On Feeling Afraid, But Doing It Anyway

Are you feeling afraid? This pep talk is worth printing out and hanging somewhere! Click through to get past your fear and self-doubt!
I am afraid too. I am frightened all the time, but I do not let the fears determine my behavior. How I act and whether or not I am afraid are two separate things in my process.
I think questions such as, is this doable, reasonable, and morally sound? What are the consequences going to be when I do this? I know I will make some people mad but can I actually achieve something positive?
If I think I can be effective, I allow myself to feel afraid. The problem is when people act because they are afraid.
These two things need to be separated. It is okay to feel uncomfortable. If you are going to create anything worthy, you are going to feel uncomfortable and other people are going to make you feel uncomfortable, and that has to be accepted as part of life.


Anh Le @ Fab 'n Fun

The post title actually can become a life motto. People all have fear at some point of life!
The photo is also brilliant, working well with the post. The bank TV seems to demonstrate the fear and action of the woman is "doing it anyway"
Thanks for this beautiful post!


This was very inspirational and much needed as I am starting a new chapter of my life. Thank you!

Tati G.

My boyfriend of two years broke up with me Thursday night. I am afraid of this new life without him but I will not let my fear cripple me. Thank's for this post.


I've learned to deal with constantly being afraid thanks to my depression. Although it sucks, in some ways it's also freeing – it's been a great lesson in being strong and saying screw it to everyone.

Fear isn’t a negative – Minhas Crônicas do Brasil

[…] With our most recent drama there’s been many a conversation of late about courage with, well, just about everyone.  For those that asked me my opinion I would tell them that I think courage isn’t about not feeling afraid, it’s about feeling afraid and doing it anyway.  Fear is just meant to be a safety-check, a dial on your plane’s dashboard.  Take a glance at it, look at what it’s telling you, then fly the friggin’ plane.  When you look at it this way courage is not just for superheroes, it’s also for the little daily acts that move us out of our comfort zone.  And courage is like any muscle, it needs to be exercised with little challenges every day.  Over time you’re ready to do things like scaling a mountain or running for office or moving to Brazil.  Anyone can be courageous in my eyes.  It was while I was mulling this all over that Sarah Von Bargen shared this quote on one of my favorite blogs: Yes and Yes. […]


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