Who doesn’t want more online friends + followers?

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We all want to build a community around our businesses and online spaces right? I mean, we don’t spend all this time blogging and tweeting and Instagramming to hear ourselves talk and look at our own photos of artfully crafted lattes, right?

But it can be hard to know where to start – especially if you’re a one-person shop. Who do you bounce ideas off of? Who’s going to share their resources? Who’s going to tell you that, no, you shouldn’t post that snarky Tweet?


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If you’re nodding along, my friends Cristina and Sara have you covered with their new online course Building Your Online Community.  You’ll finish the e-course with a greater confidence in your ability to create a business or blogging community, tried-and-true strategies for cultivating strong online business relationships, a proactive approach to growing your community, and an increased awareness of the partnership and collaborative opportunities surrounding you.

Sounds pretty great, right? Get a taste with their slideshow 28 tips on growing your community, follow along on Twitter, or check out their incredibly helpful Pinterest boards!

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