Your New Healthy, Natural, DIY-y Internet BFF Who Knows How To Do Everything

This post is brought to you by homemade face masks, coconut oil, the letter R, and Root & Revel

Friends, let me be honest. One of my goals in life is to be That Friend who drinks smoothies for breakfast, owns a nutmilk bag (!!!), and knows how to make, like, herb poultices.

I think my affection for coffee and pizza rolls will prevent me from ever reaching those heights so if I can’t be that friend, at least I can introduce you to Kate.

Kate is going to be the internet friend who teaches you how to DIY a charcoal and clay face mask. She’s going to serve you some amazing, delicious meal, inform you it’s actually quite healthy and you’ll be like “WHAT IS THIS WITCHERY.”

She’s going to tell you earnestly about healing her ‘leaky gut’ and you’ll think “I need to look into this! Do *I* have a leaky gut?!” She’s also going to give you a million amazing smoothie recipes that are more interesting than frozen fruit + kale.

Seriously, I think you guys will love Kate. She has amazing recipes + natural beauty and home cleaning DIYs. She’s that capable, hippie-ish friend we all need!

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