Precious Gem Jewelry For Non-Precious Girls

Do you guys remember the rough diamond earrings that haunted my dreams and made me feel like a grown up?  Well, they led me down an internet rabbit hole to the wonderful land of rough gem stones.  Now, I’ve never really been a fan of gem stones.  They’re so shiny and sparkly and, well, expensive.Since two of my life goals are a) to corner the market on Fancy Weirdo style b) to never wear anything that costs more than $500, rough gems are my new obsession.  Way, way cheaper than polished gem stones.  Edgy and cool.  Still fancy enough that I feel like A Grown Up Lady Who Owns Proper Jewelry.

Let’s obsess together! (click photos for purchase info)

Wouldn’t it be awesome/hilarious to have a rough diamond on your engagement ring and watch people’s faces when you show it to them? “Oh.  Well.  Now, is it supposed to look like that?”

How do you feel about gem stones and Real Grown Up Jewelry?


Louisa Claire

Since I saw your last post about those gorgeous rough diamond earrings I too have been obsessing about them. I would love to find a pair of rough pink diamond earrings so if you seen any on your internet travels do let me know 🙂


urghk ME TOO! im a fancy weirdo too!!! I recently furnished my room and Im like I want heaps of stuff but minimal? um wha?

love the gems too, I love moonstone coz its all like 'ima delicate lady pearl type stone' then BAZINGA theres some pretty rainbow shine.. did I see that or am I imaginging it?
keep rockin. xxooo


I have constantly battled at present-times with my mother about the gifts she gives me. Usually they are gold and sparkly – not my style at all!
This might help us have a common ground 😀


these are beautiful!! that last one with the glacier blue stone especially slays me!

i had to laugh at your engagement ring musings at the end — i have a non-traditional engagement ring, which looks like a hot pink string tied in a bow around my finger, and it has gotten some hilarious reactions while people try to figure out what to say.

other people have loved it as much as i do. it is really super sweet, and very "me".

here's a link:

Kate P

I saw the third one and thought: is that the necklace I have on right now?! I clicked through and it is not – but close! The necklace I have is from CAMP and QUARRY on etsy and is made from black tourmaline. I highly recommend checking out the shop – affordable, gorgeous stuff.


I love the rough gemstones and wanted a Herkimer diamond engagement ring in a primitive setting from my fiance. He was having none of it though. He mentioned "pride" and all that jazz so we settled on an emerald (his birthstone) and I love it! So much more personality than your average (and over-priced) sparkly diamond!


You have created a monster in me. I have always wanted a non-traditional engagement ring and this is perfect! I cannot wait to tell my Boy, he'll be happy.


i love love rough cut gems, the bigger the rock the better, they're so beautiful without fitting inside the box.

i live pretty close to Herkimer and have always wanted to go camp and mine my own "diamonds" 🙂

Sjogrens Style

"Wouldn't it be awesome/hilarious to have a rough diamond on your engagement ring"

If only I'd thought of this in time! Of course, my husband/then fiance frequently reminded me, "It's a wedding, not a comedy routine," so maybe it wouldn't have gone over that well.

Seriously, though, these pieces are gorgeous! I don't like sparkly fancy jewelry (it always seems stuffy and formal), but these are great.


Very cool! I love the idea with the rough diamond engagement ring… though I'm feeling conflicted about diamonds in general, and engagement rings in specific…


Yes, yes, yes, obsessed! I'm not a big jewelry person in the first place, so I wasn't even really aware these rough cuts existed until you started posting about them, but WOW. Their naturalness is just so beautiful. WANT!


They really are gorgeous! Sold, totally sold.

Somewhat luckily for me, my favourite jewelry is anything junky and cheap and plasticky and novelty. I nearly cried when a googly eye fell out of my favourite googly eyes ring.


As an earth science major with a few geology courses under my belt I love this style of jewelry. I do think people would have to get used to the look though. My favorite piece may be the rough diamond ring, although I love my nice polished one because it was my fiance's grandmother's ring. Sentiment beats any sort of look every time for me!

Thanks for sharing, maybe I can suggest a wedding gift down the road with those fab earrings!

Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies

I've been obsessing over rough gems too. I don't wear much jewellery, so haven't made the step to actually purchase one yet. But oh aren't they lovely? I think they have so much more personalities than the polished ones.


Um, I LOVE those last two rings!

My engagement ring is an heirloom one. I want to get a vintage ruby ring for my wedding ring.


One of the rings I really love on etsy is a rough cut sapphire. I really like rough cut gems too, but I ended up going even simpler for my wedding ring — just a plain band.


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