The Pleasure Is All Mine!

Did you guys know that Yes and Yes has been taking up space on the interwebz for nearly two years now?! True story. We’re even going to celebrate next week with The Yes and Yes Great Birthday Giveaway!Yes and Yes has been quite the social butterfly this year, making heaps of new friends and meeting lots of new people – though she did totally monopolize the cheese tray at your dinner party. It occurs to me that I might not have properly introduced myself to some of you lovely new readers – and worse! – I don’t know much about you! Let’s correct this.

Hello! My name is Sarah Von. I’m a 30-year-old former expat and current teacher/writer/adventurer. By day, I teach English as a Second Language to Southeast Asian refugees, by night I brave Scientology “churches,” make strange flavored ice creams and throw ridiculous parties. I spent a good portion of my 20s living and working abroad (I’ve been to 20 countries) and I’m plotting another giant trip beginning this October. I lived in New Zealand for a year and half while I earned my M.A. in Applied Linguistics – which explains my usage of words like “keen” and “heaps” and “sussed out.” I grew up in a tiny town that only had one stop light and many of my closest friends are the other smart, weird kids who grew up there with me. Now we’re smart, weird grown-ups who live in the Twin Cities – which, coincidentally, has many stop lights.

I believe in living a life that you’re proud of, making the choices that are right for you, helping people who need it and opening your mind to other cultures and ideas. I also believe in the healing power of cheese, Salvation Army and a good episode of The Office. It’s so nice to meet you!

Map of all the cheese factories in Wisconsin. Required reading.
In which I’m a Day of the Dead lady in the Zombie Pub Crawl.
Me and The BFF. We met in fifth grade!
In which I am seven years old and very proud of my fancy hair.
At The Berlin Wall. Please note: a) I was totally
rocking harem pants in 2007 b) I do actually have two legs.

Now you! How old are you? Where are you from? What are you about? How did you find your way to Yes and Yes?


Rachel @ SuburbanYogini

I'm Rachel, I'm 36, I live, breathe and eat yoga (well not eat, I eat chocolate and carrots and other nice things). I even get to teach yoga for a living. I have travelled the world, lived in Australia and am currently in Cambridge UK wondering why I live in such a cold country, and then remembering it is where I was born and will always be home. I live with Himself and two fluffy cats and I raise money for animal charities, write book proposals, blog, cook, bake and swear too much in my spare time. I am addicted to Australian Soap Operas and Masterchef. Himself and I have big plans for the future but they are secret for now ๐Ÿ˜€

I cannot remember how I came across Yes and Yes, maybe via Daddy Likey? Maybe via shared items on Google Reader. I hardly ever comment, but I do always read ๐Ÿ™‚


I'm Raquel! But you know that…I'm 19, I've been reading Yes and Yes for over a year now. Can't remember how I found out about it, but I'm glad I did. I was born in Switzerland but I've lived all over the place (France, Italy, Indonesia, Australia), however New Zealand is home! Recently moved to Wellington from Auckland and LOVING IT. I continue my globehopping while studying History and Art History (at Vic!), then I plan on doing a TESOL course and travelling the world some more. Yeah, that whole Kiwi travelling gene? I got like, a double dose of that…

If I decide to settle down a little? I'll probably end up working in an art gallery.

I enjoy wearing outfits that cost less than $30 and looking dayum fine, sewing said rockin' outfits, writing, reading and dancing around the kitchen to loud music whilst making pumpkin, chili and coconut soup, and working on my new blog!

Anna Raffaella

Hi! I'm Rafaela, 18 years old, and just like yours, my feet itch all the time. Most because I can't stay still, wether it's in the same physical or, say, mental space. I'm always coming up with funky strange projects, dreaming of pretty much all over the place and eating chocolate. I've been writing a book about angels for the past 7 years – yes, I'm really 18 – and WILL GET IT DAMN PUBLISHES IF IT KILLS ME. I'm this sort of really amateur photographer and web designer, and basically just this random girl who loves your blog and your heaps of positivity.

Keep it up! ๐Ÿ˜€


Hello! I hardly ever post comments on blogs!like, never!

But since you ask. I love your blog, like actually it's really friggen awesome. I'm 25, currently a "kiwi", it's okay you can say keen and sweet as as much as you like and I'll understand… but soon to be living in London

I came across your lovely blog through my lovely friend Amber ( I have to say it is one of the only ones in my Google Reader that I aaaactually read!

Keep up the funny interesting posts, I'll be reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

(and if I'm ever in your neck of the woods…or you're ever in London "lets be friends")

Liss x


Oh sadly I will be all settled in London by then…but I am trying (desperately!) to convince her to come live there (and just quietly I think it might be working ;)) so if you pass through definitely look me/her up ๐Ÿ™‚


I'm Ally, 25, and I teach art in central New York state. I'm currently obsessed with my garden (well, right now they are just plants but my man dug a big rectangle in the backyard and we are going to rock the topsoil soon so I can plant). I'm growing heirloom brandywine tomatoes, watermelon, and hopefully carrots, onion, and pumpkin once they sprout.

I have a food blog and an Etsy store, both started around the same time (hello ambition!) but I'll be working more with the Etsy store come summer, when I am not perched in my backyard trying to identify birds.

I'm not sure how I found my way to Y&Y although it was probably through my bff, Cait. ๐Ÿ™‚


My name is Sonja, I'm 28. I follow a proud family tradition of never having relationships within my nationality (my German grandmother married an American, my American aunts married French and German men, my American uncle married a Filipino woman, [my dad is the exception and married another American], my German cousin is in a relationship with a Turkish man, and my French cousin is dating an American woman) and have married and divorced an Icelander and am now in a long term relationship with a Portuguese man. This means I travel a hell of a lot, but not as a tourist, and mostly to the same place over and over again.

I work as a nanny and am passionate about young children and early childhood education. My own education is in art, though I have less and less time for my own artwork the more I spend nurturing the artistic stylings of four year olds. Someday, I hope to open a school to teach art to preschoolers. In the meantime, I also sing in a chorus and hang out with my cats.

I too love cheese. My other favorite things include swimming in the ocean, singing in my car, and reading on the porch.


I'm Kerry. I'll be 30 in September. I live on a US Navy base in Yokosuka, Japan with my military musician husband (when he's not at sea) and my two absolutely gorgeous little boys, aged 4 and 2. I've also lived in Honolulu, New Orleans, Philadelphia and New York. I do yoga, knit, take way too many pictures, and am just starting to make cakes for other people instead of just myself. I was a musical theater major, which led to my working as a pool snack bar attendant, morning-shift barista, wardrobe runner, assisstant stage manager and parent/child baby & toddler music teacher before discovering cakes. I plan to attend culinary/pastry school when my youngest starts 1st grade. I'll likely be the oldest student there by about 15 years. Should be fun. ๐Ÿ™‚
I came to your blog through Daddy Likey. I don't remember how I found her!


