Eat Dinner With Us In Melbourne!


Friends!  I’m finally on the last bit of my giant nine-month, seven-country trip.  On June 13th, I’ll land in Melbourne for a week of Type-A fun with two of my favorite bloggers – Carly of Smaggle and Clare of Checks and Spots.  And we thought it would be lovely to have dinner with all of our awesome internet friends who live in Melbourne!Here are the details:

: North East China Family, Melbourne, Australia
When: June 17th, 7:00 pm
What: Awesome

Who: You!I hear North East China Family is rife with yummy dumplings and never-ending pots of tea.  If you’d like to eat stir fry with us, sign up below so we can reserve a giant table!



Oh, I would love to, but I would feel very intimidated…I'm very much a reader, but not a commenter!


This would have been ace…alas unfortunately have other (infinitely less fun) things to do that night. Disappointed!!

Hope you have a super-fantastic time in our lovely city..hope you packed your woolly socks etc it's a little on the chilly side right now.


Darn it! I will be in Adelaide that weekend.. Hope you have an absolute blast. And be prepared to freeze. But then enter a laneway cafe for hot chocolate and all will be ok.

You simply must must go to Hardware Societe for breakfast one morning. HARWARE SOCIETE – write it down!



Oh no! I already have plans that night to go ice skating 🙁
Maybe you should come ice skating as well! winkwinknudgenudge


Dummplings and bottomless tea do sound amazing. The best kind of dinner.

Alas, I live in Sydney, so I'm hereby submitting yet another request for a Yes and Yes meet up in Sydney.


How about a meet up in New Zealand? Shaky Christchurch perhaps?? Am most disappointed I moved back to ChCh after spending last year in Wellington learning her streets only to find my FAVOURITE blogger moved there after I left!… Pretty please come visit our quake stricken city and have yum cha with us!


I am absolutely KICKING MYSELF for not seeing this earlier and completely missing out on meeting you right here in Melbourne!! 🙁

I hope there will be a next time! Enjoy the rest of your journey. xx


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