10 Awesome Reasons To Use Your Printer

For the last, um, ever I’ve been making do without a printer.  I only need to print things about once a week and I haaaate clutter.  The thought of having a printer take up space that could be used for napping cats or artistically arranged office supplies galls me.

But after wasting wasting 45 minutes at FedEx Office trying to print out some forms and then getting a parking ticket I decided to put on my Big Girl Pants and buy at printer.  They’re, like, $45.
So I used my favorite trick (search Amazon.com for item, sort by ‘customer reviews,’ but the cheapest 4-star version of said item) to buy a wireless ink jet printer.  And since then I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED.  I’m going to be printing every birthday card, every gift tag, every inspirational saying on top of a softly muted landscape photo ever.To that end, I found a bunch of awesome printables that you might like.  Download and print away!

Links to sources embedded in the photos.

Do you have a printer?  What’s your favorite source for printables?



Do you have a Sams or Costco nearby? Many of them are refilling cartridges and we find that it makes it a little more palatable when we run out of ink.

Jenn Wisbeck

I'll second what the Jennifer above said. Costco refills tend to work pretty well. We also refill our own as well.

Unless I lived walking distance to print shop, I need a printer for printing business documents, shipping labels, scanning things that don't scan well on my phone, and the like. The printers live in closets, so don't take up that much space.

Rachel Parker

Cuuuuute card with arms & legs. My daughter would love it.

Yeah, the ink is expensive, and I never have it when I want to print something. I know you can go to shops to get ink refilled, but I always just end up printing things at work instead. You can also print for fairly cheap at most libraries if you're really not into getting a printer.


I have done without a printer forever, too! If I ever need to print anything, I just print it at work. But I often think that if I had a printer, I would do so many more DIY/crafty projects!


My husband is a real estate agent, so a printer at home is a necessity. We recently bought a new one from HP and enrolled in their instant ink program. You pay monthly to print a certain number of pages and they send you new Ink cartridges before you run out (the printer is WiFi ready, and detects when ink is low and orders new cartridges for you! What?! It's crazy). You do have to buy from a certain line of printers, ours was $100- not $45. For us it's a good deal, we'll pay $36 per year… most cartridges cost $30 at least… and I swear I'm not spamming for HP, I just think it's a really cool program!


It's true. I am in the midst of planning my sister's bridal shower, and there are one million printables available oneline. However, after buying $10.00 worth of cardstock and two $30.00 coloured ink cartridges, I wish I had of just had everything professionally printed. Saves the hassle of cutting too!

Lauren Linster

It depends on what you use your printer for. I just bought a higher quality printer than the $50 type (I bought the Pixma Printer/Copier/Scanner – it prints wifi, it prints from wherever with an app accessible on my phone or ipad & prints fantastic quality. I found my ink on amazon (it's prime) & plan to order it that way when I'm getting low. Ink can be expensive.. but you have to weigh your time/convenience vs the price of ink. If you save money but you waste alot of time or have to go out of your way, is it really worth it to you? Will you even do it at that point? I decided paying for the ink and a better printer outweighed the inconvenience of going to print shops and sometimes waiting 30 min+ to print a few pages. Plus my printer was on HSN with flex pay!


Last year I bought a printer in order to print photos and add them to my journal on a daily basis. Best decision, ever! It's made journaling and photography so much more exciting. I've found a number of uses for the printer including printing coloring pages for my daughter. Also, I found cheap re-filled cartridges on amazon, a mere fraction of the cost to buy new. I'm so glad I finally got a printer. There's no going back!

Zoe Bee

I have a wireless printer too, and it has inkjet cartridges that last as long as laser ones but are sooo much cheaper. I love it!

Zoe xoxo


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