used to refer 7% of my traffic but now it refers 54%?

If you’re ready to figure out Pinterest once and for all, She Can Coterie can help. They’ve got heaps of super helpful Pinterest resources and tips for the just-getting-started must haves for your Pinterest account.

And if you’re preemptively overwhelmed at the prospect of learning a new platform, She Can Coterie can just manage your Pinterest acccount for youIs that the sound of you exhaling? Yeah, I thought so 😉

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Your New Healthy, Natural, DIY-y Internet BFF Who Knows How To Do Everything

This post is brought to you by homemade face masks, coconut oil, the letter R, and Root & Revel

Friends, let me be honest. One of my goals in life is to be That Friend who drinks smoothies for breakfast, owns a nutmilk bag (!!!), and knows how to make, like, herb poultices.

I think my affection for coffee and pizza rolls will prevent me from ever reaching those heights so if I can’t be that friend, at least I can introduce you to Kate.

Kate is going to be the internet friend who teaches you how to DIY a charcoal and clay face mask. She’s going to serve you some amazing, delicious meal, inform you it’s actually quite healthy and you’ll be like “WHAT IS THIS WITCHERY.”

She’s going to tell you earnestly about healing her ‘leaky gut’ and you’ll think “I need to look into this! Do *I* have a leaky gut?!” She’s also going to give you a million amazing smoothie recipes that are more interesting than frozen fruit + kale.

Seriously, I think you guys will love Kate. She has amazing recipes + natural beauty and home cleaning DIYs. She’s that capable, hippie-ish friend we all need!

Your Daily Dose Of Happy In Internet Form

This post is brought to you by less negativity, more happiness, the letter R, and the Resilient website

As much as I write about happiness – how to find it, how to get people to share theirs, how to stop crowding it out – I am not the only expert on the subject. Nay! I am but one of many!

Katie at Resilient wants to help you find more happiness, too.  She wants to show you how to make a ‘happy box’ for bad days and teach you self-care. She wants to guide you through a 30-day negativity detox and share an inspirational quote or two.

Katie’s writing is helpful, honest, and bite-sized. Perfect for a lunch-hour pick me up or sitting-on-the-bus inspiration. Pop over and check her out!

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