11 Must-Reads For Freelancers, Creatives, And Go-Getters

Round up of super helpful blogging links! How to write a great sales page + how to pre-sell your ecourse + What to include in your IG stories >> yesandyes.org
It’s the end of the month! That means I’ve rounded up the best, most helpful business-y, creative-y, productive-y stuff for you, friends!

I’ve spent most of this month prepping for the launch of my first new ecourse in 4 years. If you, too, are making an ecourse, here are some resources I’ve found invaluable:

Also, it pains me to say this: but it’s time to start thinking about the holidays (!!!??)

If you have an Etsy shop or sell things people will be buying for gifts, my ad space is selling out fast. You can check my rates and traffic info here. Drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org and we’ll get you started!

Now, links for you!

I really appreciated Catherine’s honesty about why she needed to take a short break from blogging. Also: WTF is happening with all the blog ad agencies?!

12 things Grace Bonney has learned after running DesignSponge for 12 years.

Why you should be A/B split testing your landing pages and blog posts. I’m convinced!

How do you feel about Instagram stories? Kathleen‘s been documenting one hour of her entreprenurial life this whole week. Super interesting if you want insight into what it looks like to work for yourself and manage tons of projects and a small team!

Related: How to use Instagram Stories and 6 ideas of what to share.

Have you read Freelance Wisdom? It’s chock full of honest, helpful interviews from freelancers in tons of different industries.

9 great ways to motivate yourself during your entrepreneurial journey.

Do you want to be a minimalist business owner? I certainly do! I don’t ever, ever want to manage a huge team or live with an overfilled calendar. Here are 7 questions Amy asks herself to keep her business lean and mean.
How do you want to spend your days? Do you want to spend your days building a corporation? Or running a startup? Will you work full time hours? Part time hours? Are you interested in a side hustle because you like what you’re currently doing? There are so many options.

Wildly helpful! How to pre-sell your course and get paid to make it.

Have you heard of Vendeve? It’s a social media platform specifically for women entrepreneurs!

5 steps to write an irresistable sales page.

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