Dear Scarves: No Outfit Is Complete Without You

Can we talk about scarves for a minute? Because I suspect that I have developed something of a complex.

Said complex seems to consist of the following symptoms:
a) Wearing scarves regardless of the weather
b) Owning more scarves that shoes. or earrings. or necklaces.
c) Buying multiple scarves in each country that I visit. Soon I’ll be traveling with more scarves than shirts.
d) Pawing frantically at my exposed neck if I’m ever scarf-less.

But can you blame me? Look at all these cute scarves!

Llamas love scarves, too. Obviously.

Are you scarf-obsessed? What’s your accessory of choice?

P.S. Great scarf-tying guide



I'm in love with a girl. This girl quite likes me but not enough to make that commitment. (There's a big 'but' stopping it happening, which I can accept.)

I know there's a lovely and (very) expensive designer scarf she likes, but won't buy herself.

It's her birthday in a couple of months. I don't think anyone else will buy her this gift. I'm fairly certain of that.

This girl has just started seeing another man. 🙁

Should I, as a friend (who hopes one day to be more than that) buy her this, some might say excessive, gift? Will it just be awkward between her and boyfriend (if he turns out to become such) if I do this, thus making me to be a bit annoying?

If I send it anonymously does this make things better or worse?

Too scared to put his name to it in case she reads/I go with the anonymous option.


Looooove scarves right now!
The other accessory that I find myself totally lusting over are BIG bangles, and lots of them!

Amy --- Just A Titch

I'm a HUGE scarf fan! I tend to wear really "boring" basics (lots of black and grey dresses) and use scarves to add a little color. They're amazing!

Hope you made it to Thailand safely, friend!


Oh man – hit the nail on the head with this one. I wear scarves everyday. My scarf collection is taking OVER my house. Also, I have two sisters that are similarly obsessed with scarves, and over Christmas we pretty much drowned in them. And from every country – OF COURSE – you simply have to. xoxo


Amy – that is exactly what I do! I wear tons of black, grey, and white, but have tons of loud and proud scarves (I call them pashmina's, though I don't believe they technically are). It helps keep me warm all the time, and they come in super handy! Inpromptu picnic but no blanket! voila!


Thank you so much for posting the "How to Tie Scarves" link because I've been meaning to Google it and haven't yet, and have still been wondering how else to do it. Now I know!

silent reader who had to comment

rings rings rings.
big rings small rings cute rings chunky rings.
just not ugly rings.


Scarvesss are my one obsession – can't get enough of them! Its gotten to a point that I can plan my outfit around the scarf I want to wear that day.

But need more to feed the addiction!


I always want to be one of those perfect-scarf-for-the-outfit people, but I never seem to get it quite right. So I'm off to learn new ways to tie them and try again-thanks for the inspiration!

Princess and the Pea

I love scarfs. Plus if we start wearing them now, no one will think it strange when you start wearing them all the time to hide a hairy chin/saggy neck when you're 50! Bonus!


Oh goodness…I could wear scarves with any and everything. I have a hard time NOT wearing them. Everything looks so much better with one on! My boyfriend has said my new year's resolution should be to stop wearing them because they "hide your figure." Nice to know he wants to see me, but he's crazy if he thinks I'll stop wearing them! 🙂


I love scarves! I was out today and while in a small boutique downtown they nearly sold me on one! They had just got a shipment in and said they had an orange pagmina scarf that would go great with the jacket. I nearly broke down to buy it. Scarves are way too cute!


It would be scarves. My closet is full of them. All sizes, fabrics, and colors and I wear them every way possible. Around my neck, in my hair, as a belt… The best accessory ever.


I love scarves! back in february I did a whole scarf month where I wore all of them throughout 30 days. I bet yours are so exciting since they're from exciting countries not just stores!


I loooove scarves. I do the same thing where you buy scarves everywhere you go. Some of my favorites come from Tangier, Morocco and Lisbon. Scarves are the best kind of statement. I purchased a new winter coat and made sure that it had enough room for my scarf to be visible. I am obsessed.

caribbean princess

I love scarves but I never knew how to tie them properly as I spent most of my life in the tropics. Therefore winter scarves confused me! I am so pleased to have this guide and will definitely try to learn some new ways of wearing scarves now. Thanks 🙂


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