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9 Things That Are Good For Your Blog, Brain, and Business

Fellow bloggers, creatives, and self-employed types! I rounded up the best, most helpful stuff for you!

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Mariah Coz’s Webinar Rockstar course dramatically up-leveled my live class game. Like, webinar attendees often tell me in the chat that I’m good at it. One student actually wrote “I BOUGHT THAT SHIT SO FAST.” 😂 Totally recommended if webinars are part of your marketing strategy!

Instagram hacks you haven’t heard before (like how to get the right spacing in your captions!)

I really appreciated Sarah’s honesty here.
Blogging has changed a ton since I started, when there were no marketing campaigns and it was all about telling stories and sharing ideas. When I was a teenager and in my twenties it was my creative outlet. I would spend entire days writing, taking photos, screwing around with my design, happily staying up until 4 in the morning. But I haven’t done anything resembling that in YEARS.

Helpful! The ultimate stash of time-saving hacks for content-creating solopreneurs.

I started my Money & Happy Facebook group on a whim and I love it! Facebook just rolled out tons of new helpful features for Facebook groups if you have one of your own.

This is an internet pledge I can get behind.

Sometimes freelancing is really lonely. Loneliness, Mental Health, and Diversifying My Income As  A Freelancer

This will be my last blogging round up post! EVER! So here are 37 things I’ve learned about blogging in 37 years.

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How To Pitch + Get Featured In O Magazine. Ya know, NBD.

Looking for pr tips? Want to know how to get featured in magazines? Click through for tips that will get you featured in any magazine - even Oprah's!

What would it feel like to see your face or your products in the pages of Oprah’s magazine? How would it affect your business and bottom line? Would you have to hire more people? Work long hours to fill the gajillion orders?

It’d sure be nice to find out, right?! Today, I brought in Susan Harrow, media coach extraordinaire, to share her Oprah-impressing secrets!


11 links that will help your blog, business, and brain

Are you sick of me talking about how you need to use Pinterest for your blog and business? A huge part of using Pinterest easily/effectively is the Tailwind app – I LOVE IT. It allows you to schedule pins for months into the future; it’s truly ‘set it and forget it.’ Click here to try it for free – no credit card required!

Truth: Gratitude can help your business.

You know what else is good for business? Authenticity.
In the same way that people meet you in your personal life and decide you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, and you click and become besties and have wine and calamari outings once a week…people will come across your business and like not only what you’re selling, but HOW you’re selling it. They’ll like that you use cliches every chance you get, have a technicolor website, and that you make them feel comfortable and safe. 

ATTN WRITERS: How to write five chapters in three days (!!!)

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If you’re a ghostwriter, copywriter, or ‘content creator’ this is a must read: How to write for your target customer

There’s no such thing as an overnight success.

Related: Knowing when it’s time to quit. I loved the honesty and candor that Betsy and Warren shared about ending their business and their podcast. So few people have that level of transparency online and I so appreciated it.

If you have an online platform and you’ve been struggling with how to talk about current events in 2017. Here are five ways to be online.

You guys probably know I’m obsessed with habits, so I love Sarah’s post on 7 habits of people with a successful online presence. (I’m good at #2 and #3, less good at #4!)

Website strategies to increase your know-like-trust factor!

Reminder: I’m retiring my one-on-one blog coaching Secret Weapon on December 1st. Click here and we’ll see if we’re a good fit!

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You’re allowed to stop if it’s not working

How do you know when you're allowed to quit? If it's not working, you're allowed to quit. Click through for 4 ways to tell it's time to quit and give up!

It’s 6:30 pm and I’ve spent the entire day in my pajamas. Not for a good, fun, ‘treat yo’self’ reason but for a ‘so busy you don’t have time to get dressed’ reason.

I’ve been wearing these pajamas while I ghostwrite and proof four, 700-word blog posts. I’ve been wearing them while I schedule a month of Facebook and Twitter updates. I’ve been wearing them on a conference call with a client who talks over me, interrupts me, and requests three rounds of edits.

If ‘this isn’t working’ had a uniform, it’d be pajamas-as-workwear.

I’m happy to report that this ‘too busy for real clothes’ era is in the past. These days, I have a set of morning habits that include putting on real clothes and walking the dog before I even read email (!!!)

But before I could do that, I had to
a) acknowledge what wasn’t working
b) stop doing the stuff that wasn’t working

Friend, in case you need it, here is your permission. If something’s not working, you’re allowed to stop.


5 Ways To Use Storytelling To Make Your Readers Care

Using storytelling techniques in your blog posts and on social media increases engagement, click through, and makes your readers actually CARE about what you're doing. Click through to learn 5 ways to use storytelling in your blog!
If you read things on the internet, you know how blog posts usually go:

  • Introduction that clearly includes SEO keywords
  • Numbered list with bolded headings
  • Action items you’re encouraged to check off today

I’m not hating! Clearly, that’s pretty much the format we’re using here!

But when we stick to blog-posts-as-usual, it’s hard to make our readers care. It’s hard to emotionally engage with a listicle, ya know?

Today, I brought in storyteller extraordinaire Mike Sowden, to help us write things our readers really, actually care about.


How To Get Clients To Trust You + Listen To You

Struggling to get clients to trust you? This one easy change can increase client satisfaction and even allow you to charge more! Click through to start implementing it today
The subject line was just an unimpressed emoji face, which is not really what you’re looking for in email communications with clients.

“I’m not sure what to tell you, Sarah. I love your blog and what you do but it’s been two months since we worked together and, honestly, I haven’t seen much change in my blog traffic or social media following. I don’t think it worked.” 

Reader, I don’t mind telling you it was with a dry mouth and shaking hands that I clicked through to look at her website. Was I a fraud? Was I about to get my first request for a refund? WAS I A FAILURE AS A HUMAN???

Instead of discovering that I was an impostor who should never be hired by anyone again ever, I discovered that my client had ignored 85% of the suggestions I’d given her. 

Had she fixed any of those broken links? No.
Was she using headings to make her blog posts more readable? Nope.
Did she optimize her posts? She did not.

Unsurprisingly, my initial reaction was to draft a not-entirely-polite email to this client who’d spent a lot of money to ignore my advice.

But then I realized that I was just as much at fault for this as she was. I hadn’t told my client why she needed make these changes. It’s hard to get excited about embedding code, scheduling Facebook updates, or re-jiggering old blog posts if we don’t understand how + why it’ll benefit us.

You can't expect someone to do something if you don't tell them WHY they should do it. Click To Tweet
Dur, right? But it’s so easy to forget!

And there are tons of (somewhat) valid reasons we forget the why.

Maybe we’ve been doing something for so long we can’t even remember the beginner’s mindset. We don’t remember what it’s like to struggle with SEO/white balance/classroom management. It’s been years since we learned about alt text, so we forget to even explain it.

Why we should explain why