โ€˜allo. Iโ€™m Kiri. Iโ€™m 23 and attempting to earn a degree in Computer Science (in fact I should be revising right now, but a girlโ€™s gotta take breaks sometime) Iโ€™m also a stage manager and rigger for theatre and circus. I spend far too much time reading, a just a little less time watching strange movies that my housemate has never heard of. I gave up taking any care of my hands when my ex introduced me to bouldering, damn climbing chalk and rough grips. The longest Iโ€™ve ever spent out of the country was a month in New Zealand several years ago, and I have every plan to emigrate as soon as I can (oh, and I picked up 'sweet as' while I was out there and still persist in say it). I grew up in Walesโ€™ capitol city which was always a disappointment, but Iโ€™ve left now and am never looking back.

I have no idea where I was going the first time I found Yes and Yes, but if ever I needed inspiration to get off my arse and plan my next trip, this is it.


I'm a 22 yr old college grad with nothing to do but enjoy life! I worked two jobs on top of going to school full time so it's nice to finally have time to do what I want. But it would be nice to have one paying job. I found this blog on blogs of note and I just love it! I'm working on a list of
things to do with my life. My goal is to visit all 50 states, so I'm open to suggestions on places to visit! You should plan a yes and yes cruise!


why helloooooo
i blog under the name pony but am actually called natalie, i'm a 23 year old australian platinum-haired painter who is fresh out of university (six months!), and i plan to move to london in less than a year, and live there indefinitely. i spend my spare time modeling for art classes, doing some lovely skin care hustling for an hourly wage, collecting vintage clothing and showgirl costumes. which i wear. while eating cake. and watching episodes of the it crowd.

it is very nice to know more about you and your rampant cheese addiction, mademoiselle von!



It's nice to come across someone else who's worked in stage management, mostly I mention it to people and get completely blank looks. Also, I think you've lived in a good proportion of the places I intend to at some point.


Hi Sarah! I'm Cait (The same mentioned by the lovely Ally up there! :D) and I'm 26. I live in Upstate, NY (born and raised), and am currently working as a receptionist. I'm dying to get out of here and move to NYC in September and hopefully start a career in Audio production. Right now I run a weekly podcast with my friend Todd for an online record company called DFTBA Records (Winner of Mashable's best online record label for this year!!)! I'm also a long time blogger and I also have my own YouTube channel where I vlog and post cover songs (once a week this year!). So generally I'm an internet addict. ๐Ÿ™‚ (My SN is MimsieSky)
I also love to travel, and took a break in the middle of college to live and work in London. I LOVE that city! I want to do more traveling, but I'm not sure where it'll be next…I guess it'll be a surprise! ๐Ÿ™‚
I'm pretty sure I found you through Miss Gala Darling! ๐Ÿ™‚

a whole lotta love

Hi Sarah,
I'm Adrienne and I just discovered your blog today! … and I just ordered your Karma cards and wrote a blog about them ( ). I'm 31 (I love your 31 list by the way), I now live in Vermont, which I love… although we have quite a few less street lights than the large city I grew up in. I love to travel too.. and have been to almost 50 countries. I have my masters in public health, but I'm currently helping my husband with our rare book business and I love that too. I love gardening and being creative.

It's lovely to meet you via your blog! I guess if you want to find out more about me you can check out my blog too. Have an awesome day.

Elle Sees

I'm Elle Sees, 33, and found my way here via a blogroll on someone else's page. And I've been visiting M-F ever since!
I love to travel too–50 states and 18 countries here. Right now, I'm all about finding a job. Although I've had a website in some form since '96, I started a blog last month to give me something to do 'til the jobs start rolling in. Anyday now, right?


Hi Sarah!
I'm Danielle, and I [finally] turn 21 in 25 days [but who's counting?]. I moved for the first time when I was nine days old and never really stopped. I went to college expecting to settle somewhere for four years, but then I fell in love with the Arabic language. So a week after I turned 19, I packed my stuff and moved to Morocco for the summer. I came back completely changed, and so about a month after I turned 20 I moved to Egypt fulltime, with a one-way ticket and two suitcases. I now attend the American University in Cairo and get to have all kinds of wonderful adventures across the Middle East. I love Alabama football, have an unhealthy obsession with Megan Fox [she's just so. damn. hot.], and hippie headbands.
Come visit me in Cairo!


Hey! I am Kendall, and I truly believe I may be the youngest, or one of your youngest, readers here. I am only 13! And a half, but still 13…I live in Georgia, (in the USA). I love reading, writing, swimming, friends, and beluga whales. I discovered your blog when it was featured on Blogger, and I've been an avid fan ever since! Thanks for being AWESOME!

Chrissy (The New Me)

I'm Chrissy, 28 years old, a native New Yorker currently living in Texas with my boyfriend and our awesome dog while working as a librarian and dreaming of going back to grad school for an MFA in creative writing. I like vegan desserts, running marathons, and making blog friends. I can't remember if I found Yes and Yes through The Secret Society of List Addicts, or if you left a comment on my blog. I do know, however, that I have been an avid Yes and Yes reader for quite some time, and have admired, appreciated and enjoyed how much your blog has grown and blossomed in that time! Keep it up, lady! The Internet would be a lonely place without you. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey Sarah,
I'm Katie. I'm 24 years old and I live in the DC area, where I write for a newspaper. I LOVE your blog a lot and read it every day. Right now, I'm planning my first trip to Europe. I'm going to be travelling from country to country for two and a half weeks and I can't wait to utilize some of your packing tips! Anyways, I think I found your blog through another one about a year ago. Since then, I've told a few other people about it. I also bought your calendar and have gotten tons of compliments on it! Thanks!

Josephine Brooke

Good Morning!
I'm Josephine (a.k.a jo, jojo, josie, phini, hey you), I'm 29, and I live on the coast of Maine with my Mr., cats, and my foxhound…I have a slight stray animal adoption addiction! I love attempting to grow things in my garden, working on my blog everydayjuju.blogspot,taking photographs, reading, watching Bravo while eating nachos, making Top 5 lists, cooking, playing, and going on adventures. Favorite adventures abroad include spending time in Virgin Gorda and Berlin. Hoping to take a trip to Egypt very soon!
I found Yes and Yes by randomly wandering around blogspot and absolutely adore it! Thank you for your good energy, humor, and inspiration! And much love to all the lovely ladies I've read about here for being so creative and adventurous…we rock!


well, I am Krista aka kj. I am 24. I got married last summer, though I fully intended to marry later in life, but it is working out pretty well since my husband is awesome and pets me when I'm being ridiculous instead of asking me if I am on my period. We have a 7 year old named Bravo. He is a long-haired chihuahua who does yoga, barks in his sleep, and refuses to fetch. We live in Fort Worth, Texas where we met at college. I majored in dance and writing, he in geography. Currently I teach dance, perform, choreography, write freelance, do random things for any arts organization that will let me, and I blog. I also give segway tours. FOR REAL! But in the next two months we will be moving (locations and careers)- which will be revealed in my connection request here on your blog! yippee!

