Notes From The Road: Katoomba

For the last nine months I’ve been living out of a backpack – in India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and New Zealand.  Now I’m headed back to Minnesota via Australia, Taiwan and California.  You can read about my previous travel shenanigans here.


Would it surprise you to know that I’m a outside kid?
  It seems kind of counter intuitive doesn’t it?  I’m on the internet all the blessed day, but I’ll very happily trundle around in the dirt, sleep in a barn and then build a fire using the all-important cabin/teepee method.
Yes.  I’m just an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in overpriced outdoor gear.
In an attempt to get in my weekly dose of Outside, I took a train from Sydney to Katoomba where I hiked about, watched flocks of noisy cockatoos and witnessed punctuation mistakes on directional signs.


Are you an outside kid or an inside kid?  Do you like to do outdoorsy stuff when you’re traveling?

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I used to be more of an "outside kid" than I am now… I blame the oppressive heat+humidity that reigns supreme in the Deep South from May 'til October.

I grew up in the not-quite-so-Deep South (where we still had seasons, and snow) and spent the majority of my childhood outside climbing trees (barefoot, of course – better traction!), exploring the creek behind our house, catching toads, and memorizing the local bird species. It's no wonder I went to college for zoology.

But now… well, now I'm a bit more of a wilting flower with an office job who doesn't particularly enjoy getting dirt under her fingernails. I'd love to get back in touch with my outdoorsy self, if only sweat and bugs weren't so annoying! 🙂


I actually would have been surprised if you had said you were an indoor kind of girl =D I'm an indoor girl at the moment but I do love being outside, especially in the summer. I'm just not an athletic kind of outdoor girl (for health reasons)

Kathy Curis

I'm an outside kid, but I have a fear of deep water, so everything outdoors except sitting on a small boat being tossed around the gulf of mexico. Because I did that last week and I learned something…not a boat girl.
Just started following you, can't wait to read through your posts!

Ben Simon

I love that I took the same picture you did about 4 years ago. Makes me feel like the Internet is a very small place.

Katoomba was an awesome location!

Between Boy Scouts and parents who loved to camp, I've always had a healthy appreciation for outdoors.

In fact, no vacation is complete without finding some national park in the country to traipse around.

Camels & Chocolate

Outside, times infinity. That was the whole reason we decided to do a six-week road trip of the national parks this summer…and then the rain wound up keeping us indoors for much of it! =/


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