Notes From The Road: Melbourne Mania


In case you were unsure, I’m here to tell you that Melbourne is fantastic.I’m adding to my list of Fantastic Artsy/Interesting/Food-and-music-loving Cities. (Other cities on this list are San Francisco and Minneapolis)

I’ve been staying with the fantastic Lady Smaggle, in her adorable loft with her adorable mister and flatmate.  We’ve been talking non-stop about all thing blogging-related, drinking 8 million coffees and doing that thing where you wander through boutiques picking things up, putting them down and smelling candles.  We also recorded a podcast, had a wee miracle berry party and ate dinner with a bunch of you lovelies.  And nearly hyperventilated with laughter at Bridesmaids.

I also (inadvertently) taught Carly some of my ridiculous American slang.

Next stop, Sydney!







Have you ever been to Sydney?  Any tips or must-sees for me?  (I’ve been once before but only for three days)Wanna know how I quit my job and travel for months at a time?  Check out my Wanderlust Workbook!  Only $15 for 12,000+ words, 60-minute podcast, 14 worksheets!


hannah shea

If you're looking for another Artsy/Indie/Fabulous city, try Austin, Texas. Live music capital of the world. Born and raised. Nothing in the world is like it.


When you're in Sydney duck two hours west on the train to Katoomba, we have snow, fantastic cafes, great local musicians, art galleries and amazing views and bushwalks 🙂

The Dame

Melbourne is such a wicked place! I wish Id spent more time there! (You can read about my time there on my site).

Sydney is also cool but more city like, definitely go on the ferry to Manly and dont be too shocked when you find Bondi beach is overrated.

The weather may be shit, but it'll be better than it is here in the UK where summer has decided not to arrive this year!

Little redhead

Melbourne sounds great! You're not travelling to Perth too by any chance? I'm going there in December (by myself, go me!) and tips would be very welcome!


You've got to check out Pittwater YHA! Surroundings are beautiful, there's good routes for bushwalking and you can see wallabies and other animals coming right in fron of the porch! There's no TV and only one computer for internet, but that's the best part being there – silence. I worked there for a few days while traveling and I miss the place the most in Sydney.

You just have to prepare to buy and bring all your food beforehand, but it's all worth it.


I'm not sure I've ever commented on your blog, but I love reading about your adventures! I'll be in Australia for the next three weeks, though in Queensland, so it will be interesting to hear about your experience.


I love Melbourne. It reminds me of summer love, crazy backpackers, nude pier diving and negative bank balances. Oh, youth!
My Sydney recommendations are Kawa Cafe on Crown Street Surry Hills, followed by some vintage shopping. Pocket Bar (which is also nestled in Surry Hills) is a must visit, as is the Winery (although not for food!). Doctor Pong is also oodles of fun. For shopping, I'd go to Oxford Street, Paddington. Much more fun and atmospheric than Westfield on Pitt Street.

Corrine/Frock And Roll

I'm AMAZED that somebody else has mentioned PIttwater – I live on The Northern Beaches (which is technically Pittwater), and it's definitely (in my opinion) the most beautiful part of Sydney!

Absolutely catch the ferry from Circular Quay (in the CBD) to Manly. Manly isn't enormously exciting, but the views along the ride are spectacular, and once you're there, you can visit the beach and have a delicious bite to eat at a cafe. Then catch the ferry from Manly back to Circular Quay and take a wander through Paddington!


do the walk from Manly to spit bridge! You get to perve at all the fantastic harbourside real estate,but you also get some lovely bushwalking. If its warm enough you can swim at tiny little beaches along the way!

Kelly L

Awesome! I'd love to go to Australia some day.

Also, I LOVE the photo that's like, fourteen down? The orange leaves in front of the building? I don't know what it is but it just stood out to me…

Melanie B

I see you made it to St. Kilda! I just spent 3 wks in Australia, and it was amazing! Check out the Rocks Market (in the Rocks) if you are in Sydney on a weekend – tons of booths selling interesting trinkets/food/art/everything!


I lived in Sydney for two years when I was younger. We lived on the North Shore, but on weekends we would drive to Kiribilli and walk over the bridge to The Rocks. The Rocks market it worth a visit, as well as St. Paddy's.

One lingering memory I have is of this shop, I think it was on King's Cross Road (or thereabouts), and it catered to the local drag queens. If you find it, gape in awe at the sky high platform boots, covered in sparkles and made in man sizes. Awesome!


I've lived in Sydney for just shy of two years now, and I think it' a fantastic city. I'm glad you're visiting and hope you enjoy it!

Definitely walk across the Harbour Bridge and check out The Rocks markets (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The Royal Botanic Gardens is worth a visit, if only to see all the cockatoos: they'll eat from your hands and perch on your arms if you let them!
There is a tiny, adorable, incredible French bistro called Bistro Pappillion that makes you feel like you're in Paris.


I'm just back from Sydney (currently living in good old shakytown Christchurch…notice I didn't say it was home?)

Absolutely catch the train out to Katoomba; walk across the Harbour Bridge; ferry out to Manly; wander the Botanic Gardens (they have bats!)

Miss Boo

I just got home from Sydney two weeks ago, and had a blast! Things that rocked for me: Live bands at the Orient every night, the Rocks Market, the revolving restaurant, and karaoke at Kelly's on King in Newtown (Newtown's a little…er… rough around the edges, but awesome fun!) Enjoy your stay, Sarah!


All I can say is . . .


The most colourful, cultural city, yet everyone wears black/grey . . . . how is that so?

It amazes me. I would love to live there, just for 6 months . . .


I've been reading your blog for awhile now and you inspire me daily. I'm so sad i couldn't get to have dinner with you in Melbourne, I didn't finish work til 7. Just want you to know that you are an inspiration and even though i've never commented til now, i'm silently cheering you on 🙂


Sydney! If you love cheese (and you do), you must go to Formaggi Occello. They have an amazing range of Italian/Australian/French cheese. Do a cheese apertivo or a tasting platter. So good!

They're on Bourke Street, in Surrey Hills. Open until 7.30 every night (I think).

I love Sydney. I visit there often and I always have a blast. Have fun!


hi Sarah, I have twitter-stalked you before.Now wanted to officially comment. As a Sydney gal living in Berlin, reading about your Oz adventures & the comments above made me incredibly homesick! Your writing, photography and positive spirit really shine out, no, they explode from the screen. Keep doing what you are doing as you bring a lot of joy to many of us scattered around the globe.


Melbourne is my favourite Australian city by far! Your pictures are fabulous, definitely make me want to plan another trip there 🙂


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