I watch too much television and eat nutella from a jar.

I came to yes and yes because it's awesome (and I literally hang out in your archives, I am a NERD! can't get enough of the funny, and the inspiration)- but also through links (I think Already Pretty and Selective Potential??). I read because I too believe in non-traditional adulthood.

I love art, style, fabulous writing, and ridiculous things.


Tervehdys. I'm Hanna, 24 years old and from Tampere, Finland. I have been reading your blog for little over a year now and I think I found it through Chrissy's (above). I think both of you ladies are very inspirational in your attitudes towards life.

I will be interning in a public library this summer and begin studies in information studies and interactive media in the fall (after getting a bachelor's degree in sociology). I like vintage clothing and dressing up, big geeky glasses, baking cupcakes and trying new things. Also, a semester as an exchange student in South Korea has left me with a growing wanderlust, that I have to do something about sooner or later…

Keep up the good work!


Hi Sarah.
Glad to read more about you =)

I think I have told you before about myself during in my first visit. Nvm. I will write it again.

I am kelly, from malaysia, currently 23 years old, a counseling student. One of my dreams is to travel around the world while contributing my services especially to the kids.

I found you from Malaysia magazine, CLEO. Love reading the way you blog. You have inspired me along the way. Thx u and God bless u.



im meg! im 28 and i live in boston with my manfriend (like, he's literally moving in this week!), and furry cat, cosmo. i'm a counselor full time, and am also in nursing school full time. so therefore im kind of a nutjob because im constantly all over the board, but kind of in love with it at the same time. i love: running, the ocean, black and white photographs, gin & tonic, lipgloss, SHOES, yoga, spending time with elderly people, and finding the perfect perfume.
nice to meet you!


I'm Kelly, 19 years old, and also from a one-stoplight town. In three days time I'll embark on a summer-long roadtrip across America with one of the BFF's! I think I just wanted to find out what "blogging" was all about so I stumbled about some random ones and ended up loving Yes and Yes!

PS as soon as I'm settled with school and a job again I'm DEF investing in some of those Karma cards!


Hay Sarah! I'm Robyn. I've been reading your blog for quite some time – I found it a while ago when you did a feature on Painfully Hip.

I'm 22 and a Philosophy Undergrad in my last year. Not entirely sure what I am going to do after. It will involve working and saving up for grad school, and travelling and doing fun things and working on my blog! Also, within the month I will be launching my very own Etsy store! I am so excited.

Anyway, I love your blog – I always find it so inspiring.



Hi, y'all ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm Ashley – originally from Alabama but now working through grad school in Virginia (rhetoric and writing, so I'm with you on the awesome word usage). I live on the first floor of a fabulous early-1900s house with my hubby and adorable beagle Lucy (yes, I named her after the Peanuts character), and one of my best friends lives upstairs. It's a pretty sweet arrangement. I usually travel with a herd of geography guys – it's a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I love non-grandma embroidery, rearranging my furniture, trivia, my Tuesday night supper club with my cohort, and reading sci-fi.

I think I found the blog via Daddy Likey or Bright Side Dweller…I do remember that the first post I read was about the gorgeous, happy calendar. I stuck around for the theme parties and true stories – and, most of all, the absolute exuberance.


Hi! I'm Patricia, and I'm 30 years old, 5 of them I have lived in the U.S. trying to get my PhD in Epidemiology (hopefully soon). I love your blog, although I cannot remember how I found it (possibly a google search on what to wear for a trip?) Every time I read you I think you would make a wonderful friend!

miss congeniality

Helloooo ๐Ÿ™‚
I'm Magdalena, from Vienna, Austria, I'm 18 years old and I dont even remember how I stumbled upon your blog… I think i was just browsing through the internet and somebody must have linked your blog or something… but i stopped because of the witty and random comments in your articles ๐Ÿ˜‰ every sentence bears a little surprise in it. I like to read a lot and I'm a pretty fast reader, but I have this weird thing for actually OWNING books so I can mark all the words and phrases I really like, so my hobby is getting kind of expensive ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like to travel also, but i don't know if i'd have the guts to just leave everything behind and travel without plans and money. I like the feeling of staying somewhere longer than only a couple of weeks, so I can get to know the culture and make good friends. when i was 16, i spent half a year in the US of A to do just that and last year I had an internship in Belgium (the French speaking part) to learn French and make some new experiences. More to come i hope! i started blogging too, but i kind of gave up on it – reading is a lot more fun and i don't have that much to tell. as a real girl, I also love chocolate and cozy nights at home, but I can be a real socializer and go to parties too. If you ever plan on going to Vienna, let me know so we can hang out! ๐Ÿ˜€


I'm Hannah, 25 and I'm from, and currently still live in Bristol in England. It's a rather great city. I work for a big Finnish mobile phone company (rhymes with Schmokia) and I do front-end web development (html + css) on their music service/store.
I found Yes+Yes via DaddyLikey.



I'm Jo, 32 (goodness how the time flies!) and currently teaching adorable primary schoolers. I've lived in Australia and England but would love to see a lot more of the world. I can't remember how I found your blog (galadarling?) but I have to say I've enjoyed reading it immensely.

Oh, and I have to say, I find your posts about travelling truly inspiring. I've become somewhat lazy about big trips now that I've "settled down" but I still have a dream of doing a big RTW trip someday.


hey there, sarah!
i am lauren, i am 27 (AHH!) and i discovered your blog when it was the featured 'blog of the day'!! i am from a small town in CT and i am really in the mood to take a trip! particularly someplace warm! ๐Ÿ˜‰
i am a lover of photography, the written word, a good work of fiction, scrapbooking and my family's stories. blogging is the perfect medium for me! ๐Ÿ™‚
i am stuck in an office m-f, 8-5, but when i am on my own time, i am alive!! i very much enjoy your space on the 'net and i hope you continue sharing your stories, words, hopes and dreams!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi! I'm Laurence. I'm 29. I live in Canada. Montreal that is. But I'm originally from a one-stoplight town too!!
I live with my Mr. and my cats and I couldn't be happier! We went to Nashville for our honeymoon, since we both love music and pulled pork!
I loooove cooking and good wine!
I just released my first album (it's on iTunes too, yay!) and I am very happy about how things are going so far!
Hopefully with this career I'll get to travel more!
It was nice meeting you all!

