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I’m knee deep in editing our first Radio Yes podcast. Audacity! Fade in/fade out! Background music! It’s really fun, if a bit of an undertaking. It’s given me a new appreciation for all those podcasts out there. Let’s talk about the podcasts we love!This American Life
Of course. Of course! Everybody loves Ira Glass and his stories about daily life. The preceding week’s show is always available for free for seven days following its broadcast.Sound Opinions
Two rock & roll critics from Chicago dish on the latest & greatest (& worstest) in popular music. Well-researched and nerdy, but still accessible. Fantastic live sessions. Interviews. Amusing calls from fans & listeners.

The Dinner Party Download
Bone up on NPR-ish news and events in a consolidated pre-dinner party podcast. Impress fancy-pants people over cocktails. The end.

The Moth
Live storytelling from spoken-word clubs in NYC, LA, Chicago and Detroit. Hysterical. Tragic. Poignant. Sometimes well-known authors, sometimes random peeps. Always incredibly moving and perfectly produced.

Hilarious, quirky and provocative slants on “big questions”: what happens when we die? What is dreaming? Why do people lie? It’s science + sociology + sublimely silly sound effects. Full-length podcasts and mini-podcasts, too.

The Stuff of Genius
I frequently fantasize about getting a patent for an improved windshield wiper design that I’ve imagined (really!) and this podcast feeds that fantasy – all about fantastic inventions and how they came to life.

Stuff You Missed in History Class
I love the ‘story’ part of ‘history,’ but not so much the dates and wars (snooooooze). This podcast is stuffed full of crazy interesting historical bits. If you likes Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, you’ll love this.

Jordon, Jesse, Go!
You know a podcast is going to be great when it comes from a website called “” This podcast is about life in your twenties and all that goes with it – last week’s podcast was about secret sex parties, Calgary, Alberta and the next twitter star. You know, the usual.

Which podcasts do you love? Have you ever made one?



The Adam and Joe BBC 6music ones were genius, I hope they come back soon! I also like the Adam Buxton solo ones, though the problem is that BBC podcats don't include music due to copyright reasons, which does undermine it a little.

I also occassionally listen to a BBC Radio 4 one called Thinking Allowed, which features a couple of social science pieces of research per episode. It makes academia accessible. But then again, I am an ex-human geographer and a social researcher, so I'm not sure how widely interesting that is.


This is a great list! I listen to a few of these, and I would add MPR's Splendid Table. Lynn Rosetto Kasper hosts an informative, funny, inspiring and useful show about food, and it is available on the American Public Media website.


I've been podcasting since Feb. '09! I produce, host, and Edit (with my partner) the DFTBA Radio Hour. We represent DFTBA records ( and play their music and talk about events and shows and all that fun stuff.
When we started I thought, "Piece of cake!" because I had done live FM radio in college. It's SO much more challenging than that! We have about 60 episodes and are still going!
The rewarding part of it is our listeners. We broadcast live on BlogTV every other week and the same people come to listen all the time and have been since we started. They're awesome.
Good luck on future podcasts! if you ever need help or anything, let me know! 🙂


The sporkful and spilled milk. Period. The end. I loooooove both of these podcasts. Spilled milk makes me laugh until i snort! Cute, heh?


For a solid year I had my own weekly, live call-in show (the first incarnation of Glass of Win). I used Blog Talk Radio as my platform and each week was a different theme.


Ooh, I'm going to have to check out a few of those!

I'm already a Moth, This American Life and Stuff You Missed in History Class fan. They have helped me through countless long drives.

Other ones I think are great to check out are Stuff Your Mom Never Told You From and The Savage Lovecast. Stuff Your Mom Never Told You is similar to Stuff You Missed in History Class, except it focuses loosely on topics interesting to women. I loved the ones about feminist characters in children's lit (Ramona Quimby, FTW!, the history of girl scouts, and why men propose.

Savage Lovecast is an incredibly frank podcast about sex and relationships by the columnist Dan Savage. He's on This American Life sometimes, so you know he's legit.

Great topic!


Dan Savage's podcast is the best, dirtiest, most awesome thing ever. I listen to it on the train and frequently burst out laughing in front of strangers.


I love audacity! I have used it to make cd mixes with clips and secretly do podcasts that I send out to friends so that they can laugh at me. It really is a great free program!


I like "Stuff You Should Know" – and "Stuff your mom never told you" is good too.

And grammar girl of course!

Ginger Jane

Thanks for this!

My cousin used to make a podcast, it was famously the worst.thing.ever. Mostly commentary on the local paper and badly composed songs, and his small son's opinion on philosophy (actually, that bit was almost good).

I think they were going for a Monty Python thing.


Sooo looking forward to your podcasts! Also, thanks for the excellent recommendations. I've never really listened to podcasts before, aside from Chris Leavins' "Story Hour" and "Cute With Chris." I highly recommend both.


Kick to the Head is an amusing australian podcast (with more fans than listeners!)
Check it out on the itunes store – its free!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Joy the Baker podcast on There are 4 or 5 podcasts through Homefries actually but this is the only one that I listen to regularly and adore. Joy and Tracy, who host it, are just hysterically funny cool girls and I wish they were my best friends. They do talk about food ideas fairly often but the podcast is about all sorts of fun stuff. It's not very intellectual but it's my guilty pleasure 🙂


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