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8 easy(ish) ways to build your ethics into your business

What are your business ethics? How do you build values into your business from the ground up? Here are 8 ways I've made sure my work aligns with my values. Click through to learn how you can do the same!

It’s an overcast Tuesday and my friend and I are busily co-working at a crowded coffee shop. I’m finding photos for future blog posts (read: procrastinating) and she’s designing an ebook (read: being productive).

I lean across the table to see what her book will look like, which photos she’s using. Here’s a man in a wheelchair, typing away on a Macbook. Here’s a Latina woman leading a meeting; here’s a black man pushing a stroller and leading a toddler by the hand towards the playground.

She sees me peering at her screen and nods. “Yeah, I realized that I talk a really good game on Twitter about inclusivity. Then I looked at my blog and noticed that I wasn’t really practicing what I preach. So I’m trying to do better.”

I glance back at my computer and the two photos I just favorited: a white lady doing yoga on a mountain top and two white ladies drinking lattes on a park bench. #basic

Maybe it’s time for me – for many of us? – to do better.

It’s always been a good idea for us to build our ethics into our businesses, but in 2017 it’s more important than ever.

8 easy(ish) ways to build your ethics into your business


A Non-Scary, Non-Slimy Networking Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Networking for entrepreneurs aren't quite as easy or straight forward as networking for 9-to-5-ers, is it? No worries - this strategy has you covered! Click through to find out how you can expand your network by 140 people (!!!) this year!

Networking strategies for entrepreneurs aren’t quite as easy or straight forward as the networking strategies that apply to 9-to-5ers, are they?

When you work in the corporate world your employer pays you to attend conferences and you have a long list of previous colleagues you can email. You have an obvious, understandable-to-most-people job title and you interact with Real Actual Humans all day long.

But if you’re an entrepreneur you could very well work from home, in your sweat pants, by yourself. And when you try to explain what you do you’re met with blank stares or polite nods.

Even if networking as an entreprenuer is a bit tough, it’s still super important. Luckily for all of us, my friend Molly is here to help us. Molly’s new book Reach Out: The Simple Strategy You Need to Know to Expand Your Network and Increase Your Influence is landing on bookshelves and Amazon. You can read about all the preorder bonuses, including a 1:1 phone call with Molly, here.


Everything I Use + Recommend To Run My Business

Not sure which tools, software, and platforms are with the $$$? I tried 'em all so you don't have to! I'll tell you what free stuff works + what to skip! Click through for tips on social media, marketing software, and productivity apps!

Are you ready to feel vaguely disappointed?

Disappointed Side Eye is the response I usually get when people ask how I run my business. Weirdly, nobody seems to want to hear that I film my videos on a cheap Android and I do all my writing in Google Docs on an old laptop that cost $300 two years ago.

Why doesn’t anyone want to hear about my old Lenovo Thinkpad?! Why can’t I tell you about my $120 phone with a sparkly cat case??

Welp, because a lot of us want to believe that buying a $1,500 laptop or a new DSLR will cure What Ails Us Professionally.

Real talk: your equipment probably isn't what's standing between you and success. Click To Tweet
Now, I won’t sit here and tell you that all you need to launch a successful business is gumption and a mouse pad. You need more than that. You need regular access to the internet, some basic tech skills, and it certainly helps to have your own computer.

But you can probably get along without top of the line everything, 23 differently monthly fees, and 43 different types of software.

I’ve spent the last seven years walking the line between boot-strapping and “I will pay to make this easier.” Here are all the things I use to run my business, if something costs $$$ rest assured I’ve tried the free/cheap versions and found them lacking.


How To Fund Your Creative Work on Patreon

Looking for Patreon tips? Want to use Patreon to fun your art or creative work? Click through for tips from a podcaster who gets $3,300 per season from supporters!

When I discovered that my friend Nicole was funding her amazing podcast Real Talk Radio via Patreon I was verrrrry intrigued. No sponsors? No ad breaks? But she wasn’t doing it for free? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY.

So I obviously asked her to tell us all about it! If you’ve ever wondered what the deal is with Patreon or wanted to try it yourself – read on! *


How To Use Pinterest To Increase Your Traffic Without Giving Up All Your Free Time

This post is brought to you by beautifully curated Pinterest boards, more traffic, the letter S, and She Can Coterie

Are you sick of me talking about Pinterest yet? About how I finally got serious about it last year? And how it used to refer 7% of my traffic but now it refers 54%?

If you’re ready to figure out Pinterest once and for all, She Can Coterie can help. They’ve got heaps of super helpful Pinterest resources and tips for the just-getting-started must haves for your Pinterest account.

And if you’re preemptively overwhelmed at the prospect of learning a new platform, She Can Coterie can just manage your Pinterest acccount for youIs that the sound of you exhaling? Yeah, I thought so 😉

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11 Things That Are Good For Your Blog, Business, and Brain

Blogging resources to help you create better sponsored content, be a better podcast guest, and stop self-sabotaging your sales! Click through to read 'em!

Friends! I just spent the last two weeks on a “blogging vacation” which was really more of a “concerted effort to learn new professional skills and platforms and watch one hundred million tutorial videos.” So. Here’s hoping all that hard work paid off – we’ll see soon!

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