Insanely Awesome (And Weird) Jewelry

This guest post comes to us via Belinda of B for Bel Fame.  Belinda likes to find and share amusing things on the internet. She shows them off on her blog and would love for you to join her. As CoCo Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the
way we live, what is happening

But what exactly is happening may not be what Madame had in mind.

First of all, we exist in the age of the internet, which is a magnificent time where pictures of famous people with one tiny hand is stark-ravingly hilarious.It’s also a time when we don’t have to look very far, wide or deep at all to find inspiration for fashion and jewelry, and by that, I mean your kitchen drawer or what you accidentally stepped on when making your way to the bathroom.

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If you’ve never stepped on a Lego before, you must be childless. Or grew up in Soviet Russia.  Either way, it’s not too late! If you step on your Gold lego ring, at least you’re crying over fashion, which could almost seem like a Great Gatsby-esque tragedy.
Bullet Jewelry
Bullet casing cufflinks have been making their rounds around the internet, but what’s even cooler than that is this bullet casing jewelry collection by Bullet Girl.If you think about it, bullet jewelry COULD be about blending the masculine and feminine to achieve some kind of sartorial-hormonal balance, but in my head, it’s more like “that’s SO cool I could almost fell off my dinosaur.”

I have to admit, these morse code necklaces from COATT are exorbitantly awesome. Besides being sleek and simple, they’re so jam-packed with sentimentality I don’t think I can handle it.
image via: Top Cultured


Now this is the kind of internet age fashion I’m talking about- combining fashion trends like stackable rings with sandwiches to produce something thoroughly amusing.
 image via: More Design Please
DIY fashion is going through the roof these days. From color pencils to dental floss, you can make anything fashionable if you can justify it. Like shredded t shirts and being late.Do you have a weirdo piece of jewelry that you love?  Share links in the comments!



Belly, I wish I had more pictures of them on my blog! There are a few, but I have to rescue the rest of them off my old hard drive.


I actually do have a lego ring! It's fantastic. I also have many pairs of earrings made out of everyday objects, including buttons, corks and guitar picks.

London + Grey

Wow, I never even thought of this! I'm loving the Lego ones and think a bullet necklace would be really cool. I'm feeling so boring with my jewelry now…


I love the bullet one as well, I'm just hoping it wouldn't cause security problems at the airport haha.


I had a fork ring as a teen…many years ago (!!) and loved it! The Lego rings are too fun and surprisingly, I'm kinda diggin' the morse code necklaces! :>


I love the fork rings! I inherited a whole heap of cutlery from my grandmother, including some fish knives/forks that I will never ever use but just can't bring myself to throw out/freecycle. Making a ring out of one of the forks will at least help me retain the connection. Thanks!


I have some stuff from a seller on etsy. She makes many models of necklace anatomical hearts in polymer clay, and also much more.


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