Yay-Saying: BFF Roadtrip

Isn’t roadtripping with your bestie fantastic? Eating terrible gas station food, singing along to the radio, discussing (in depth) your future plans for bangs? It’s something that should be done at least every three months, I think.Last month The BFF and I took a three day weekend to poke around Wisconsin. Did you know that there’s heaps of fun to be had in Wisconsin? Fact.

We hiked a bit and then took these graduation-photo worthy shots
on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi.
The recipe for a perfect campsite: overlarge tent that
contained an inflatable mattress, perfect blanket, blood orange soda,
cheap vodka. (My Bolivian hiking self blushes over sleeping
on an inflatable mattress. What a weinie!)
Reading Trivial Pursuit cards in a tiny jazz bar on a quiet Friday night.
Sometimes we like to wander through graveyards, looking at the old fashioned
names on the gravestones and indulging our tortured, inner goth
photographer. Also, based on the above photo I’m totally
pissed at Raymond, buried to the right of me.
We happened upon a gorgeous Catholic shrine in the hills surrounding La Crosse.
It was some sort of special spring festival that included placing a ring of
flowers over the Virgin Mary’s head and then carrying this little statue
up into the hills.
Diner fare is another requirement of all road trips. Apparently, I’m
very excited about my map that details all of the dairy farms in Wisconsin.

Success! Fresh, squeeky cheese curds! Obviously, I ate the whole bag.
Are you going on any roadtrips this summer? Do you travel with your best friend?


Karen Travels

My bff and I went to the beach 2 weeks, citing that it might be the only time we can get away this summer together! I am a teacher, so I have a more flexible summer schedule then she! I know I will be roadtripping to the NC mountains.

I love how you found fun on your trip to Wisconsin!

Elle Sees

OMG I LOVE roadtrips! My bestie and I have driven up the east coast twice and from GA-CA at least twice. We've been to so many countries together as well. She's one of the few ppl that I can travel with for weeks and not get annoyed. Some ppl aren't just good at traveling and going with the flow–esp. in foreign countries, but not us!


Love me a road trip! My fella and I are flying to San Francisco for a wedding, then spending two nights in Sonoma before hitting the road: driving east to Jackson Hole, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone National Park! It's a good thing we really like each other's company…
(Oh, and I've been to Wisconsin. It IS lovely.)


Funny, I pretty much JUST got back from a roadtrip (WA-OR-CA and back) with my brother (he definitely counts as a best friend) and a friend of ours!! And, much like you, there was a necessary cheese curd stop: Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon. You must check it out!!

Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous

My bestie (and co-blogger) and I drove from Boston to Boulder, CO a few years ago. The best part was her looking out the window the entire time we were in Kansas under a tornado warning going, "that cloud looks suspicious."

Later this summer, my sweetie and I are driving up to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. Sadly, I don't know if we'll hit any cheese factories along the way 🙁


Oh my gosh what do cheese curds taste like???

Looks SO fun! My bff and I are night and day so I wonder what a road trip with us would be like! Haha.


I haven't planned anything for this summer, but last year I had a road trip with my girlfriends.
We visited castles and places of the Duchy of Parma, eating super well and having so much fun!

So, yes, road tripping is one of my favourite kind of holidays!


My BFF and I used to go on a trip to Las Vegas every year. Then she moved away and I had kids… 🙁

This reminds me that I don't call her enough! I need to call her and tell her how much I miss our trips!

Chelsie Joy

My hubby and I went to WI for a wedding two summers ago, and of course we had to buy a ridiculous amount of cheese curds. Then we realized we didn't bring a cooler or anything to put them in, so we taped them to the air conditioning vent in our car to keep them cool on the way home! We're classy.


Best friend road trips are the best! I haven't gone on one in a few years not that all my girlfriends are in serious relationships and would rather travel with their man than their friends. Argh. This post made me really sad and happy at the same time.


I'm going on a trip to Chicago with my best friend in August – it's not exactly a road trip because we're taking megabus and we'll be in one city the whole time, but I'm so excited! Most summers I take a road trip with my cousins (who are my best group of friends) but sadly this year I couldn't swing it.


This post totally made me cry due to all the Wisconsin pictures. Wisconsin, my heart, my home! I miss it and I'm so glad you had a chance to explore its wonderment.


YES! My bff and I have been discussing lately how we need to figure out a roadtrip to take. We drove to LA and back twice last summer to visit a friend, and we need to do something fun this summer too, as soon as we figure out what!


Wow: you're road trip definitely looks like a lot of fun! I'd love to do one around England and see all the small towns.

Laura Elaine

I totally love this post – probably one of my fave of yours ever!

1) I need a geography refresher. The Mississippi goes up to Wisconsin!? (Yes, I did just sing the little Mississippi spelling song to remember how to spell that.)

2) Blood orange soda with my vodka – why didn't I think of that!?

3) "Indulging our tortured, inner goth photographer" made me laugh out loud. I mean really, I do the exact same thing in cemetaries.

4) Jealous of the fresh cheese. Thank God for cheese.


As a born and raised Wisconsinite, I thank you for patronizing our state and spreading the love of cheese curds to your corner of the blogosphere!

Check out my hometown of New Glarus sometime… it's like going to Switzerland without having to, you know, fly to Switzerland. And definitely check out the Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate Haus downtown (near the only stoplight). That was where I had my first job, slicing cheese samples and making fudge. I gained 10 pounds that summer…


I went on an epic roadtrip with my friend a few summers back and it was awesome. wish i could do it all the time. these mini road trips are a great idea!


Yay Wisconsin, my homeland! I love road trips and it sounds like you had a blast. And while I can't deny the awesomeness that is fresh squeaky cheese curds, you seem to have missed an even better version…. deep fried cheese curds. Oh so good. Oh so heart attack inducing.


La Crosse! Cheese Curds! Oh, be still my beating heart. Love both of those.

I go on road trips with my boyfriend, who is my local best friend 🙂 All my other good friends live further away, so our "getaways" involve one of us visiting the other. I'm trying to save lots of money this summer for returning to school, so no big trips for me 🙁 But the boy and I are going camping up near Brainerd for the 4th, and I'm sure we'll squeeze something else in. I teach summer camp, so I don't get much in the way of getaways.


Love road trips! and you're right they're that much better when you share it with someone you care about!

On a side note, I lived in small towns in Wisconsin for 4yrs, lots of fun to be had. To be honest I miss it sometimes (Especially the snow). Thanks for the pics too 🙂


Aww, I wanna road trip!! I miss driving around being silly.

On a completely different topic, my karma cards came, thanks! That was the fastest ever cross-Atlantic mail delivery. I can't wait to spread a little good karma!


I live in Melbourne, and I've been exploring nearby towns lately: money doesn't allow for Big Travel right now, but it's weird: a little trip into my backyard, so to speak, is just as much fun. Sometimes more! Woot!

Amber at painfullyhip.com

Our Painfully Hip Roadtrip was the evolution of bestie-ness from internet friends to blood sisters. We had such a great time we knew we'd be BFFs… who knew we'd soon be roomies? What a sweet post.

I can never say no to a roadtrip. I love them so.


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