9 Days of Nice: Praise Someone To Their Supervisor

I’m spending the next nine days being as nice as I, personally, am capable of being.  I’d love it if you played along!  You can check out our plans here, paste your photos on the Yes and Yes Facebook page or hashtag it out with #9daysofnice.



It might not surprise you know that I’m not really someone to tangle with.  I’m one of those employees who actually reads the handbook and when you turn down my request for time off, I’ll highlight sections and scan it and send it to you.  I’ll call the Tenant Advocates when you try to make me pay for repairs that weren’t my fault.  I’ll send Strongly Worded Emails when you refuse service to my students.


What a pain in the ass.But!  I’m trying to counter those Strongly Worded Emails with compliments and praise.  Thus: writing Yelp reviews for my favorite small businesses.  And this day of niceness: praising someone to their supervisor.

When I’m not stalking the aisles of Sun Foods, I’m pawing through the organic, hippie goods at my local co-op. And in a quest to use more natural beauty products, I decided to see what they had to offer in the beauty aisle.

Because I’m a pain in the ass (see above) I monopolized a co-op employee’s time for 15 minutes asking 8 million questions about parabens and sulfates and but, really is this going to work? She answered all of my questions with knowledge and patience and never once said, “You know what?  Maybe you should just buy some Oil of Olay.”

So later that day, I called up the co-op, asked to speak to the manager, and told her that she had a great employee who was patient and helpful and stuffed full of knowledge.  The manager was happy to hear that and said she “be sure to pass that along.”  So sweet!

Do you reward good service?  Have you ever praised someone to their boss?

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As someone who's had jobs working with The Public for some time, I love love LOVE when customers/clients not only leave positive feedback, but do it FORMALLY. I can have a thousand clients thank me for my patience/helpfulness/efficiency/what-have-you, but as thankful as I am for the warm fuzzies it means a lot (and often dollars in my pocket) if that client takes two minutes to call my manager and say, hey, this employee's pretty cool.

In kind, I try and do the same thing for others when I can! If I'm really over-the-top impressed by my experience as a whole, I like to compliment the specific store, as well as writing a nice letter to corporate. 🙂


Imma gonna get a little spiritual here, but it's important and cool. For a while I've searched in myself for some sort of faith that can help me get through life. I'm an atheist, but that doesn't mean I don't believe that part of being a human is learning to accept and live and feel and grow. But what is it that I'd like to have faith in? What is it that can soothe me beyond my insular self?

Here is my epiphany that I had TODAY:


What if 'faith in love to see me through' is what I've been searching for? Kindness is an off-shoot of that. I AM HERE TO LOVE AND BE MYSELF. THOSE ARE MY TERMS, WORLD.


This is a really great way to show your appreciation, both for the individual employee and for the caliber of service you can expect from the business. I had a fantastic experience at a local theatre when my restaurant reservation for 36 high schoolers fell through (nightmare). The concierge heard me freaking out during intermission, gently asked my budget requirements and numbers, and sent me back to my seat for the second act. He had an entire restaurant reserved for us when we came out of the show- so you better believe that got an email to his supervisor, a thank you to him, and a positive Yelp review for the theatre and the restaurant! It felt great to acknowledge how much he totally saved my field trip, and I hope it had positive repercussions at work as well!


OOOOH! LOVE! Also, I make it a point to send an email through the corporate webpage. Then the employee is recognized by higher up managers and the email is forwarded to the store manager. Its like an awesome email snowball of praise!


I rang a local trucking company and spoke to their transport manager after one of their drivers was super super patient with me (I was riding a bike).
The manager was stoked to be getting praise rather than the usual bollocking.

A bit of praise goes a long way to making someone's day 🙂

Creole Wisdom

Excellent idea.

Years ago, when I was super poor and right out of undergrad an Apple employee waived the $200 repair fee because I was a long-time customer. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. I was SO grateful, beyond grateful. I called Apple headquarters and praised him. Around Christmas I was at Apple again picking up a new ipad mini, same guy helped me and I mentioned that I'd called corporate in praise of him. He's been promoted and is doing well. I'm sure not on account of my praise, but his hard work.

I wanna hear more stories about when you told people off!

Sarah Von Bargen

This is so great!

Mostly I just tell people off in a very diplomatic, professional way. Um, that involves highlighted and scanned documents and phrases like "not productive" and "short sighted" 😉


This is one of my favourite "good deeds" to do, and I'm often doing it! glad to see it spreading around as much as possible.

The Divine Miss Em

Funnily enough, I had this happen to me yesterday! I was helping out a lady in another department (I frequently come to her with questions, too). A few minutes after I hung up with her, an email popped up. She'd sent an email to my boss and copied the head of the department and myself on it. She said how great I was and how she appreciated my help. A few hours later, the head of the department (!!) replied saying "Keep up the good work!".

Last week, I complimented my two favorite baristas to their manager at Starbucks. Those 2 rock and I wanted her to be aware.


Praising good service is so important. I think it's vital to counter-balance all the complaining we do about people who work in customer service (which is sometimes justified) by highlighting and praising the people that do an awesome job. Whenever I receive fantastic customer service, I make a point of thanking the employee personally, as well as putting a good word in with their supervisor if possible.


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