Tora Alexandersen

You have so many nice readers!
My name is Tora and I'm 23. At the moment I'm in Portugal on Erasmus (European exchange program), I sort of live in Cornwall, England where I study photography and i come from the Lofoten island in the north of Norway.
What I like about your blog is the diversity of it, from the true stories to your adventures.
So funny that many of the readers have the travelling bug.
Now i sould continue to work on all the papers I have to do, but I'm not good at consentrating.
Take care xx


Hi! I'm Mandy, and I am a 24 (almost 25…hello quarter life crisis) year old living in Los Angeles. I work at a study abroad office, sending students off into the big world. I studied in England for a year, and then went back and worked there after graduation, so I have a bit of an affinity for all Anglo things. Also, it gave me a huge love of travel, and I'm always planning the next adventure (the last was Thailand, the next is a weekend trip to the SF Bay Area!) Other than that, I'm a huge bookworm, big explorer, an aspiring photographer, and a fan of bad TV. Nice to meet everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Amy --- Just A Titch

Hi Sarah! I'm Amy, and I'm a 27-year-old English teacher living in Sacramento, CA — just an hour from San Francisco and wine country and Lake Tahoe, which is pretty perfect for adventures. I currently teach 8th grade but due to budget issues, I have NO JOB and am currently constructing a brand new life plan! I dream of writing and working in social media and editing and doing all sorts of other fun things. I've never travelled, but am starting to scheme ways to eat bread and cheese in Paris and then who knows! I love thrift stores, guzzle coffee and love to tell stories and listen to them. I found Yes and Yes via my friend The Maiden Metallurgist and it's become my absolute fave, because like you I want to save the world and look cute and live a great life all at once.

Happy 2nd Birthday! You're so lovely.


My name is Sarah, I am 31 and come from Hull in the UK.

I work in Education, currently as a Learning Mentorbut I am looking to work as a music teacher again but abroad.

I have my own blog which Sarah has very kindly helped me with (I have found some of the layout issues a bit of a headache!)

Speaking of which…… I am on your blog roll as "so this is the secret" but I have changed the name of my blog to the following:

Any chance of an update? Pretty please?




*waves happily*
Hi, my name is Karen. I'm a 22-year-old, slightly insane Belgian. Lived in this tiny country of mine all my life but did have a three-month stint in Sweden, a couple of weeks in the UK and visited France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany and Denmark.

I'm an English and music teacher and an actor. Right now I'm rehearsing for a musical while teaching full-time.

Don't really remember how I found Yes and Yes, I think it was three months ago and then I read through your archive in like three days. Hahaha.

I'm a lover of literature (Shakespeare is my first true love… hahaha), good food, baking, travelling, singing and dancing. And I love me a silly joke. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hellooooo. Nice to meet you (although I have been reading Yes and Yes for ages). I'm 21 and a Politics graduate: now looking for a proper job in Politics.

And you're totally rocking the Harem Pants.


Hi, I'm Aly. I'm 17, currently living in France as an exchange student for a half-year (though I'll be done soon), but I'm from North Carolina. I came across your blog from either Already Pretty or Daddy Likey, though I forget which now. I'm rather obsessive about checking it, and I've sent it on to my mom, who needs a good dose of happy in her life. Your blog always makes me smile and/or think, so thanks for your wonderful contribution to the interwebs! ๐Ÿ˜€

I spend my days here mixing up my two languages (as I'm now fluent in French– WHOO! :D), getting lost, and generally having adventures. I like to take pictures and have a bad habit of breaking my camera doing fun things, and I love to write when my brain hasn't turned into Franglais-slush. Andddd, I dream of becoming an [international] environmental lawyer, because I'm a tree-hugger, and nothing would make me happier than to save as much of the earth as possible. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

*internet happy-dance?*


oh hi!

My name is Rachel and I'm 23…24 in 2 months (yikes). 8 months ago I packed up my bags and moved from Wisconsin to Oakland, California even though I had never been there.

Luckily I found a job rather soon and now work at a small art college near my house. Moving cross country didn't radically change my life like I hoped it would and now I'm dreaming of another big move.

I'm a photographer and a poet and a weirdo. My blog used to be called "The Life of a Lovechild" and then my coworkers found it and I ended it last month. I'm on the hunt for a new blog title.

"The Maiden Metallurgist" linked to this blog sometime last year and I've been hooked ever since.

Nice to meet you!

Sara Lyn Filliman

HI! i'm sara. i love your blog (but not capitol letters so much. obviously.) i am 25, and a california native. i recently relocated to washington, dc where i enjoy a great deal of things. i love love love to travel and have been to 28 countries myself! my best travel experiences were when i climbed mt. kilimanjaro and raised money for a few non-profits in tanzania 2 years ago, and when i spent three weeks teaching english in thailand last year. i'm leaving for peru in a month and can't. freaking. wait.

the best part about yes and yes to me is that i am re-inspired to continue to seek out my "what's next". i currently spend time working for a biggity big, global consulting company – the perks of course being good pay and some travel. the rest (including the work) bores me to tears. your reminders of the importance of pursuing what you love and the overall cheeriness of the blog are just so darn fantastic. also, i was inspired to recently start a blog myself!


Hello, my name's Caroline and I'm 20 years old. I'm from Canada, Toronto, Ontario to be exact.

I enjoy just about anything related to the arts, but especially art, music, and illustration. This is why in my spare time, you'll most likely find me drawing, playing guitar, at a show, or watching a film! Currently I'm majoring in illustration at university…my dream afterwards is to become a children's illustrator. I think illustration is so important, it can communicate messages and transcend language barriers.I also really enjoy traveling. My dream is to travel to Europe one day. I love traveling because there's so much to see out there, so why limit yourself to one place? In case you can't already tell, I like to dream big!

I'm a pescetarian and have been so for 3 years. I believe in respecting life and the world around us, which means taking care of the earth and the people on it. I can see beauty in the little things in life, but nature really does it for me.

One of the most important things for me is to have an open mind. I like when people are open to all sorts of things….diversity is what makes life beautiful.

Now I can't remember how I found yes and yes, but I'm glad I did! I really enjoy reading the entries, and they can be pretty uplifting too. Congrats on the anniversary, and keep it up! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ellie Di

Hey Sarah! I'm Ellie, 26, and I've been reading Yes and Yes for a whole year now. I believe I left my first comment on your one-year-birthday post, actually…

A bit about me: I'm an American who married a Canadian last year and moved to Ontario. I love the people up here, but damn this weather in the winter! I tutor English and Essay Writing at an online company I've been with for over seven years, and I'm looking to branch into big-girl editing soon. I also just started my third blog (!) recently and have been loving the hell out of it.

