How To: Magnetic Polaroid Frames

This lovely guest post comes to us via Alli at One Pearl Button. She write regularly about travel, crafts, fashion and piles of other lovely things. Do pop over and say hi!
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white vinyl magnet sheet (this should be available at your local craft store); craft knife; pencil; ruler; Sharpies!
Step 1:
Draw a 3.5 x 4.25″ rectangle (the size of a polaroid picture) on
the back of your magnet.  Use a ruler to keep your lines nice and
Step 2: 
Using a craft knife and a ruler (metal is best, to keep from
accidentally cutting it!), cut along your lines to make a rectangle.

Step 3:
Draw a line .25″ away from one short edge and from both long
edges.  Draw a line .875″ (7/8 of an inch) away from the other short
Step 4: 
Use the lines you just drew as a guide to cut a box in the center of the rectangle.
Step 5:
Now it’s time for the fun part – grab your Sharpies and
decorate!  I went with simple captions, but you can do absolutely
anything – ad drawings or designs, or even color the entire border.*
OPB Sharpie blog photo 3
That’s it!  Stick them on your fridge or magnetic message board and
enjoy the retro look.  You can either trim your photos to fit or just
slap the magnets on top; either way looks great.
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OPB Sharpie blog photo 5

Thanks so much for sharing, Alli!



would using a whiteboard marker work too? because if it did, you could change the writing/decoration any time you felt like it.


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