Notes From The Road: The Republic of Ireland

I’m spending six weeks trundling through Europe seeing friends and clients and eating a million different types of cheese. You can read about my past travel adventures here.

Well, it’s official. Irish people are lovely.  Goodness, but they’re friendly and helpful and nigh-on jolly!  I spent four days catching up with an old friend from Minnesota who now lives in Ennis (gorgeous photos one, two, and three are her doing) and then three days in Dublin hanging with the lovely Davinia and Hannah.The best bits?

* Witnessing this on the train from Dublin to Limerick: A 21-year-old dude bro from Colorado trying to explain the merits of Bill Nye, The Science Guy, to a drunk 75-year-old Irishman.  A middle-aged lady in leopard print nearly fell out of her seat eavesdropping while she applied aerosol deodorant over her shirt and onto her sandaled feet.  ON THE EFFING TRAIN.  I had to hide behind my scarf because I was laughing so hard.

* Exploring The Burren and the beach with my friends in crazily nice weather and sipping my first (and last) Guinness in the sun beside the ocean.

* Trying Dulse (that purple seaweed) and deciding that, nope, it’s not for me.  Trying sweet, milky Irish tea and biscuits and a viewing of Waking Ned Divine, and deciding that’s a big more my speed.

* Discovering the exciting (and nerve-racking) terror/wonder that is hurling.  I’m quietly thrilled we don’t have this in The States as I’m 100% sure my boyfriend would take it up and I’d have to start meditating to deal with the hurling-induced anxiety.  It’s like field hockey + quidditch!

* Trundling through the Irish Writers’ Museum and The National Leprechaun Museum.  I cannot recommend the latter highly enough.  You guys, THERE ARE TWO SECRET DOORS, A GIANT CHAIR, AND A WISHING WELL.  It is, obviously, magical.

* Being mistaken for a local by a local.  Oh, but all travelers love this, don’t we?  Every time a local asks me for directions in a strange town I nearly crow “I don’t know!  I’m not from here!”

By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Stockholm!  If you live there or you’ll be in town, drop me a line and let’s hang out!



YAY! So glad you had a grand time. My friend Steffie was so sad indeed we did not have time for the leprechaun museum. Guinness isn't my cuppa either. Have fun in Stockholm!


It was lovely to meet you and have you here 🙂 And don't forget… Don't be constipated in your soul! Haha 🙂 Have fun on the rest of your trip!


Goooorgeous photos. Love the travel stories too. Can't wait to take off myself in October…and i love being mistaken for a local! I don't even know why, it's just kind of a buzz.

Alien Mind Girl

Firsstly, hi, I've been reading you for a long time and never commented. I heart your blog!

Secondly, thank you for this lovely post. 🙂 I have spent five weeks travelling around Ireland and it totally stole my heart… if it weren't for my husband's silly career thing I'd have moved there years ago. It was never home, but I'm homesick for it! And enjoyed both this and your last post.


So Glad you had a nice time in Ireland, North and South :)I'm from Dublin and work very near the 'Leprechaun Museum', I've often wondered what the heck is in there! Are there Leprechauns? What the hell? I love acting like a tourist in my own city and will go check it out now! Secret doors? Yes please:)Thanks!


There's a leprechaun museum! Why didn't I know that when I visited?!

And yes to being mistaken for a local! I love that! It happened to me a lot in Ireland…must be the freckles.


Sounds lovely! I'm from Limerick (well, lived there when I was young) but have lived in the US since I was 7. Last summer my siblings, our husbands, & our parents went for a visit & we stayed in Ennis. It is a lovely little village. My husband & I spent an extra week travelling around & although it was his first visit to the country he feels homesick for the Emerald Isle often, as do I! It is a really, really wonderful little country, & as you said the people can't be beat for friendliness.


Those sunglasses are so damn cute! Glad you had a good time 🙂 that seaside picture just reminds me of summer holidays, looks so idyllic! xxx


We actually do have hurling in the USA! My sister plays with the Robert Emmets Hurling Club in the Twin Cities. It's a fun game to watch, but take your eyes off the ball/sliothar for even just a second and you have no clue where it's at on the field.


OK, I know we're not strictly supposed to compliment people on what they were born with as opposed to what they did themselves, but man, you do just have the most beautiful hair!


Most likely it is "keep off the lawn" in Irish Gaelic. Many signs in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are in both English and Irish.


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