Thanks so much for all the awesome here at Yes and Yes. I can't wait to see what the next year brings!


I'm Isis, age 22 and three-quarters, and I'm from Boston, soon to relocate with my husband to upstate NY (I feel your Minnesota-winters pain). I just graduated from an all-women's college with a B.A. in English Lit. With that and the master's degree I'm starting in the fall, I'm going to be a teacher and use my infectious enthusiasm (ร  la Anne of Green Gables) and my non-nonsense attitude (ร  la Marmee) to convince sullen adolescents that books by dead white guys are worthwhile.
I love photography! I try to take my camera everywhere I go, which means that when I run into really cute doggies I can take pictures of them and post them on flickr ๐Ÿ™‚
I found Yes & Yes via Already Pretty and you, Sarah Von, may be personally responsible for my graduating 1.5 weeks ago as a result of your blog response to my email back in December:
So thank you. And nice to meet you, too!

Kathryn Schoon-Tanis

hi! my name is kathy and i just (just, just…like 2 weeks ago) defended my dissertation in secondary english education (curriculum, instruction, and teacher education). whoa! i'm 37, which makes me one of your oldest readers (i may be the oldest given the brief skim i just did)? i'm still 25 in my mind. i, too, grew up in a one-stoplight town (in michigan)…add to it that i'm a preacher's kid *and* a middle child, and you can draw a number of accurate pictures. (;
i have a 21-month-old daughter, and i want her to be just like you when she grows up (or have someone like you as a bff). she got her first passport today!

little girl

Hi, my name is Eliza. I am twenty years old and live in Utah. I also grew up in a town with one stoplight, although it now sadly bosts four stoplights and has gotten too big for its britches, if you ask me.
I attended a tiny college in the middle of nowhere and studied art and printmaking, which I dearly love. I also had many adventures there involving the mountains, myriads of local artists, costume thursdays, and domesticated zebras.
I now live not so much in the middle of nowhere, where I attended fashion school and learned how to make pretty things like hats and embroidered stockings (among other things). I also started a new blog about my fashion thoughts, based upon menswear for women, one of my ultimate favorite things.
I love reading and writing and drawing and creating and watching too many documentaries for my own good. I eat way too much candy and have no sense of the term 'moderation.' I am now preparing to serve a mission for my church, and can't wait to see a different part of the world.


I don't even remember anymore how I got to your blog, haha. Maybe someone mentioned you.

Either way, I'm Jennifer. I'm 19 and just finished my first year of college. Like this summer, I live with my family: dad, step-mother, younger brother and grandmother.

My life encompasses photography and writing. It's what it's all about. I have a Canon that I keep with me as often as I can and a memo pad always at the ready to be written in.

I have dreams and things I want to do and they make me excited just thinking about them. I think part of my reasoning for doing this is because I haven't been many places in my life. In fact, I haven't been out of the south yet. I live in GA, I have been to TN, North and South Carolina and that is virtually it. There are so many places I have yet to see, so many people I have yet to meet. My dream is to go to all of those places and capture all of it and tell those stories through writing and photography. I am studying journalism right now, and I want to write for a newspaper, but I think I'm starting to lean towards magazine feature stories. I am still not sure yet. I still enjoy writing for papers, so maybe I'll be fine staying there. But I do love editorial photojournalism which is where my traveling comes into play. I've said it on my blog before: I want to be moved by others and move them as well…

Umm… My favorite cause, which I think is my motivation and inspiration for a lot of what I do is To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA). I hope to eventually intern for them one day, provided I can gather the money for it. I have a feeling it'll be after college, though…

I have been devising a bucket list of everywhere I want to see and everywhere I want to get things and photograph things from. It's a long list, but I just remembered Wisconsin and its cheese, thanks to you, haha. Adding it to the list now. ๐Ÿ˜‰


So I'm by no means new to this blog. But I'm answering anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

24, New Yorker currently residing in sunny California, writer/soon-to-be traveler (Europe in September!) and major yes and yes lover.

Lurvely to meet you, missy!


I'm L, a 21-year-old out of Ottawa, Canada. I've been reading Yes & Yes for a while now.. probably through Daddy Likey? Not too sure.
I'm itching to travel a bit (my Holy Grail is Greece, & I'm planning on a trip with the BFF soon), but am also having way too much fun with this "being a grown-up" business (hello redecorating the apartment!)
I'm also a big believer in the unconventional life path – I actually started a B.A. in Linguistics before it all getting derailed, and am now a booking agent at a modeling agency.
I've recently started a tumblr, but am not totally in love with it yet – maybe I need to switch platforms/get a reader or two!


Hi! Brittany is on my birth certificate, but i prefer just britt. Im 15 years old and found Y&Y in December when it was a Blog of Note. I wish I could say I have the traveling bug like a couple of others (and you Sarah), but my curfew is 11 so…not much distance can be covered. But maybe someday ๐Ÿ™‚ My brother is currently in Thailand, so I guess he's traveling for the both of us. I love Yes and Yes! Oh, and frog cupcakes!


Hello! To Sarah and everyone!

I'm Jess, I'm 24, and I live in the UK. UK born and bred, in fact – I grew up in Oxfordshire and Cornwall and recently moved to green Gloucestershire. My folks live in Lanarkshire, Scotland, so I technically visit another country regularly. (And yes, Shires are a big theme over here). I'm working as a website editor at an education charity but I really want to be running away to foreign climes.

Hence reading Yes and Yes a lot. It's fun, inspirational, and makes me feel like I *will* escape this island one day soon. Thank you, Sarah Von! Here's to another two years.


Did you get the map of Wisconsin cheese factories at the Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee? If so, WHY DID YOU NOT SAY YOU WERE IN MILWAUKEE?!


I'm Tegan, I'm 21 years old working as a copywriter and marketing consultant while balancing school. I'm from the hot suburbs of Phoenix, AZ where we just reached our first 100 degree day of the year.

I spend my free time (and $$) on entirely frivolous things like video games, pretty clothes, fancy drinks, and a ridiculous amount of cat toys and food for 3 stray cats that live outside (I'm too allergic to take them in). I take life day by day and keep it simple.

I found Yes and Yes over a year ago when I was looking for blogs to send free stuff to from a company I worked for, and I got hooked!


Chris here but everyone calls me Crumble. I live in New Zealand which is called "Gods Own Country" so that is why so many people love it ๐Ÿ™‚

I teach history in a wee town in Centrl Otago which is pretty sweet as.

Love my job, love my life and looking forward to what happens in the future!

