Long Weekend, Lovely Projects

I’m not sure about you guys, but I would rather chew off my arm than brave the mall on Black Friday. Underpriced Wiis are not enough to make me risk my life at the hands of over zealous women in cat sweatshirts.But I am keen to start carving away at my Christmas list! And nothing says lovin’ like a hand made gift, right? Let’s take a gander at some of these lovely DIYs that are a notch above that popsicle stick log cabin I made last year. As per the usual, links to directions embedded in photos.

We all love bath bombs, right? But I refuse to pay
$5 ($5!) for them at Lush. Why not just make our own?
Then you can even scent it the way you want!

A sun jar? A jar all full of sun? These charge during the day
and then glow at night like fireflies.

Perhaps for the more advanced knitter among us, but wouldn’t
you love to give this wee penguin a home? I would not
say F U Penguin.

So theoretically, this is a DIY for one of those pull-tab books
for toddlers. You know “What’s behind the gate? Oh! It’s a
puppy!” But I’m sure you can see all sorts of great possibilities
here: “What’s behind that cloak? My BFF dressed as a Twilight
character!” “What’s under the blanket? My brother passed
out with squeeze cheese all over his face!”

I’m sorry to say that this link leads approximately nowhere,
but I’m pretty sure a clever minx like you, a notepad, a drill,
two old floppy disks and two binders rings can figure it out.

I really believe that we make our own luck.
Like, literally.

Felt stones. More cuddly than actual stones.

Re-cover the beads on a necklace you hate and
then re-gift without guilt!
Too cute. A library of love – you write a memory/
inside joke/note on each card.
Iron transfer placemats and napkins!
So you won’t embarrass yourself by eating your breakfast
waffles atop your dinner placemat again. For shame! Really. Seriously. Is someone wants to go ahead and
make me a custom wax seal with my initials, I will sign
over my first born. Or let you hang out with my cat for
up to three hours.

If you want even more DIY gifts that don’t suck,
check out last year’s post by that very name!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?
Do you ever DIY your gifts?



We're having a very simple Christmas this year. Just good food, good booze and good company. I have made some jewellery for my mum and sister in law though 🙂


Funny you should mention it, my wife and I are braving the mall looking for underpriced cat sweatshirts to wear for next year's Black Friday.


I can't knit, but I love that sun jar idea! I usually make my own gift for people and sometimes accompany it with something I know they've been wanting or a meal, my treat!


hahaha "or let you hang out with my cat for up to three hours." Actually, I would love to hang out with your cat. I think the one thing I really want for Christmas is a cat.

I'm not the craftiest person, but I do know a lot of talented folks, so one thing I'm hoping to do for the holidays is give people books (and calendars!) by people I know (online and off).


I live on a tight budget plus I am a crafty kind of person so I do DIY alot of presents. Since I like cooking I do candies, jams and other things. Seems to be appreciated.


i love to make the gifts myself. and here in berlin we have a few shopping events with handmade goods. i can't make all the gifts myself and it's always so nice to explore all the nice things.


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