For The Love Of Tights

See how much fun this girl is having in her tights? I love my tights that much, too! And now that it’s officially Fall, it’s time to break out our sock-pants and have at it, yes? If you’re keen to see a few new ways to wear tights (and hear me wax philisophical about how they mash in my soft bits) please do pop over to Nothing Elegant for my guest post!


Joanna Sotiriou

I love the picture (L)
btw we have bday on the same day 😛

nice blogging 🙂
you might like my blog too
whenever you feel like it, drop by and say hi 😀

*Me too! Let's dance!


Long Live Tights! Honest to god I haven't worn trousers in about a year, to the point of wearing 3 pairs of tights in December (which is actually surprisingly comfy and slimming). I couldn't live without them!


Haha, awesome picture. Any advice as to where I can find some gooood tights for cheapies? I can't seem to find comfortable pairs that don't cost more than I want to pay. 🙁

PS- I <3 your blog.


love wearing both tights and pantyhose matte, shiny or any other love the shiny ones most of all


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