Found yes and yes when I was looking at blogs just after I started writing mine ๐Ÿ™‚



i'm emmy, i just moved to new zealand from sweden for the sake of love and all cheesy things. i dance samba, write things, and i got directed to yes and yes by our lovely friend jade. i blog too.

it's very nice to meet you.


oh, it's so early in the morning that i forgot two facts.

1, my biggest blog mission right now is to try everything from the guest post steff metal did and blog about it.

2, i'm 26.

chur bol!


I'm Holly and I'm turning 25 next month and having a little bit of a crisis about it.

I live in Scotland but grew up in England so I have an accent like a lost farmer. I work at a ski centre and I love dinosaurs and naps and food (especially cheese, you would love cheese from the UK!) and cinema.

I started blogging two years ago when I set myself the challenge of quitting shopping for a whole year. In that year I only bought food and everyday toiletries. I paid off debt, saved a lot of cash and now I'm a better person for it.

I've been reading Yes and Yes for about six months (found via Daddy Likey) and can't get enough. Every post is so inspiring and I just wish I knew some people who were as cool as you in real life.

Keep up the great work!

Jessica Norman

Hi I'm Jessica. I'm 25. love to travel and have a sick obsession with going to Europe! I lived in Florence, Italy for a semester on a study abroad program and loved every single minute. I work as a customer service agent for an airline and do photography part time (which I'm hoping turns in to full time in the near future).

I believe in accepting people for who they are regardless of race, sex, religion or lifestyle. I also believe that love has the power to change a person and that everyone should encourage people to reach their full potential and chase after their dreams.


Hi Sara,
I'm Chrissy, 55 and live in Ca. I've got two adult girls and one teenage son.. I am enjoying my 'retirement' with reading, re designing my garden, photographing anything and everything that I see in my daily life… I came by your site while surfing after I set up my page here a few months ago.. Loved your sense of humor and your writing..


Hi Sara!

My name is asta. I'm 31 going on 11. I live on a moss covered island in western Canada but have given my notice and will be heading to Finland for 7 weeks in July (hopefully that volcano stops spewing ash since I'm flying through Iceland). I work as a Registered Massage Therapist in an alternative health centre.
I'm hoping to sell most of my life/belongings in the next month and have no idea where I'll end up this fall (Halifax? Europe? Mountaintop?) It's both frightening & exciting!

Nikki Elisabeth

Hey! I'm Nikki. I'm 25 and from Auckland, New Zealand (at the moment). I'm about being a young mama, an almost-anarchist, an almost-1950s-housewife, a feminist, a rosy-tinted-glasses sort, and generally trying to improve my writing and make people laugh with my blog. I think. I change my mind regularly.
I found yes and yes through my friend George, who I think you met at Vic Uni. George and I spent an awful lot of time in the computer room in Von Zedlitz in 2007 and he recommended that I read your blog. And I did! And I liked it! I live vicariously through the adventures posted on your blog. Thanks!

Sarah Von Bargen

Nikki! I, too, spent too much time in the von Zedlitz computer lab! And at lots of house parties in Kelburn with George. Ahhhh, good times. It's great to meet you!


Hello! I'm Kate – also from Auckland, New Zealand. Almost 30, Mum of 3 lovely girls. My current obsessions are attaching flowers and buttons onto things to make them pretty, colours, reading, participating in walks that sound sporty (when I'm anything but!), and believe whole heartedly in anti dieting / body acceptance, home birth and mental health days!
Not sure how I found you, but you've been my favourite blog, my internet happy place since I did find you. I think you won me over by loving NZ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ana Lore

Hi !! I'm Ana, 24 in a couple of weeks (!!), from Mexico.
I used to teach English as a second language, before going back to school to study interior architecture
Currently, I work at a new business with my mom (a beach bar) as a manager/bartender/waitress/cleaner for the first time ever! it's not as easy as i thought it would be, but a good thing is I'm able to meet people from all over the world. I love learning about where they live and practicing languages
I love languages, and spent about a year in Germany learning the language.
Since then, I ALWAYS have wanderlust.

I love your blog, it's so inspiring. <3


heya. i'm darcie. i'm 30. i live in minnesota, very near our dear hostess. for now. it seems she's always going out into the world, but somehow she always makes it back here. she is currently trying to bribe me to take her to the airport come october. i'm reluctant, but she's offering this really sweet, black diesel jacket. who could say no? she knows i'm addicted to black clothes.

what am i about? hm. well. i'm about a lot of things. fundamentally, i love my friends and family and being comfortable. and i love a good challenge. this is probably why two of my Most Important's also happen to be two of the MOST DRIVEN people you'll ever meet, if you can stop them from the frenzy to introduce yourself. Sarah and my husband, they are both pretty incredible and i'm lucky to have them both to push me, to get me out of the house and to eat new cheese with/drink new beer with, respectively.

but seriously, sar. i'd be remiss as a bff, if i couldn't stop being a weirdo hermitter and tell you that your blog is awesome. you are so inspiring and that Yes & Yes is paving the way for big things. it's all in the name ๐Ÿ™‚ xox-d



I'm Hannah and I am 18 years old. I am from Texas(ish). I spent my high school years in a little bitty town in the Hill Country. It was here that I fell in love with my God. Here that I spent summer after summer with my high school sweetheart, N. Here that I rode around in trucks on dirt roads and swam in rivers that ran through my backyard. Here that I fell in love with country music. Here that I basically lived out a Taylor Swift song.

I also was friends with the odd ones out, and we all graduated a year early and got the heck out of here. I went off to school at a small private university known for its study abroad. I hated it. So I left and did what God wanted to and what made me feel happy. I transferred at semester to Texas Tech University. N goes there and I love that we are in love there together. I declared my major as Interior Design w/ a double minor of Architecture and Retail. And I am excited. About everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

I found you by pure chance.

Thanks for getting to know me!


Hello there!

I'm Tara, and I'm 19 years old. I'm an northeastern American Capricorn (originally from Maryland, but now in Pennsylvania). I love traveling and will be spending a portion of my summer studying in Tanzania.


Hi! I'm Sarah and I do believe i come from the same town in Australia as Polly up there . I came to your blog via smaggle…

I'm 34, a Phd student doing a thesis in international relations… I've lived in Zambia, Papua New Guinea, and Norway and visited most of SE Asia and Oceania. Funnily enough, I've never been to the UK or the US – will be in both places next year doing fieldwork. Yay!

I love to run, to play bad but sweet guitar, and to have my BF make me parmesan marshmellows.

I come back to your blog because of the feeling it gives that its OK to be anal retentive, confident and ambitious.

cheers, thanks for the blog.


