Real Life Style Icon: Lydia of Chic On The Cheap

This is one of many Real Life Style Icon interviews, in which we talk to funny, smart, awesome ladies who also happen to dress like a million bucks. Please say hi to Lydia of Chic on The Cheap! 

Name: Lydia Abate
Age: Quarter of a century
Location: Connecticut
Online haunts: My blogflickrtwitterinstagram, shoe sale stalking at Amazon and Piperlime

Three reasons you’re awesome:
I’m the only person in my office who wears heels and dresses to work.

I take outfit photos in public places with my tripod and remote. This
gets me all sorts of strange looks and even stranger comments;
including, “Don’t mind me, I just like to watch.” But I try not to
looked too creeped out and just keep going with my shoot.

I almost never pay full price for anything.

What are you wearing right now, as you type this?  
Mustard cords, navy sweater, stormy sea necklace

What is the last item of clothing you bought?
had to have the Leopard
fedora from the Albertus Swanepoel for Target line, it’s like the one
he did for J.Crew, only $158 less. Oh wait!  That’s not clothing! I
also picked up a leather pencil skirt at the thrift store for $3.50.



What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?
It really is something that seems to change moment to moment, but lately I have been crushing on this red pencil skirt from Express, now it just needs to go on sale.


Could you tell us your top three style tricks/DIYs?

You have to own it. Some mornings I’m in a rush and the look I imagined
in my head is not working out in reality. When there is no time left
for a change, I just walk with all the confidence I can muster and act
like its exactly how I wanted to leave the house that morning.Failing that, grab a trench coat and find a reason not to take it off.
If you have a dress that you wish was a little shorter but don’t want to hem it, you can put on a belt and blouse it.
I mostly DIY skirts (because they are so simple!), and usually I’m just
copying some expensive piece I’m lusting after at the moment. One of my
favorites is this pink skirt fashioned after one of that ModCloth is offering. It’s just as cute and I did it for about $10.


Tell us about a favorite childhood memory about your clothes.

I had a
friend who was an only child and perhaps a bit spoiled. She always had
the most gorgeous Barbie Doll dresses, and I was envious.  Sometimes
I would invite her over to play and when it was time to clean up a
dress or two of hers might accidentally end up getting put away in my
box. I know I was unscrupulous, but I still don’t really feel bad about
it. Guess you’d better not let me into your closet!  Who knows what
might mysteriously disappear?What is your best thrifting score?
My Coach Station Bag. It’s in
excellent condition and was only $10 – as an added bonus, it will never
go out of style.

Thanks for sharing, Lydia!



Lydia is one of my faves! She always looks so put together but not overly done. She is amazing with colour and the best part? She's super lovely and nice!


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