9 articles that will boost your blog, biz, and creativity

A round up of blogging links! Photography tips, food styling advice, and how to deal if your not inspired by your job. Click through to read 'em all >> yesandyes.org
It’s the end of the month! That means it’s time for a round up of some of the best, most helpful blogging and business-related things on the internet!

Want to make videos for your site, business or brand? Mighteor’s free masterclass is awesome! (And you don’t even have to sign up for anything!)

So helpful! A formula for successful blog posts!

Good question: when you’re job is uninspiring, how do you stay motivated? Shauna has great, sensible advice for her readers.

A great read for food bloggers (or just people who post lots of food photos on Instagram). Tips + Tricks For Food Styling and Photography

I’ve been trying to improve my phone photography (you can see how it’s going on Instagram) so I really appreciated this post about taking good photos in bright sunlight.

I looove a good routine! Profitable weekly and monthly routines for business owners!

My girl Alex replied to a troll-y email … and had an enriching, enlightening conversation.
You might have the best of intentions (to help, teach, inspire, uplift) but somewhere, out there, someone might feel like your tone is arrogant (or stupid, bossy, mean, greedy, too bubbly, too boring, what have you.) There is not much you can do to change this. You can control how you write, but you can’t always control how your writing is absorbed and perceived by others. This is the reality of being a writer (or engaging in any other art form.) It’s something that must be accepted.

My girl Kristen is changing the direction of her business and everything she’s ever done – books, programs, etc – is bundled and 90% off. Whaaaaat? She’s got great stuff in there – stuff about working as an introvert, selling without being gross, pursuing goals that matter to you. Check it out!

You can be happier at work – no matter where you work and for whom, if you do this.

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