Helloo!! My name is Erin and I just cannot get enough of your blog! Read it every day! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the fabulous-ness!! I'm from Natural Bridge( yes, the natural rock bridge that brings that attracts tons of visitors and people seeking to get away from city life) , Virginia (here's a photo if you'd like to see it- ) I've lived in this valley my whole life! Despite the lack of "things" to do/entertainment, I still love it- nothing like the gorgeous mountains and the James River!
Oddly enough, I found Yes and Yes upon looking for orthagnathic (jaw) surgery blogs! I'm scheduled to get jaw surgery next year and I was looking for support (interestingly, there are lots of jaw surgery blogs on the web! soo helpful). I found the link to this site on someone's blogroll- and unexpectedly ended up reading something much more uplifting, helpful, and fascinating– the Yes and Yes blog!! THANK YOU for such a consistently amazing blog that will continue to spark my interest well past my jaw surgery days! ๐Ÿ™‚


Long time reader, first time commenter. Can't remember how I found you, but I think it was blobs of note. Emily is my name, 26 years old, currently residing in Boise, Idaho. I love potatoes and string cheese and chocolate chip cookies. I have huge life aspirations, but never follow through with any of them. Working on it though. And this blog of yours? Definitely helps. Happy 2nd birthday!


I'm Vikki, I'm 26 and I live in Oxford uk with my housemate Dave and my black (witchcat) Mabel.I work in publishing and teach music in my 'soare time. I found your blog as a link from the land of Smaggle, which I adore. Happy 2nd birthday, here is to many more.

Vikki x

Sarah girl

I'm Sarah too! I'm 26 and currently hail from Seattle, WA. I found your amazing blog from a link from some other blog (can't remember which one) but it was to the '12 Fresh Starts for a New Year" post and I found it so charming and got hooked in from there!

I'm just finishing up my nursing school degree after getting an awesome-in-theory-but-not-in-practice BA in psych. I work in our city's amazing trauma hospital on the burns/pediatric trauma acute floor and will soon be a nurse there! I haven't travelled any further than Florida so far, but hopt to make it out to Europe for fun, New Zealand to visit a friend, and Africa for volunteer health care work before popping out some kiddos. I have an amazing husband who works too much but plays hard.

I love watching movies, reading anything I get my hands on, eating good food, rockin' out while cleaning house or driving around, and dancing until my I can't stand any longer. I require living near large bodies of water and love the west coast.

Nice to meet you officially!


I don't think I've ever left a comment here before! I'm Louise, I'm 23, living in Australia and just weeks away from finishing my post grad in Media Studies, yay!

I'm currently wearing a stripey op shopped jumper, so I love Salvo shopping too.

I can't remember how I stumbled across your blog, but it's inpired me to move my Google Reader away from blogs about clothing I can't afford to blogs written by amazing, inspirational women.


Ok, now it's my turn;) My name is Karolina, I'm 19 (will be 20 in September) and I'm Polish. I'm a university student (cognitive linguistics, translation studies, English lit ate my potential majors),I also design scenography and costumes for the university drama classes. My parents love travelling, so I've travelled lots since my childhood (As Poland is practically in the centre of Europe it's relatively close anywhere either way). I've also lived a few years in Houston, TX. This, as well as reading and watching American and English (and Irish!) books and TV/films made me practically billingual;)

I have no idea how I got to know Yes and Yes, but it was about 1,5 ago!
Happy Birthday YY!


Hi Sarah et al. My name is Retta, I'm 36 and I'm not sure now how I arrived at your blog but I have been reading it for a while. I live in Lexington, KY and I'm a graphic designer turned lately into more of a trainer on using technology and social tools to university faculty and staff.

I spent my 20s being extremely responsible and safe (I graduated college, got a job immediately and bought a house). Then I hit my 30s, more specifically 35, and decided I should have seen more of the world and been more adventurous. I'm trying to make up for it now. Last year my husband and I drove from Kentucky to Alaska and back in five weeks. That trip fueled our desire to travel more and now we are thinking of all kinds of destinations.

I love reading your blog, everything from the travel and adventure to the personal stories and fun finds. And what a lovely group of readers you have here as well! Is is nice to hear their stories too.



I'm AJ, I'm 21 and I live in Chester in the UK. I am currently studying to become a Dietitian and making grand plans for the future. But for the mean time I live with Mr Big and my little fluffy dog Joe (who, if he were a person, would be a big hair rugby player – alas he is a little dog!) spending too much time reading and listening to new music, buzzing around wearing pretty dresses and throwing Lord of the Rings and Star Trek quotes into conversation unnoticed (I think anyway).

I found Yes and Yes from Chicken Soup for the Dorky Soul and it has totally changed the way I think. Love, love, love!

Thankyou Sarah Von!


I'm Melissa. I'm 18. I'm studying social work and spanish starting next year. I knit and sew a lot of my own clothes, box for fun, and am straight edge; I'm obsessed with marching band and play the flute, and am learning to flag and play trombone this summer. I love Tamora Pierce and Ducky from pretty in pink. I think I found yes and yes from a link on


I'm dee, I'm 26 years old, and I live in Kentville, Nova Scotia. We have three stop lights, so I guess that's something. I work in tech support, but hopefully not for much longer. I have no idea how I found yes and yes. I'm kind of known for that. People at work ask me all the time how I find so many awesome things on the internet, and I just shrug and say, "I click on stuff, and awesome things appear." I love the internet. I also love the boyfriend, my beagle and my kitty. I blog sporadically, take lots of picture and am slowly learning to cook better.


Sara Von!!! OMG your blog is in my top five favorites of all time. I always get excited when your posts pop up because they always make me smile, think, and honestly just feel good about myself and life!

Anyhoo… enough gushing. This is all about moi, right? Anyway I'm Chelsea. I grew up partly in Los Angeles and partly in Washington DC. Now live in the SF Bay Area, which is my fave of the three (despite the horrendously boring non-hot weather). I am enGAYged to the love of my life who happens to be a woman that prefers boy's clothes (HOT), and we live together in Oakland with 500 million other lesbian couples ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, not with them, we have our own apartment, but I gotta rep my city with the highest number of lesbian couples per capita… what what!

My passions include women's health, women's empowerment around self confidence and BODY IMAGE, and women's empowerment around childbirth. I currently work for the most bad ass department at a large University, but it's not my life's work. I'm hoping to become a doula in the next year, and then after that maybe a social worker or get more into yoga or… oh I don't know. Don't have it quite figured out, but enjoying the journey ๐Ÿ™‚




I love your blog, I'm in the habit of trying to celebrate gratitude everyday and I love that there is a blog our there that celebrates the "fun" and "zeal" for life.

