Spring-ful Songs

It’s not here yet, you guys. I’m lusting after Spring with a fervor usually reserved for grad students with curly dark hair and dog-earred copies of Slaughterhouse Five. One of my coping mechanisms? This bunch of Spring-esque songs. Have a listen and imagine yourself wearing a cardigan and wellingtons, buying daffodils at the Farmers’ Market.When You Walk In The Room – Fyfe Dangerfield

Shark In The Water – VV Brown
Ambling Alp – Yeasayer
Cousins – Vampire Weekend
Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons
Tying My Shoes – Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps
Summertime Clothes – Animal Collective
Walking On A Dream – Empire of the SunWhat’s music are you loving at the moment?



These are so great. I cannot wait for spring, this winter's been so long!
I've got really quite into Jeff Buckley at the minute for some reason :/ Oh and Florence + the Machine – that album is fantastic!

Lola Sharp

I too love your song choices…

My happy, poppy, spring beckoning, cant-take-this-cold-grey-crap-one-more-second music while driving right now is Owl City (the Ocean Eyes album) or the Clash's Combat Rock…hard to feel miz listening either of these albums.

However, these are my current obsessions (as a writer, I often write w/ music on for mood and inspiration)…while not at all 'spring summoning', it is my current favorite music and writing playlist:

~Written in Reverse by Spoon
~New Fang by Then Crooked Vultures (their entire album is working for me right now)
~Wrong by Depeche Mode (I'm a lifetime fan of them, they so still got it!)
~Trigger Happy Jack by Poe (swoon!)
~Vampire Weekend's Contra album
~Alkaline Trio's This Addiction album
~Jonsi's Go album is full of AWESOME!

Moody scene faves:
~Snuff by Slipknot (a [good] slow depressing song perfect for a sad/moody scene)
~Phantogram, Eyelid Moves

Make it a Happy Humpday!


I love Yeasayer, so I can't wait to check out the rest of these songs! Anything that adds a little spring to my day is amazing.


That's so funny! I felt the same way this morning when I woke up, so dressed up in one of my most 'Spring-y' dresses! 😀 I CAN'T wait for spring!! love the playlist too!


A Tender History In Rust by Do Make Say Think has been the theme song for most of my driving adventures recently.

And, you have lovely a taste in music. Animal Collective is a personal favorite 🙂


I loved the songs! They're quite fun, and definitely spring-like! Your blog always has so much joy! 😀 Thanks for sharing! (I already have Cousins… free iTunes videos are so great!)


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