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Mini Travel Guide: Canada’s Yukon Territory

This written-by-a-local travel guide to Canada's Yukon territory is full of so many helpful travel tips! Where to go, what to do, which foods to try! Click through for great travel advice >>

I have such a special place in my heart for off-the-beaten-path, rustic travel destinations. There’s a reason Mongolia is at the top of my must-visit list! So when Janelle offered to write a travel guide to Canada’s Yukon territory I was alllll over it.

If you, too, love wide open spaces, towns with wooden boardwalks and dirt roads, or foraging for berries and mushrooms, you’ll want to book a ticket ASAP.


Mini Travel Guide: Transylvania

Want to travel to Transylvania? Looking for Romanian travel tips about Dracula's stomping grounds? There's tons of great advice in this written-by-a-local Transylvanian travel guide! >>

Real talk, guys: This Transylvania travel guide got me so excited I added it to my travel itinerary for next Spring. Like, seriously. Portugal + Greece + TRANSYLVANIA!!! Of course, there’s more to this area of Romania than Dracula. Angela is a local and tells us all about renting a room in local homes, hiking through lime stone gorges, and cheese that’s wrapped in polenta with cream on top!


Mini Travel Guide: Haida Gwaii

This written-by-a-local travel guide for Haida Gwaii is filled with tons of great travel tips: where to eat, the best hikes, the best camping sites and B&Bs. Perfect for people who love off-the-beaten track travel and the Canadian exchange rate! >>

When Allison emailed me, offering to write a travel guide for Haida Gwaii I was like “[fevered Googling] Yeah! Totally!”

You haven’t heard of Haida Gwaii, either? NBD it’s just the Galapogos of Canada, recently featured on Lonely Planet and National Geographic as one of the top places to travel. And if you live in the states, that American to Canadian exchange rate is currently working in our favor!

Read on for the best places to hike, where you can see whales, and the best restaurants for eating roe on kelp!



Mini Travel Guide: Curaçao

An awesome travel guide to Curaçao written by a local! Where to go, what to do, what to eat, and how to do it cheaply! Click through for her Curaçao tips! >>

When Rebecca offered to write a travel guide for Curaçao my thoughts were:
“Sure! Uhhhh, where is that again?” and
“Where is the ç on my keyboard?”

Rest assured dear readers that I figured it out and now I’m eyeing this Caribbean island for a winter getaway. One bedroom Airbnbs WITH A POOL start at $66 US! And if you’ve never used Airbnb before, here’s a $40 credit towards your first booking!


Mini Travel Guide: The Canadian Rockies

Want to travel the Candian Rockies? They're just as gorgeous as the American Rockies, but further north, with a better exchange rate, and nicer people. Click through for a local's insights into where to go, what to do, plus cheap travel and cultural tips >>

So here’s a fun fact that most of us Americans forget: Those Rocky Mountains that we love so much CONTINUE NORTH, UP INTO CANADA. What? Yes. And the people are nicer up there and the exchange rate is better. Today, native Albertan Meredith is telling us about bison burgers, world-class skiing, and why you should always check Lost & Found (because Canadians are polite enough to turn in the stuff they find).

Mini Travel Guide: Jamaica

Are you traveling to Jamaica soon? You'll want to pin this written-by-a-local travel guide! Susaye tells us about hidden waterfalls, tiny villages, which beaches to hit up, and what dishes we MUST order. Click through to find out >>

All I know about Jamaica is a) those accents b) jerk chicken. But there’s so much more to these gorgeous islands! Today, local Susaye is telling us about the tiny towns we can’t miss, hidden waterfalls, and why we should pop into a track and field event. Fascinating!