I'm Jenna-an impulsive, young professional, with a flair for mishaps and mayhem, a knack for meeting interesting individuals everywhere I go, and a commitment to adventure. I'm the typical Blonde-tall and curvy oozing with confidence from every pore-I believe in celebrating who I am down to even my unsightly pimples. I live in Boston where I moved after growing up in Michigan, living in Chicago, Texas, and London-and really love the excitement of being alone in a big city.

My passions include the ballet, reading, writing, blogging, my cat, and running far more than my body likes.

I love, love, love Yes and Yes!


I'm Vicki; I live & love in Oklahoma, USofA. I'm slightly unemployed at the moment, but I'm a wannbe blogger (over at Queen of Small and I do some writing/editing/grant stuff when I am getting paid.
I found Yes & Yes through my friend Tara's now defunct blog Nothing Elegant. Whee!


Hello! I'm Joelle a 24 year old homeschool and Bible College graduate who has been thoroughly enjoying yes and yes for over a year now. Though I cannot remember how I stumbled my way in here.

My life has been about change and travel recently. I recently moved to Northern Idaho and now I'm learning how to start life over as I've never moved before. When employed I've taught Fiction of C.S. Lewis, been an editor and web designer. And I've self published two books and 'taught' myself how to lose weight.

yes and yes became part of 'my check daily' list because of the travel advice! I've studied abroad and traveled some around the States and look forward to seeing more of the world in my life time.


Hi, y'all. I'm Jae, 22 (and a half!) and recent discoverer of Y&Y. I don't remember how I stumbled my way here, but I first read your posts about what to do after college and was hooked.

Despite traveling around the entire US at this point, I've lived my whole life in Alabama and went to college at good ol' UA: Roll Tide! I'm an English major who refuses to teach, and right now I just started a new job in a bookstore.

I'm living on my own these days in Birmingham with the Indestructable Puppy, my ten-month-old Lab mix Blair. So far, she's eaten the garden hose, a gutter, porch screens, duct tape, decks of cards, my boyfriend's wallet and work ID badge, paint, and more roadkill than I care to remember; but we still manage to get by and have a good time together. When I'm not getting woken up at 7 am by huge sad brown eyes and a very wet tongue in my face.


I'm Nikki! *waves* I just turned 30 and I live on the South Island of New Zealand with my lovely husband Luke.

I am an Australian citizen and I find it impossible to live in one place for more than 12 months at a time.. My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years and in that time we have lived in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and now New Zealand.

We are both vegans, and we both love to cook, for my husband it is a career and for me it is a hobby, I have my own vegan food blog where I share all my recipes.

We are expecting our first child in January and will be homebirthing with a midwife.

I've been a reader of Yes and Yes for so long now that I don't even remember how I found you, but one of my photos was featured in the beautiful 2010 yes and yes calendar and I have a fabulous supply of your karma cards in my operation beautiful kit and I love leaving them around town for people to discover.


Hi Sarah! I'm Amy, I'm 26 and I found your totally awesome, life-affirming blog via Sal's Already Pretty blog. I live in Stamford, CT and I have a completely dull cubicle existence by day (made better by fabulously chic blogs such as your own) that pays the bills and the mad student loans, and I go to grad school at night for my master's in English Lit. I have itchy travel feet but have only been to a few places, so I find your tales of adventure impressive and inspiring! I am engaged to an awesome boy and getting married next year in Sleepy Hollow, NY (told you I was an English Lit nerd haha). Yes and Yes lets me takes a few minutes from my crazy life schedule and the wedding planning insanity and remember to take a deep breath, that I'm "doing everything right" and that big adventures and small fun (love your new closet, I am an organizing freak too!) are possible and lurk around every corner. Thanks for being awesome, I love it here. Keep up the great work!


I'm a fairly new reader, so I appreciated this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

My name is Rebecca, and I'm 21 (soon to be 22) years old. I believe in living life how I want to live it. I believe that what others think about me is none of my business. I spent the first half of my life in beautiful Southern California where I had not a care in the world. Then we moved to Wyoming where there was such a thing as incredibly, incredibly shitty weather all year round and such a thing as no shopping mall. Sad days. So I've lived here for a while. Went to school for massage therapy in Utah shortly after graduating, but then decided that wasn't for me. Now I'm just a manager at McDonald's (oh yeah, I'm cool) until I figure out what I actually want to do. Kind of thinking about personal training. I love fitness and exercise and nutrition and all that fun stuff. Oh, and I currently live with my boyfriend and two cats. I love to read, dance, and laugh until I cry. I found your fabulous blog from Dolphina of the Goddess Workout. So glad that I did. ๐Ÿ™‚


holy comments, batman! just popped over to say hi ๐Ÿ™‚
a) newly 26
b) maryland
c) being as awesome as i can for as long as i can
d) i bought one of the fabulous yes and yes calendars, and couldn't resist following your blog, too

i don't comment much, but i love your blog


I didn't even notice that it looks like you only have one leg, until you pointed it out. Then it made me laugh out loud. Thanks,

and its nicetameetcha


While I believe I have only commented on your blog once it is one of my favorites.

My name is Andie, I'm 30 (and I'm proudly not freaked out about being 30) and I live in DC. And we already have something in common – we both believe in The Salvation Army.

Finding your blog was a happy accident – I typed in a web address incorrectly and you showed up on the search list ๐Ÿ™‚



I am Tarryn, I am a 23 year old South African, living i Cape Town and currently battling vuvuzelas and world cup fever. I am also currently doing my Masters in Social Anthropology at the University of Cape Town… So the plate is most definitely full.

You are most awesome, and when I first read your blog my auto-reaction was "iwanttobeher". *ego stroke*





I am Shelly. I am 31. I have been reading your blog for a few months and I love it! I am a registered nurse, but am currently pursing a degree in journalism. My new career path makes me extremely happy. I have severe anxiety, but I dont let it stop me from doing things I love (even if I am hyperventilating at the most inappropriate time). I love my dog and we are currently working on becoming a therapy team (so we can visit retirement homes and hospitals).

Anyway, thanks for your blog!



I am Shelly. I am 31. I have been reading your blog for a few months and I love it! I am a registered nurse, but am currently pursing a degree in journalism. My new career path makes me extremely happy. I have severe anxiety, but I dont let it stop me from doing things I love (even if I am hyperventilating at the most inappropriate time). I love my dog and we are currently working on becoming a therapy team (so we can visit retirement homes and hospitals).

Anyway, thanks for your blog!


YES to healing powers of The Office, especially watching with one's sibling. =)

I'm 19 years old, my current home is in Arizona, and I am a theater and film actress. Right now I'm obsessed with black and white photography, Benny and Joon, legs, lists, and Regina Spektor's song "Love is a Whore."


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