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Read/Eat: Caraway Seed Cake from ‘Jane Eyre’

recipe Jane Eyre

I always believed it was a foregone conclusion that everybody loved Jane Eyre and wants to power through it in three days. But maybe not? Today our resident reader/cook Ben tells us his feelings about our favorite governess and the cakes she ate!


Read // Eat: Mini Blueberry Scones from ‘Me Before You’

recipe from Me before you
Let’s talk about sweet carbs. Let’s talk about crying over said sweet carbs. Let’s talk about READING THE BOOK BEFORE WE SEE THE MOVIE. This month, Benjamin is reading best-selling novel-turned-movie Me Before You and making delicious tiny scones. (And if you love these, you’ll love everything on his Instagram).


Read // Eat: Homemade Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches from ‘Binge’


recipe tyler oakley binge
This post comes to us via my dear friend/food stylist Benjamin Plante! You can read his hilarious food blog here or drool over his Instagram here.

Remember that time in the Charlotte airport when you felt really old because you had to Google Tyler Oakley? Because he had a best-seller in the airport bookstore? And then you had to try to explain how people just talk on YouTube and they make money with it?

Yeah? Me, too. I remember that, too.


Mornings In: Dubai

dubai-beauty-routineName: LuAnne D’Souza
Hometown: Goa, India but living in Dubai, U.A.E
Age: 29
Occupation: Fashion and Beauty blogger/ Online Marketing Manager
My alarm is set for: 8:30 am


My Emirati breakfast:

I usually have a healthy breakfast of avocado on toast, or eggs with bread or oats and fruit. If I have the time, I whip up a smoothie or fresh juice but if I’m in a hurry, I have a cup of lemon tea.

The local breakfast here in Dubai usually features traditional bread – like khameer, a sweet and savory Emirati bread, or muhala, a crisp sweet bread, or pancakes called chebab. Eggs are also a part of the traditional Emirati breakfast, they have date omelets and a dish with sweet vermicelli noodles topped with fried eggs.

Weekend brunches are very popular among the expats over here, every hotel has a brunch deal for Fridays (that’s our weekend here), it’s practically a rite of passage when you move here.

dubai-beauty-productsMy Emirati beauty routine:

My beauty routine always starts with my Merumaya Luxury Facial washSoap & Glory BB cream for sun protection and Filorga eye cream.

After the gym and a quick shower, my beauty routine continues depending on the type of day I have planned. If I’m working from home, I just moisturize with coconut oil and leave it at that. If I have any meetings or blogger events to attend, I put on a full face of makeup. I love applying makeup, it’s my zen moment of the day. I am loving the Urban Decay Naked Skin range and everything from Colour Pop.

The Arab makeup style usually focuses on dramatic eyes- kajal (or kohl), false lashes and dramatic eyeliner- the works! We have a popular Arab brand here called Mikyajy that makes the creamiest and most pigmented kohl pencils ever, and Dubai entrepreneur Huda Kattan is known for creating one of the best false lashes line.

Then, I head to work by:  I drive to all my meetings and events, my trip usually involves taking the highway, Sheikh Zayed road. If there’s an accident (there usually is), it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Thanks so much for sharing, LuAnne! Are there any other Emiratis who can weigh in with their breakfast + beauty routines?

P.S. Morning routines in Pakistan, The Czech Republic, and Estonia

photo credits: steve brownd50 // Michiel2005 // ink361 // timeoutdubai // expo2015UAE