A life that feels as good as it looks? Sign me up.

When I find something I really, really love I pretty frequently
1. freak out
2. buy multiples

I do this with my favorite jeans and lipsticks and right now I’m doing with the Katie and Jina and their Lifestyle Design Camp. I’ve talked about the camp before and I’m talking about it again because these girls know what’s up. They can help you set goals you actually want to pursue (not ones you ‘should’ be perusing), have better/deeper conversations, and avoid frustrations with your friends.

Full disclosure: both Katie and Jina are my IRL friends. Like, I drink coffee in their homes and I see them walk their walk. I also happen to know people who attended their camps and loved them.

If you’d like a personalized plan for a lifestyle you actually want to live, two days of intention and intelligent ideas and delicious, healthy food served up in a Pinterest-worthy old barn, you should probably read more about camp here or register here. Camp is January 10 and 11th – what a great way to start the new year!

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