11 things that are good for your blog, brain, or business

Helpful blogging links! Articles filled with business advice, social media tips, and ideas for improving productivity. Click through to read them!
It’s a fresh new year! The perfect time to set business goals we actually want to achieve and (nicely) set boundaries with your clients!

This week, I’m prepping for the second enrollment of my money + happiness course Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is (NBD one student said “I’ve taken every financial and budgeting course imaginable, but none of them helped me the way this did. This course has more than paid for itself, taking it should be a no-brainer!”) and getting ready for a quick trip home to see my BFF. 

But enough about me, my best friend, and money/happiness! Here are the best, most helpful articles on the topics of blogging, social media, productivity, and self-employment!

Do you understand where your launch traffic really comes from? Facebook? Your email list? Here’s how to figure it out, once and for all.

If nobody’s signing up for you email list, maybe this is why. Awkward face.

I just discovered Hemingway Editor and am properly obsessed. So good! So Free!

Are you a to-do list addict? (Here’s how I format my increeeedibly doable daily to-do lists). Katie has some great points about the dangers hiding in our to-do lists and how to avoid them.
When you’re focused on knocking off the small and usually completely unnecessary tasks on your list just so you can get a hit of accomplishment you’re missing the impact you could have on your life and work if you were to do what was actually important.

How to be unreasonable in business.

An ode to people who won’t give up.
If that’s you — the hard worker, the un-complainer, the tenacious warrior, grinding and slogging and striving to create something beautiful in this world — I see you and I think (no, not think, I know) that you’re fcking amazing.

Have you ever considered re-posting some of your archived posts on Medium? Here’s what makes an article popular there, based on 10,000+ data points!

Remember: not everything you do or publish has to be part of a strategy or sales funnel. Sometimes you can just do it for the love of it.

If you read or wrote anything particularly awesome about these topics, leave links in the comments!

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