How do the Cool Girls do it?

This post is brought to you by great jeans, the coolest woman in your neighborhood, the letter A, and Amy Edwards


Do you know any Cool Girls? And by ‘Cool Girls’ I mean ‘Smart, interesting, funny women who are always doing fascinating things and somehow seem pulled together and on top of it in a frighteningly effortless way’?

You probably know a few Cool Girls. We all do! And most of us (read: me) want to drown them in “OH GOD HOW DO YOU DO IT” questions, but that would be awkward so we don’t. Instead, we admire them from a far and devotedly hope that someday we can get our hair to look like that.

But we’re in luck, friends. One of my all-time favorite Cool Girls (my words, not hers) happens to have a blog and Instagram in which she’s pretty open about, well, everything.

Amy talks about rebooting your life and how she came to be full-time musician in her late 30s. She writes prayers for non-believers, shares her favorite beauty products, and style lessons learned from Chrissie Hynde. Honestly, Amy is our personal pass into the Cool Girl club. Now we can figure out their secrets go check her out!

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